1979 Provisional Government

Press conference where Khomeini introduces Bazargan as interim Prime Minister


boom shakalaka


by boom shakalaka on

You need to inject your cranium with some new cells, the old ones are, well, tired, and I'm being very generous. "Bazargan was a great man," you say. What a seriously disgusting joke! He was a great muslim, perhaps. But he was not a great man, nor a great Iranian. Read Arthimis's comment. His overall point is deadly accurate, I'm sad to say.

Bazargan and the rest of the whores in the Jebhe-Melli sold Iran to the Devil, a transaction that was based almost entirely on their bitter, self-serving hatred of the Shah vis-a-vis their unrealistic worship of their Qajar hero, Mossadegh. The Jebhe-Melli initially endorsed the Devil, aka, mullah Hendi Khomeini, back in 1963, even though they knew full well that the mullah was dead-set against women's rights and democracy, but again, their uber delusional lust of Prince Mossadegh and irrational hatred of the Pahlavi Shah moved them briskly aboard the SS Khomeini, without hesitation. Then that opportunist jackal/baffoon, Sanjabi, the front-man of Jebhe-Melli side-show, flew to Paris in the fall of 1978 and no less than sealed the success of the revolution when he kissed the back of the mullah's filthy hand, thinking he would be named the first post-Shah prime minister in Iran.

Let's be honest here, the masses outside of Qom didn't know who the hell Khomeini was in September 1978, but they sure as shit knew of Jebhe-Melli (after all, it was good ol' boy Mossadegh's party), and if the Jebhe-Melli was supporting Khomeini, well then, he must be a good ol' boy as well!!!

People all the time underestimate the significance of Jebhe-Melli's endorsement of the Hendi mullah in the success (and ultimate hijacking) of the revolution -- and Bazargan was, in fact, a major component of this vicious fraud played on the Iranian people. And for that, he was a piece of utter garbage and a massive fraud himself, for selling out a nation of hopeful suckers to a bunch of killers and rapists.

Iran is a prisoner of IRI 


The side effect of religion

by Kooshan on

The side effect of religion is to assume I'm right and others are wrong....which sometimes the side effect overtakes the whole purpose and objective of the religion......I still think that a Irano_Islamist technocrats are the best choice for Iran.......BUT the side effects have overtaken and are killing the body! This is the major outcome of 8-year war...otherwise....Sepaah would have never had such power to rise and rule.....


Rooohesh shaad...Barzargan was a great Iranian.


actually Yazdi has US citizenship

by fooladi on

All his family are based in USA. Maybe he was a CIA agent! But who cares really? I mean he is at the receiving end right now!

pastor bill rennick

Two brothers who were blessed in Hozeyeh Elmiyeh Qom

by pastor bill rennick on

inside a boshkeh!


I agree with Fred: طفلک بازرگان




Ibrahim Yazdi

by bahramthegreat on

The guy to the extreme left, Dr. Yazdi, ordered the execution of so many innocent Iranians. He is well and alive in Iran. I think he completed his educated in UK. It is possible that he is a British agent?


Don't care what anyone says

by Arthimis on

Don't care what anyone says here...

Bazargaan and his An-tellectual likes are main reason for Iran to be taken over by bunch of psycho-paths/Islamic Terrorists and be ruled to this day!!!

They were bunch of gutless cowards who knew how to speak nicely and properly for the masses (to mainly ignorants...)

You could clearly hear in his voice here that he most likely had a change of heart about Psycho Khomeini and Co. + his evil plans for Iran and Iranians!!! But it was already too late... They only thing he could do as a typical Persian (moslem) hypocrite and coward was to come up with excuses about his weak status at the time and basically claim indirectly: "Dear People, Whatever happens now and in future, I am not responsible for... OK?!" in a typical nice ,hidden and multi meaning little lectures such as this one on this clip!!! What a sad joke... I swore to my parents life, I was a young teenager back then and was in a complete shock by all these idiots...

The truth is that Mr. Bazargaan and hundreds, perhaps Thousands (if not few millions) of coward Idiots like him who thought that by receiving some high Academic Education in Iran, Europe and the U.S.( Az Sadagheh Sareh Shah beechareh), they can come out there defying Shah and his regime and bring an alternative so called solution for better Iran and Iranians!!!! But what kind of alternative and solution??? Bringing in and installing to power bunch of backwarded , psycho-paths (mainly Khomeini jalaad himself),criminals with horrible records in Iranian history???? What a deadly serious RETARDED judgement by all these so called An-tellectuals who suffered from massive inferiority complex, lack of self confidence, self esteem and all out delusional socio-paths!!!!

This is the result after 31 long horrible years ladies and GentleAhmads!!! You ruined an entire country and for so many already burnt generations before and yet to come... Congratulations... Now go and try buying some B/S Nuclear Russian and North Korean technology and show off to the world that your are smart... You are nothing!!! You never were and never will be... 


Free Iran and True Iranians for the love of GOD!


What Khomeini and his people did to Iran - please watch

by bahramthegreat on

With the name of religion




McCoy, how could bazargan's view of islam possibly win the day?

by oktaby on

when khomeini was the representation and embodiment of the islam he was admitting his nothingness to, in the most submissive language possible?

Even if that were possible (say khomeini really only wanted Shah gone as he lied many times, and islamist were not being ushered to power by Green belt), it would have been a gavshotorpalang of a government with a weakling's view of the world with no known uniqueness, accomplishment or usefulness; Soon to be toppled by the leftists or military.


Ali P.

Mohandes Bazargan

by Ali P. on

I watched him on tv.

The French educated engineer, was talking about an angel, sitting on every drop of rain, that drops from the sky.

Good man? Yes.

The role he played in the establishment of IR? I leave it to history... 


Ali P.


It is like showing blood to the sharks

by Mehrban on

When Bazargan himself says that he is weak and sick it is like showing blood to the clergy.  They probably knew right then if not before that they could have him for lunch in no time.  


onlyIran: true. He is more

by vildemose on

onlyIran: true. He is more honest than his followers. The question is how could one trust the results given Khomeini's opinion on referendums?

Real McCoy

History will tell...

by Real McCoy on

Bazargan, remains a fair game to those who had to flee, when or before the Shah fled. Those who lined up at the American embassy's gate in Tehran in early days of his government for a visa, have also a grudging bias against him due to their financial losses.

For the rest of us, however, one question remains to be answered:

Would have we ended up here, had Bazargan, and his reading of Islam won the day?


سرنگون باد نظام


سرنگون باد نظام دیکتاتوری


wow - "I do not think that a referendum is needed!"

by MM on

But, we will do it anyways, and if you do not agree with us, we will kill you as Mohaareb.


At least Khomeini is more honest in this clip than IRI lackeys

by Onlyiran on

he says that he doesn't believe that a referendum is necessary.  As opposed to IRI lackeys on this site who keep saying that Khomeini was in favor of democracy.


Hmmm, what did I say so bad that you censored so quickly !?

by oktaby on

I'm surprised bazargan did not fall to khomeini's feet, take off his socks, and start kissing his toes from big to small, as a sign of total obedience and khak to sari that was being ushered in.

This is however, par for course, as far as jebheye zed-melli is concerned. 



طفلک بازرگان


طفلک مهدی بازرگان هالو اصلاٌ نمیدانست که با چه افعی هایی طرف است و سالها بعد که ماهیت ضد ایرانی و ضد بشری آنها انکار ناپذیر شده بود تازه دوزاریش افتاد که دیگر خیلی دیر شده بود و بنام آلت فعل اسلامیستها نامش باقی خواهد ماند.