Woman caught filming protests

New clip from 22 Bahman, 2010

Plainclothed officers try to arrest a woman who was filming the street protests with her cell phone. Her friends and people come to the rescue:


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Rahbar leave with dignity!

by Iran_e_Azad on

Khamenei you and your wild Thugs days are numbered. Most Iranian people hate you guys.

You have had the best part of your life being the leader of a country that you were not qualified for, but unfortunately by some Charlatan Techniques you became one.

Now, you and your wild Thugs can leave with dignity before is too late. Just in that clip see how people are united and see how they support one another.

If your Thugs put their weapons aside see what will happen to your Sepah & Basiji. I hope you will wake up soon and save your ass and your Mojee soosooleto (Mojtaba) and get the hell out of Iran.

I hope you or some of your wild Baseejis read these comments and inform you that is time to leave!!


Signs of the end

by divaneh on

The state that clashes with its citizens so regularly seals its own destiny.



by cyclicforward on

As people learn how to deal with these thugs, the system becomes less and less effective. Small thing add up and eventually the whole thing collapses.


I would be pissing my pants right about now,

by mahmoudg on

if i was these basijis, there will be no mercy when this demonic regime is toppled,  only then their god can help them and perhaps some worthless versus from the Quran.