Eight-year-old in Qom sharing views on God and Middle Eastern politics


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Fascinating little girl!

by Monda on

Aside from Tina's superior IQ, I wonder about her (true) developmental age!

GS jan ajab clip haayee paydaa mikoni... Damet Garm!

Siamack Baniameri

This is what happens...

by Siamack Baniameri on

This is what happens when you load your kids with sugar. Go do your homeworks, you little shit.



poor kid

by curly on

she could be the poster child for Asperger syndrome! if you do not believe me just google it.



by babakneekpay on

I found Tina  AN  ABOVE  AVERAGE  8 YEAR OLD;  Indeed In  her childish in the mean time  articulate conversation  one  could  found  some discrapancies;   However, What  I  am  affraid of, is  her spirituality  that  God oneday will retaliate;  That   is  the dangrous part, God God God;  She  must  join  the  people and  count  on  herself and others alik  instead  of counting on God  to come & and help us.

Good  job Aunty Roya to put  this together;  I  watched it 2 times  .  I liked it alot  Roya khanoom

ardeshir keivan


by ardeshir keivan on

 The boys from Brazil! The girls from Qom!

asghar agha

Very Smart Kid

by asghar agha on

Are we sure she is not the foreign advisor to ANTARI NIJAD?  She makes lot more sense than MOTTAKI.  Such a shame that at age 8 she has to deal with this BS instead of being a kid. 



very smart kid / very cute

by jasonrobardas on

   She has been around grown ups who have talked politics in her presence . She has picked up a whole lot of statements , some do not make much sense . Based on all she  heard she  has formed her  view of  god , world , politics.    This is the proof of how grown ups can influence kids .


Smart girl

by bahramthegreat on

There is no doubt that she has been brain washed. Putting aside that factor, her ability to analyze and understand the role of US & Israel in the middle east is way above an eight years old girl. As the matter of fact, her understanding of politics is above average college students which have no interest to study the world affair.


Our politicians

by statira on

Qom Clerics like Janati and Yazdi and these 8 yr olds are Iran's polilticians.Both have the same level of IQ! the 8 yr old may have more education.


دلم براش میسوزه.


مغزش تمیز شستشو و اوتو شده.



by mullah-kosh on

This is an awesome video. As long as she has not been brainwashed, it is very cute if it is her opinion. Very smart girl.