Sazegara: Protests & prison sentences

Qom disturbances and heavy sentences for student activists



As an Iranian, like

by Arthimis on

As an Iranian, like millions of others, I am not excited by Sazgara! I never was... I can only judge him by his past actions!!! Maybe Sazgara has changed!!! And if truly so, more power to him to FREE IRAN! I am not a pesimist by nature ,but seems to me that those Iranian people
in Iran who are against the S.R.O.I (Satanic Republic Occuping Iran) and came out to ask for their GOD given basic human rights
are once again in hibernation and this time a somewhat self imposed one
due to massive injustice and violent crack downs they endured by this EVIL regime occupying
Iran!!! I no longer allow myself to judge those Iranians who came out for FREEDOM from outside! They tried
their best with what they had available inside Iran and to their best capacities and I can only praise
and respect them for their bravary and sacrifice, May God Bless them all...

As an Iranian, what and who I do not respect and in fact despise as  so called human
beings are the ones who have betrayed Iran as a whole!!! All those who
put their EVIL agenda on behalf of Iran and true Iranians! Especially
those who put "Islam" in front of IRAN and still call themselves Iranian
inside and outside Iran!!!! All those mercenaries who directly and
indirectly supported and collaborated with the S.R.O.I!!!
Those, I do
not call Human Beings, I do not call Iranians!!! And like any true
Iranian, certainly will never forgive and forget them for their crimes
against humanity and Iran!! I pray for the day to witness a Universal
Justice and Karma in this life against all of them who committed

Meanwhile, I wish everyone else with Consciousness, Love and Peace.



Mirza Ghalandar...

by Emil on

Damet garm...


You didn't have to mention my name, thanx for free publicity...

by میرزاقلندر on

Qiom.  Next time just flag my comment. Why making it a personal issue?



The followers of some Loosers

by Qioumars on

here (Emil, Mirza Ghalandar, Solitude et Co.) ...are those who buy some peanuts in Loosers' Seven/Eleven every sunday at 9pm.
We'll continue our fight with Amou Sazegara against tyranny till the end.


DIDO میرزاقلندر


Right on....You are too funny! ;-))


Credit where credit is due...


he doesnt give up.

Emil, how many followers do you have? ... thats what i thought.


PhD in Weed knotting!

by میرزاقلندر on

قرار بعدی با آقای دکتر باشه واسه شب سیزده به در، که ایشون توی
ویدئوشون بهمون میخوان یاد بدن که سبزه هامونو چه جوری گره بزنیم که شکل
"یا حسین یا میرحسین" بشن.

Mardom Mazloom

Dr. Sazegara,

by Mardom Mazloom on

Thank you for your insightful analyzes, I enjoyed them like everyday.



by Emil on