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another interesting topic...

by RezaKnowsAcu on

First and foremost I couldnt help to notice the idiot conducting the interview, who did more harm by clowning around than good, but on the serious note, It is always great to see more Iranian professionals who have done their share of hard work to be where they are right now, and Ms. Nikaein seems to be an intelligent attorney who happens to be a republican, unlike most of us Iranians, and that just shows that not everyone can be perfect!

Ms. Nikaein needs to be better prepared for this types of interviews and do without that moron who looks fit to be a rodeo clown.


Iranian "chicks" and "handling you girls" and the rest!!!

by iPouya on

Lets avoid attacking Mrs. Nikaein personally... I know her and she is most definitely an able and intelligent woman, but I have to disagree on a couple points. Before I start though, I must say that the interviewer was more a clown than anything else.

Where does he get off referring to an accomplished Iranian woman and the wider community as "chicks" and who does he think he is to say "I know how to handle [emphasis] you girls." What insulting and demeaning language! Sanaz, I wish you would have ended the interview right then and there (and maybe a knee to the groin would have been warranted!)!

As to the content of what you said, I must cordially disagree on your reasoning why Iranians are democrats and not republicans.

First, the Persian enquivalent of 'Republican' is 'jomhourikhah' which you stated, but it in no way refers to the Islamic Republic ruling Iran today. To say that Iranians do not want to be a republican because the Persian equivalent is associated with the authorities in Iran is simply false. In fact, for an Iranian to say that they are a jomhourikhah in the Iranian sense of the word means that they oppose the regime in Tehran and advocate for a Republic without the Islamic component. The countless opposition groups that utitilize the title "jomhourikhah" attests to this simple truth.  And I think it's safe to say that most if not all Iranians know the difference between being a jomhourikhah and being a supported of the Islamic Republic.

Furthermore, I disagree with your other point about Iranians being democrat simply because 'democrat' sounds like democracy.  Iranias are for more politically educated than this simple reductionism.


Sanaz Nikaein

by bluplate on

I think everyone needs to come down a bit and relax. I personally do not share her point of view but at the same token everyone needs to stop criticizing her negatively and start becoming more constructive.

First Amendment of US constitution gives everyone foredoom of speech. Everyone is entitled to their point of view and their own reasoning. Whether or not it is correct or we agree with it or not is a different issue.

Unfortunately, culturally we only know how to be critical of others. From watching an Iranian TV show and criticizing the singer’s voice or choice of clothing to talk about our best friends while there are not around or talkig about how bad the food was at a wedding. Come on you all have done it.

So, for all of you calling this young lady names, please look at yourself and see what have you accomplish thus far in your lives? How many of you have you been in CNN? How many of you have a higher education?

As we say in Farsi. “ Mardoom taneh derakhto to khodeshoon nemibinand veli shakheh derakhto to cheshme mardoom mibinan.”

Wouldn’t have be better to write your opinion in a more constructive manner such as,

Dear Ms Nikaein please read the history regarding how Iranians were Republican until very recently?

Gosh people. That is why we are so behind. We only know how criticize.

Sincere regards.


Chicken rooting for Colonel Sanders

by jasonrobardas on

Iranian republican???

Farah Rusta

Agh Mehdi!

by Farah Rusta on

Joosh nayar! It is not good for you :)) First, I didn't explain the joke, YOU DID!! so guess who is humorless.

Next, yes please give me a reading list (can't remember to have been told by you to read books otherwise I would have done it) but please exclude All the Shah's Men (it is so boring).

Last, if Obama as an American democrat can wish a republican demcracy for Iranians why can't I wish my bit as an American  republican? 



ps1 -  don't forget the book list. I need so much to learn by the likes of you (lol).

ps2 - don't escape the issues


Mr. Farah Rusta, Your Logic as usual is confused and twisted

by mehdi2009 on

Ms. farah Rusta,

Apparently you have no sense of humor, otherwise there would be no need for explanation of your beloved Gipper's saying.

However, it seems that your life in your parallel universe has not allowed you to objectively examine this young woman's offensive and ignorant remarks toward the highly educated and intellectual Iranian Diaspora.

You also mentioned that you are an American who is a registered Republican in the United States, and I respect your choice. However, you see yourself first as an American which is perfectly all right, as this is a free country and you can choose to be who and what you want. But then you eat from both TOOBREH AND AKOR and want us to be convinced of your arguments and to be like you and your fellow Republicans who don't give a damn about our imprisoned land.

Indeed Ms. Farah Rusta you are very righteous!!!!!

As I have told you before please read a few books, research and learn, and then maybe the garbage that you spew will have any value to it.

Salutations to All the TRUE Sons and Daughters of IRAN.


Farah Rusta

You destroyed the joke

by Farah Rusta on

Mr Mehdi


Never explain a joke - you ruin it, which is another Iranian trait: lacking subtlety. 

As for the rest of your charges I suggest first do your homework and then charge. Most of the comments here are attcking Sanaz for being a republican first and then comes the so called insult to other Iranians. 

Finally, none of the American administrations, democrat or republican, put American interests second to Iran's interests so your revelations are old news.

By the way, please get your facts right:

I am an American Republican who supports Monarchical democracy in Iran.Hence, I am a Republican Monarchist!




Ms. Farah Rusta as your beloved Reagan said: There you go again.

by mehdi2009 on

Ms. Farah Rusta,

I really tried to ignore your remarks and not to respond to them, however as always you let your biased beliefs get in the way of the facts.

The reason this young woman's remarks ticked off a great deal of Iranians on this forum was not her political party choice, but the fact that she had grossly misrepresented Iranians of all kilts. She further alienated the Iranian community by making General and asinine conclusions.

Having a degree does not mean that you are educated about many subjects, such as the example of your oxymoron remark of being a "Republican Monarchist". This is not meant to be neat picking, however when you are generalizing in your post about your fellow Iranians, then you also should have been more careful about stating your beliefs by correctly writing that you are an "Iranian Monarchist who supports the Republican Party of the United States".  

I am certain that you love Iran, and want it to be Free of the Mullah's Murderous Regime, however the only way to achieve this is by being more transparent and even self critical the same way as you want others to be.

Please also pay attention to another swipe at your Beloved Republican Party:

Nixon, Ford, and the Fall of the Shah,


A new report based on previously classified documents suggests that the Nixon and Ford administrations created conditions that helped destabilize Iran in the late 1970s and contributed to the country's Islamic Revolution...

You can read the rest of the article on the following Link:


Salutations to All the TRUE Sons and Daughters of Iran. 


Farah Rusta

Iranians are Iranians

by Farah Rusta on

Call yourself, democrat, republican, conservative,  or liberal when Iranian, that gives it all a new meaning. Why is that Iranians, as are all the so called democrats on this page or the so called republican on the video, have a habit of ruining all the good values that exist in these political parties? Why when anyything becomes Iranian it loses its real qualities and becomes something that is so misrepresentative of the original. Be it Islam, Communism, capitalism, democracy, dictatorship, conservatism, nationalism, even monarchism, in the hands of Iranians they all become a caricature of that which they really are. Just look at the comments made here by a bunch of the so called Iranian democrats against an Iranian republican. It shows how out of touch these people are with the true spirit of American democracy. The forefathers would be ashamed of this latest generation of wannabe adherents to their legacies.    




who is the red neck?

by jasonrobardas on

   the interviewer looks like  thug ? wrestler? neo nazzi? skin head? pushy? White supremacist ?

   The interviewee looks like  gullible? rich? no clue ? diluded? Confused? Self hating ?uninformed ?

    Well ,.... they are republicans ....That explains it .


Republicans are morons

by عموجان on

They are like Mullahs ( my way or highway ). But I am glad to see young generation of Iranian are getting involve in USA's political arena because that helps Iran in long terms. I hope to see more of them like her, it doesn't matter which side they support.


borderline retarded

by Mi on

This girl is borderline retarded.  The guy is obviously queer, his shirt is so tight that if his pants were just as tight, his nutts would be in his butt.  Who is she, calling Iranians fresh off the plane?  Her accent makes her sound like she is fresh off the asylum plane.  She is obviously uncomfortable and nervous in front of the camera and must be horrified that this clip has made it to  What a sell out she is.  What else can you expect from a graduate from a sh.itt.y law school.  If she presents herself in the courtroom or for her clients as she did in this clip, I wouldn't let her represent my dog. 

 Since she stereotyped everyone, now allow me to stereotype her, she is one of those Iranian girls who has a complete identity crisis to the point where she is a Republican, for all the wrong reasons.

 She is an attorney and she wasn't able to articulate why SHE is a republican, rather why others are a democrat, what a moron! 

 Let me give her some advice, shut your hole to save your own reputation as an attorney and don't label others!  Your reputation is everything as an attorney and she just completely sharted on her own.  I wish her luck in the Iranian-American community professionally. 


one of the reasons they choose democrats ... democracy?


lol!!! how about the reason that they choose is because conservatives today remind them very much of the Ahmadinejads of Iran and they want none of it?


I am really...

by Rendd on

curious what happened at 0:22 that the asshole had to edit the film.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Here's how the GOP recruits Iranians at Citizen Swearing In

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Hello, the democratic party is funded by the Islamic Republic. Don't worry. If you join us, we will fight the IRI. The leaders in our party are actually on the boards and executive panels in many mutlinational corporations who do business with the IRI. This seems very bad on the surface; however, we actually sell them the smoking guns that we accuse them of having. Then we bomb the shit out of them to say "democracy accomplished!"

Here. Sign this.

Palin 2012!!!! Maybe her son can drop the first bomb? yes?! 

Farah Rusta

Sanaz for president!

by Farah Rusta on

After all I am a republican monarchist.!!! 



"Eyranian Chick"

by capt_ayhab on

What do you expect form a so called attorney[more like a blow up doll] when she allows the interviewer to refer to her  as [Eyranian Chick]. Aberuye harchi shire-zan-e Irani ro in khanoom bord.

GOP Success model, surround yourself with numnuts.



She is so diluded . Her guru : Rush Limbaugh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by jasonrobardas on

   the fact that she is a lawyer does not mean that she knows issues or that she has made the right choice . There is a well known supremacist group whose leader is a Princton educated lawyer .

   politicly she is  gullible .   Her guru is probably RUSH LIBBAUGH . May they grow old together , they deserve each other .


Fouzul Bashi

by Abarmard on

na baba ma ro che beh in harfa :)

When I heard Sarah Palin, I expected her to be horrible, she wasn't that bad.

Fouzul Bashi

Abarmard, chesmeto gerefteh ;)

by Fouzul Bashi on

Ey sheitun ;) Not my cup of tea, more like my cup of roghan baadum .. 

I suppose you are right, in that vein, Hitler, Bush, Blair, Ahmadi-Nedjad, and lots of other riff raff can be called "idealists and misinformed", just that she is not of that caliber, so I would opt for dumb and cynical.  


Come on, she is not that bad

by Abarmard on

I don't think she has any similarities to Sarah Palin, she has her opinion and that's OK. She is not dumb, just thinks wrongly that conservatives believe in smaller government and are fiscally responsible. Many Republicans think that way, idealist and misinformed? yes, who isn't?

Fouzul Bashi

Oh, what a load of crap 0;(

by Fouzul Bashi on

Azarin khanoum you put your finger on it, now wash that nazanin finger! ;)  

And to say 'Republicanism' in Iran is associated in people's mind with 'fundamentalism' can only drop out of someone as dumb and as cynical as Sarah Palin.   

Mola Nasredeen

What a bunch of Bulls given to us by this character

by Mola Nasredeen on

She says Iranians prefer Democratic party to Republican party because of its name! What a misrepresentation!

Iranians like democratic party because of its diversity, liberal/progressive policies towards immigrants. Because Repulicans gave us two Wars while democrats are trying to give us Health Care Reform. You can't fool Iranians they know better.

PS: Look at the interviewer with his shirt open and signaling to the camera,  I wonder if he is tripping?


Dear Azarin you beat me to the punch: Iranian Sarah Palin

by mehdi2009 on

What a load of Garbage spewed by this so called sophisticated pseudo-intellectual.

Well lets look at some of the samples of the Republican party's presidents' performances in the past 31 years of the Mullah's Murderous Regime's existence.

1. Ronald Reagan, 1981 - 1989; He first told the Criminal Regime to hold onto the Hostages for as long as possible so he could be elected, and whole fiasco of rewarding them a Cake and a Colt 45 during the Iran-Contra Affair so that his administration would sell them TOW Missiles in Exchange for the Hostages in Lebanon. Some Tough going Gipper.

2. George Bush Sr., 1989 - 1993; By setting up Saddam to attack Kuwait, his administration forced the Iraqi dictator to send ALL of his Air Force to the Mullah's Murderous Regime for safe keeping. Great job Mr. Wimp.

3. George Bush Jr., 2001 - 2009; Here is the creme de la creme of the Republican Presidents' performances during the Mullah's Murderous Regime's Existence. By Attacking Iraq and eliminating the only counter Balance to the Criminal Regime in Iran, Bush Junior strengthened the Hands of Mullahs and allowed them to use the most reprehensible repressive measures in its history to try and silence the opposition.

By observing these performances no wonder the Mullahs always prefer a Republican in the Oval Office. Now compare that with the duration of the time when Democratic Presidents occupied the Oval Office, and 2 Significant dates come to mind, the 1999 uprising of the University Students during the Bill Clinton's administration followed by the 2009 Fraud elections and subsequent Iranian People's Uprising during the Barack Obama's Administration.

My dear friends, the Republican never gave a hoot about the people of Iran, and they are no Freedom Loving lot. All they care about is to fill up the pockets of their friends who run the Giant multi-National Corporations.

Therefore, please don't insult our intelligence with this Garbage, that if you don't support them then you don't want freedom in Iran. Please first take a trip to Iran, before opening your mouth and lecturing us.

Salutations to ALL The TRUE Sons and Daughters of Iran.


Kamran Ramyar


by Kamran Ramyar on

She reminds me of another neocon ....Ann Coulter!

Azarin Sadegh

Iranian Sarah Palin..:-)

by Azarin Sadegh on

She is really entertaining (not in a good way), but I'm sure she doesn't know it..:-)


Seperation of State from Church/Mosque

by O. on

Republican party today represents a sort of hateful
Christian fundemantlistic approach to culture and politics, Iranians
left Iran to escape from religious fundimentalism ruling the
government. Why the hell would they want to join another version of it
in the US?! 

She is a simple uninformed little girl.That idiot who interviewed her kept getting closer and closer and invading her face with his microphone.

This was awful. Uniformed voters are perfect for Republicans.


Very impressive woman

by shahabshahab on

I am not a Repubican in so many words. But it does not take a genius to know that the Democrats are proIslamic Republic. In fact, the only two presidents who have ever advocoated sitting down with Ahmadinejad or back then Ayatollah Khoemeini were Democartic presidents (Carter and Obama).

She is right: You think you are Democarts because it sounds good and probably you have been for such a long time that you can't imagine that you have been wrong. Well, you were and you are.

You don't have to become a Republican. Become Independent, anything, but not Democrat. They support the IRI and so will you when you elect them. Remember how Obama reacted to the June 20009 uprising: He was "appalelled" that's all he said. He has not down a thing.Being a liberal is being against fredom in Iran. You decide whose side you want to be on.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

What Do Iranians Think?

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on


What Do Iranians Think?
Because of the highly repressive and brutal nature of the regime in Iran, one cannot expect respondents to give honest answers to sensitive questions, especially when they might lose their jobs or be imprisoned, tortured, or executed. Thus scientific polling, in which interviewers go from house to house or conduct interviews by telephone, is not a reliable indicator of genuine attitudes. A better indication of public sentiments may be various Internet polls in which the respondents believe that they can express their opinions safely. However, such Internet polls are not scientific and have to be taken with great caution.

In early 2003 a large Internet poll of students of the Amir Kabir University (the second most prestigious university in Iran) was conducted by the Daftar Tahkim Vahdat, the official student umbrella group. The result was posted on the university's student Web site until they were ordered to remove it. In the poll only 6 percent of the students said that they supported the hard-liners, whereas 4 percent said they supported the reformists within the regime. A mere 5 percent said they supported the return of the former monarchy. Of most significance, 85 percent of the students said that they would support the establishment of a secular and democratic republic.74 Although one cannot extrapolate from the sentiments of university students the attitudes of the entire population, one can appreciate the extent of the unpopularity of the fundamentalist regime among important segments of the population.

Based in the United States, is the oldest and one of the most widely read Iranian e-magazines. In one poll respondents indicated that they believed that Iranians are the most pro-American group in the Islamic world.75

President George W. Bush is popular among Iranians because he has repeatedly condemned the fundamentalist rulers while praising the Iranian people and their culture and history.76 This explains why Persian speakers were the only group in an October 2004 BBC World Service online poll that supported Bush over Senator Kerry.77 The various languages of the respondents were Arabic, English, Spanish, Persian, Russian, Urdu, Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese traditional, and Chinese Simplified. The number of total respondents was 73,547. Whereas 71 percent of all of the respondents voted for Kerry, only 20 percent voted for Bush. Among the 5,492 Persian-speaking respondents, 51 percent voted for Bush, 42 percent voted for Kerry, and 7 percent voted for Nader.

Similar sentiments were evident in another Internet poll at Although in one poll the respondents in large proportions (54% to 17%) supported the Democratic party over the Republican party,78 in another poll at the same site respondents supported Bush over Kerry for the 2004 election.79 Senator Kerry's perceived failure to distinguish between the Iranian people and the ruling regime and his repeated calls for rapprochement with the fundamentalist regime were the main reasons for his lack of support among Iranians, including many Iranian liberals.

These Internet polls vindicate what Thomas Friedman wrote in The New York Times. According to Friedman,

Funny enough, the one country on this side of the ocean that would have elected Mr. Bush is not in Europe, but in the Middle East: it's Iran, where many young people apparently hunger for Mr. Bush to remove their despotic leaders, the way he did in Iraq.

An Oxford student who had just returned from research in Iran told me that young Iranians were "loving anything their government hates," such as Mr. Bush, "and hating anything their government loves." Tehran is festooned in "Down With America" graffiti, the student said, but when he tried to take pictures of it, the Iranian students he was with urged him not to. They said it was just put there by their government and was not how most Iranians felt.

Iran, he said, is the ultimate "red state."80

Why have Iranians who had so intensely hated the United States between 1953 and the late 1980s become so staunchly pro-American since the early 1990s? By extension, why is there no such positive sentiment toward other countries that have had friendly relations with the Iranian government? The answer to these questions could help guide American policy toward Iran.

The overwhelming majority of Iranians hated the shah's dictatorship. U.S. support for that dictatorship caused Iranians to hate the United States. Similarly, the overwhelming majority of Iranians have come to hate the fundamentalist regime, whose human rights record is far worse than that of the shah's. Those governments that have friendly relations with the fundamentalist regime are viewed negatively by the Iranian public. The Iranian public has high regard for the United States because the widely held perception is that it has stood by the Iranian people and has opposed the ruling fundamentalist dictatorship while Europeans and Russians have put profits before concerns over human rights and democracy in Iran.



by KouroshS on

Don't you think you are insulting iranians and undermining them  in your own way when you say the tendency toward becoming a democrat among iranians is "only" because the republicans have screwed up their parties ideals and have allowed it to be hijacked?