Reaction to University Attack

Officials raise doubts on authenticity of Tehran University attack video


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by Iran_e_Azad on

30 years ago almost all Iranian people form all walks of life came out on to the streets of Iran and shouted out loud and clear “YA MARG YA KHOMENIE”….”ESTEGHLAL AZADI JOMHURI E ESLAMI” their wishes came through!

Unfortunately, out of those wishes……came out Khomeini e daghal baaz and the rest of the criminal and crooks that are now running the country , lots of Marg and a dictatorial theocracy too!

NO….AZADI…..NO JOMHURI……and the above clip is the result of it….and until the Iranian people don’t take their destinies seriously in their own hand, these criminals with the leadership of Khamenei and his goofy gofer A N will kill as many people that come in their way and will eventually destroy our very “          DEAR COUNTRY IRAN!!!


Looking forward to four years of Ahmadi

by عموجان on

And I hope he change the law (their law) so he could stay on for four more years after this. I can't see iran without his leader ship. These people are God sent. 



Shame on them!

by Morveln on

all this energy and focus just to continue supress our people!


it's very simple to find out

by statira on

The only thing they have to do is  to ask  the students in the video that were beaten up what happened, if they are still alive! That I doubt it! I'm sure the family of the injured student who was shown in the video can identify him, if he's in prison or zaboonam lal, is killed!


There is no shame in the ISLAMIC Republic of Rapists

by mahmoudg on

This regime has no shame left, if indeed it had any since its inception.  Khomeini came to power with the intent to kill, maim and remove all aspects of Persian-ness from the Iranian culture.  He failed, and so have his descendants.  Our war with Islam continues and it seems that the people are winning this dreadful desease inflicted upon us by Mohamad and his cohorts.  The end is near and we shall overcome this murderous regime.  


Amazing grace!

by Benyamin on

Based on the stories that are coming out of "Seda va Seema" Iranians have gone absolutely crazy, either they put themselves right before bullets(in case you don`t know that is what they claim happened to Neda Agha Soltan) and now this Video clip was forged not even edited. They must have a very powerful and rich motion picture company to "montage" that!

Obviously a consciously awake Baseeji has taped the whole thing and decided enough is enough! How long they would let the lies to continue?  Since the Islamic Revolution the word compassion has lost its meaning! The irony is that is all they have been talking about since the begining of the revolution!

Life is too cheap, how else someone can claim he is representing God`s will on earth in 21st sentury? How else some clergies claim, people "must" follow the leader of Islam and they have no right to say anything against his wishes? how else some Iranians kiss the foot prints of Khameneie after he had left the scene?

Shame on those actively enslaving Iranian people. Shame is too good for them.

Maryam Hojjat

Shame on IRI/IRR for all his crimes

by Maryam Hojjat on

against Iranians.