Rafsanjani interview

On 31st anniversary of Islamic Republic referendum

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Abarmard, you really have a funny logic.

by پیام on

I would like to elaborate on that point, but I have a feeling discussing Iran's political issue's with your kind with your "logics" will be a discussion without an end. Let me just say that as long as there are people defending these butchers (for lack
of a better description) way of governing and asking us to give them time to become better people etc., even after the recent Iranian presidential election and all the killing and murder and rapes that has followed (which has actually been the case for the past 31 years, but has just become widely known throughout the country), and as long as Iranians are not in charge of themselves and can not govern themselves and are governed by a government that views itself above the very people it's governing and as an entity with a divine mission which not necessarily is obligated to have the vote of the majority of its population, we will be in the same "makhmaseh" that we have been in for as long as the fight for freedom has started in Iran. Of all current Iranian politicians, I think Tajzadeh succeeded to describe the current situation in Iran the best:


Dear Benyamin, think constructive

by Abarmard on

Life, love, politics and many other things are live and learn kind of a deal. No one is genetically aware about democracy and social issues. We are moving forward, as people are learning more and becoming wiser as a nation, so is the Iranian government. There was a time that singing was harshly punished and restrictions were screaming in all corners of the country. Now, has loosen up in comparison to the early years. Learning is a process.

Expectations that are based on today's knowledge for yesterday's actions are not constructive. Expectations based on todays knowledge for tomorrow's actions are what we need to focus on. 

Maturity of a nation is not based on the ruling government, alone.


If the Imam said we should go to the toilette

by mahmoudg on

then we should all follow him!!!!!.  Bunch of murderring Arabs hi-jacked our country and pretty much destroyed it.  People have started to speak and all Mullahs must be brought to a Western Style justice


They rushed to....

by Benyamin on

the ballot box because they knew what kind of "Islamic Republic" they had in mind.

The very first Constittution of IRI didn`t mention "Majles e shoray e eslami" it was "Majles e shoraye MELLI" But I myself remember that the IRI illegaly called it the islamic majles and that was all because no more left or nationalist was left to represent the people of Iran.

My family never, and I mean never believed in Khomeini and whatever B**sh*t he came up with, that means my family and many like us were never represented in the IRI officially!!!

He mentioned "we" re-visited the constittution after 9 years and changed it to what "people" wanted and made it even more suitable!!! He is lieing. It was a deal between him and Khamenei. He offered Khameneie the leadership if Khameneie agreed to gather enough support to change the constittution not because what people wanted, but because he clearly said in one of his interviews "I will never candid myself for presidency unless the constittution changes and the role of the president gets redefined and only then I will candid myslef for such position"

I remember he said that. When he got his presidency signed by Khameneie he cried and said "I never believed that I wouldn`t get my presidency singed by someone other than Khomeini!" as if everything was just a big show, and people didn`t matter, how did he know that he will be the president of the land? I guess the only thing he didn`t count on was Khomeini`s death. Maybe he should learn something from that, and that is "GOD" wont do any "party bazi" and everyone is equal to him/her/it.

They rushed to referrandum because it was a fresh and "unknown" idea and Khomeini took advantage of his popularity and knowing nothing of class and fairness they asked a silly question "Islamic republic? yes O no O" and people trusted the wolf`s idea and said yes. What a stupid way to ask, someone has to rule the country if they would have said no then what?


شاید آقای رفسنجانی‌ به علت کهولت سنّ


دیگر از بینایی و شنوایی صحیحی
برخوردار نیست تا صدای اعتراض مردم را بشنود و حضورشان را در خیابان‌ها
مشاهده کند.هاشمی‌ رفسنجانی‌، چه گونه مردم به نظامی میتونند پایبند باشند
که برای رایشون پشیزی ارزش قائل نیست؟

Maryam Hojjat

Islam & Criminal Akhoonds have been fossilized &

by Maryam Hojjat on

Have no idea of modernity & what is happening in the world.


B**l S**t...

by Emil on

All I can say...