Party Arrest

Woman and her child pursued by Tehran police after they leave a party

March 17, 2010:


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Since when our government

by zebel20 on

Since when our government is against the  new year, after all I don’t remember using a swear word, pesar e khob e irani, dorost nist foosh bedy,



by AryamehrNYC on

...seems like you are intellectually challenged.  I guess the thugs of the IR have the right to anything they want to anyone who dares to celebrate anything unislamic?  Not to mention challenge their morally corrupt and fascist rule? 

zebel20 you are intellectually inept

by zebel20 on

The police shouldn’t interfere and let the public to handle explosive to have fun, since they have interfered there is no democracy in iran and the Iranian police are basijis for interfering, the people have the right to use narenjak.