Oslo Protesters IRI Haft Seen Turns Green

Islamic Republic's Haft Seen in Norway turns green


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Darius Kadivar

Well Done !

by Darius Kadivar on

Baseejeeyeh Bee Gheyrat Boroh Gomshoh !

Fereydoun Farrokhzad - Irani Boodan :





A lot of shouting

by ghalam-doon on

There was that lady again who was shouting without thinking. Getting emotional is one thing but running a one woman show is another.

Slogans and swear words will not bring down this regime. But cool heads might.

We should be willing to listen to what they have to say and respond forcefully.



Raoul 1955 you make me laugh

by reza007 on

if you have no idea what's going on in  the world.just shut up... there is lots of stupid people like you


No Raul1955!!!

by Iran_e_Azad on

No Raul1955, that’s not how it is,

The criminal IR is bribing all his delusional enemies and that is the (West) with the money that belongs to Iran and the Iranian people. And, that is how these traitors for the past 30 years with the leadership of Ali Khamenei kacif have survived to occupy Iran and destroy our wealth!


Marg Bar Ali Khamenei Dozd e Mozdoor!!


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Raoul1955 I agree someeeewhat

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I think this is getting strange somewhat. I think this Iran business is going to turn into a "Free Tibet" type fashionable/chic cause of the times. The outsiders are ruining this. I think it's nice that they get together, but I also think that it's awkward. Only in Iran!



by Raoul1955 on

How come 'Iranians' are the only nationality that are ALWAYS whinning and causing problems? They think that it is the responsibility of the whole world to take care of them. Even our blacks are not this childish.

If these folks really care, then they should return to their 'wonderful' country and demonstrate there.