Mousavi: Norooz Message

Sends blessing to "Martyrs after the elections"

Read his message in Persian.




by Kofri on

dareh joosh miareh!!! "magar in afrad be ghayar az mobarezeh in modat che kardeand?" hichi ye ghol do ghol bazi mikardand..... doos darin khodetoon sabz bashid! pishkeshetoon baad az 31 sal hala bioftam donbal mossavi o amsal hom inghadar digeh ghahtolrejal ya ghahtolnesa hast?

Another Iran

پس پرده جان

Another Iran

مسئله قهرمان سازی نیست عزیز من.  مسئله این است که ما مثل اون چماقدارها عمل نکنیم و به حساب آزادی زبان بی جهت حتک حرمت نکنیم.  اگه هدف ساختن ایران دیگری است ما باید رفتارمان از رفتار این چماقداران و تهمت زنان دوری بگیرد.   مگر این افراد به غیر از مبارزه این  مدت چه کرده اند؟  سبز و شاداب باشید 


ایران دیگه


حرف خوبی میزنید ولی من سبزم و بهم بر نمیخوره

اصلا بیاین تو ایران آینده انقدر به رهبر و دولتمرد حساس نباشیم که مثل امروز به جرم "هتک حرمت" چماقدار ها رو بریزم سر ملّت.  دولتمردها هم باید مدارا کنند که شرط آزادی بیان همینه

این سیاستمدارها پوست کلفت هم هستند.  اگه حرفهای کیهان و ان رو شنیدند و از رو نرفتند، با حرفهای کفری یا من نمیشکنند

قهرمان سازی نکنیم باز از نو که حق آزادی بیان از مردم گرفته نشه 

Another Iran


Another Iran

حالا که سال نو شده شما هم بیا دست از این همه کینه توزی و بی احترامی به این افراد محترم و مبارز بردار. 

خجالت هم خوب چیزیه.  اگه این مزخرفات رو جلوی سبزهای ایران، نه وطن فروش های بی فرهنگ و لجن پوش که خارج از کشور سم میریزن  می گفتی، جوابتو خوب می گرفتی!

نوروزت مبارک 


Another Iran

by Kofri on

We know about culture and we choose to either practice it or modify it or just put it aside!!!! Mousavi is doing something new which is good. rasm ine ke azadar aid avalesh aslan aid nimigereh hala in baba omadeh o gerefteh (good for him) na pas beshineh ta sar sal biad??? ya zanashoon abro o poshte lab bar nadaran ke beshan mesle gorill ke began azadarim??!!!!! pas misheh sonat ro taghir dad.

monkeresh nemisheh shod ke baba saligheh o zoogh nadaran  va salam!!! koozegari ke az koozeh shekasteh aab mikhoreh!!!(ina masalan honarmandan) hamsaresh ke ba boghchash omade o keifa ro ham gozashteh ro miz!!!!! vali che alee ke babat azizi ke az dast dadan sar ta pa siah naposhideh o az meshki daromadan bary nowruz!!!!

ama khodemoon koja chapidan baray in payam?

norouzetan mobarak!

Darius Kadivar

The First Lady Made a Better Speech

by Darius Kadivar on

Well Sort Of ... ( If you exclude Same Blah Blah References to Khomeiny and Islam)   

Zahra Rahnavard Norouz 89 Message March 18 2010:

Another Iran

سال نو مبارک - پیروز باشید

Another Iran

Some of the folk here seem not to have done their homework;) or know NOTHING of Iranian culture (or indeed humanity's culture!)!!!  Mousavi is azaadaar (he is in mourning) not only for those who have lost their lives or are still in jail in the last few months, but HIS NEWPHEW HAS BEEN KILLED, remember?!  



This speech is putting me to sleep

by jasonrobardas on






پیشاپیش فرا رسیدن نوروز رو به شما شادباش میگم و برا هممون در سال در پیش رو آرزوی پیروزی می‌کنم.

Fouzul Bashi

آقای موسوی عزیز

Fouzul Bashi

سال نو شما هم سبز و مبارک باد.  پروردگار یاد و یاور شما باشد.  با سپاس و درود و با آرزوی سالی پر برکت و پیروز


Mousavi's message in English

by MM on

Mir Hossein Mousavi in a video message for the Persian New Year and the Norooz called the New Year the year of Patience and Perseverance on the rightful and legal demands of the Iranian nation and emphasised: “The New Year is the year of resistance on these rightful and legal demands and we do not have the right to give up and back off from these demands as that would be a betrayal to the nation, Islam and the blood of the martyrs. We have achieved this constitution from the waves of the bloods of many martyrs and we cannot lose that easily and we all should return to that.” ----------------------------------------------------------- Full English translation of Mir Hossein Mousavi’s message for the Persian New Year addressed to the people of Iran is as follows: (With special thanks to KHORDAAD88: // Kalemeh reports the complete transcripts of this message as follows: In the name of God, the Compassionate and the Merciful, The unified caravan of martyrs I wish all of our people a Happy New year, as we approach the green spring and this national holiday. I will especially make note of the families of those who lost their lives while defending our independence during the [Iran-Iraq] war, the veterans, the injured, and those who suffered in any way. I should also mention the martyrs and those injured in 1388, [1][the year that is coming to an end], since I see their fate as connected to that of the war-time martyrs; they are all a apart of the caravan of martyrs that our country has produced over the course of history. If we have a proud country and a free nation today, it is due to their suffering and sacrifices. Congratulating Iranians both inside Iran and abroad; [all] Iranians with a common identity I should also pass on good wishes to Iranians from various groups, tribes, ethnicities, cultures and [political] parties; all of our people. This year, I would particularly like to mention our countrymen living abroad. Today, our people are united, and this is one of the blessings of the Green Movement. It has become so extensive, that there are people on the other side of the globe who identify themselves with the rich Iranian and Islamic cultures, strive for the glory and development of Iran and the Revolution, and try to concern themselves with the fate of their country. This is particularly true among our youth, be it inside Iran or abroad, who have sacrificed the most and who have experienced the most damage [in the events of the past year]. We should help and comfort the families who have experienced loss As far as I have heard, the third and fourth generations of Iranians living abroad are as active as the youth inside Iran, and I would like to use this opportunity to wish a Happy New Year to them as well. The families of the martyrs and the injured have had a crucial role in our movement; our people should stay alongside these families and comfort them, particularly in these first few days of festivities. The year that has passed The passing year has been a special one for us all. Our people witnessed a great deal of energy and excitement in the days leading up to the election, and the beauty of it was the love and unity that you saw between people of different backgrounds and political inclinations. The election could have turned into a great festival for our people and initiated a new movement in the history of our nation. It was this movement that lead to very high voter turnout, with which you demonstrated your resolve to see [progress], change, independence, [and the authority of] freedom and justice. But, your active presence in the election was met with a reaction that prompted you to go to the streets with the common question: "Where is my vote?" The roots of this reaction go back to June 12, [election day]. It was not even 5PM when one of my main campaign headquarters was attacked. By 8PM, my central headquarters was also attacked and, before being published the next morning, the main Kalemeh Sabz [2] headline was changed several times on orders from intelligence officials. A response by the government unworthy of the dignity of our nation The lack of a proper and Islamic response to the elections by the government created a negative image in the minds of our people and as a result was the root cause of many of the events that occurred in our country. The response [by the government] to the protests was not befitting of the grandeur, liberty and pride associated with our nation. The crimes at Kahrizak prison, the atrocities at the student dormitories, the killings on the 30th of Khordad, even the 25th of Khordad and the events that followed, such as on the day of Ashura, took the people of our country by surprise. If the challenges were political in nature, then they should have been resolved through political channels with convincing explanations to our people. This was however not the case and the responses were unfortunately also not satisfying. One of the most significant days was the 25th of Khordad when our people took to the streets in masses, transforming this day into a decisive moment in the history of our nation and a testament to the high spirit of our nation days after the elections. What did our people desire? Our people while chanting national and Islamic slogans came out to the streets, without creating any tension, to declare their point of view and cast their vote. We expected a [the government's] response tailored to meet the gentle spirit of our people, unfortunately, we however, witnessed a much different type of response in the events that followed which only further complicated matters. On the 22nd of Khordad the people of Iran participated in the elections in order to determine their destiny and define the direction of their future. The events that followed the elections, however, turned into an eye opening experience for our people and our country. Our nation discovered major discrepancies and glitches that lead to the formation of a broad spectrum of new demands. These demands began with a request for a referendum on open and fair elections, and later extended to other areas. The Green movement resulted in uniting people behind the fact that all matters should be dealt with in the framework of the Constitution and this became a slogan widely accepted by the majority. Ignoring parts of the Constitution is tantamount to rendering it meaningless The truth is, this slogan is of significant importance to the destiny of our nation. The Constitution is a national covenant, without which there is no unity and only chaos and darkness. It consists of a set of contiguous articles and as such, ignoring or weakening one section only leads to rendering it meaningless and void in its entirety. One must look at the constitution as a whole. When the constitution was first written, those involved in its inception, wrote an important introduction designed to protect the integrity and continuity of the law. The articles emphasize a set of values, aspirations and demands that are integral to the constitution and cannot be separated. Now that our people have witnessed the judiciary, political, electoral, etc. problems they realize more than ever that the path to a bright future is returning to the foundation defined by our constitution, without any interference by the various political factions. Withdrawing our demands of unconditional execution of the Constitution is an act of treason for Iran and for Islam. This is a demand that we will not abandon. If an article in the Constitution is erroneous, the way to fix it is clear. We must amend the Constitution in accordance with public opinion and the recent state of affairs. [As of now], we do not have a free media or the freedoms outlined in the constitution. We lack free elections, where candidates are not cherry-picked, and fair competition. We do not have rights that protect the people’s privacy; rights that prevent some from searching through personal letters with self-serving ‘justification’. How can we assume to have a working system and solve our problems while the national course of action taken is against the Constitution? We are facing many issues and difficulties in this New Year. Some of them relate to the shape that our demands are going to take. And these are rightful demands. They are a way to achieve national greatness and are a salvation for all parties on the path of developing our nation. We will persevere with these demands, and, accordingly, the coming year will be [known as] the year of persistence. We do not have the right to turn away from them. Any distraction would be an act of treason for the nation, for Islam and for the blood of our martyrs. Our Constitution was created in a sea of martyred blood. It is not something that we can lose easily and we must all return to [its principles]. Among all other things, I wish that the executive branch was at least proficient. Besides this problem, there are others too; problems that existed before, but which are going to intensify this year, although I am wishing against it. Economic prospects for the future are not good. I am not pleased with this situation. I wish that despite all our issues, we would have seen an outlook to solve these [non-political] troubles. But that was not so. Forecasts of economic growth for the coming year are poor. First, in addition to drops in investment, this would mean greater instances of unemployment and extensive and increasing poverty. Our middle-class is shrinking more and more as we face these problems. Second, our current [international] standing is not a pleasant one due to ambiguous policies, as well as an adventurous and inept approach [to foreign policy]. Looming upon us is a threatening situation. We have the worst possible international relations and foreign policy, and it seems that with greater sanctions we should expect [more economic pressure]. The Green Movement must expand its reach. Faced with such a situation, the Green Movement must expand its reach to all segments of society. The Green Movement must revive the timeless social and Islamic principle of inclusion. We must lend a hand to neighbors and neighborhoods both near and far, through job creation and other forms of interaction. Let us live more modestly; let us help our fellow men and women; let us reduce the weight of people’s problems Let us make our lives more modest and, by foregoing unnecessary formalities, make more room to think about how to reduce the load of problems that people appear to have. Let us help and attend to the families of the martyrs and those who have been injured—the just prophet looks favorably upon spending time with these families. Moreover, doing this will rekindle the nation’s hope. The path that we cannot avoid I believe that the path to realizing the greatness of our nation follows this route and, without a doubt, the nation understands that there is no other alternative. Thus, the nation is hopeful in following this path. God-willing, we will reach our distinct goals, since our demands are not extravagant by any standards. We demand a fair and healthy election—an election where being on the ticket does not imply having been vetted and selected by a few in power. That kind of election—the kind that we have been having up until now—does not reflect the appropriate respect towards a nation as dignified as Iran. The Iranian nation is great, progressive, and civilized. It should not be treated like a nation of uncivilized, ignorant people, for whom matters need to be decided because they cannot be trusted to run their own affairs and choose their own government properly. I ask that the government respect freedom of speech and freedom of the press so that the nation's thoughts and ideas are able to flow freely and publicly. I am certain that the manifestation of these thoughts will be Islamic. Only then will we see a productive and progressive Iran brimming with justice and freedom. We must not be afraid to allow this to happen. In fact, we must truly fear the consequences of not allowing this to happen. We must truly be afraid of turning our backs on the demands of the people. I will finish with a prayer from Imam Khomeini—a prayer that is relevant to our situation today: O Lord, be watchful of our martyrs and let them rest close to your kindness and compassion. Heal our injured and our dead, and lead those who have been captured by the enemy back to the bleeding hearts of their families. O Lord, in your kindness, grant us patience and success. [1] 2009-2010 [2] Mousavi's official newspaper during election campaign



by pas-e-pardeh on

Looks like Saddam's last video message.  Is this taped in a bunker.

DK is right.  Where's the haft seen? And, for god sake, take that ugly picture and that ghoran off the table.  Use them for some shia  celebration.  Oh, I forgot.  There are no celebrations in Shia. 



by minadadvar on

There is a picture of Khomaynie on the right hand side.  Where is the picture of the other Khoonkhar-Khamenei? 

It looks very deliberate. 


At least

by onlyinamrica on

they could have iron the table cloth. Geeeeeeeee


He looks like...

by Taqizadeh on

....he's locked in a room somewhere and he's afraid to go out....and he needs a better microphone. It's hard he hear him....or is he just mumbling?

....if the green movement is still alive it certainly needs a more dynamic spokesman...booooooring!

بت شکن

FR are you trying to be funny?

by بت شکن on

Because if you are, see Reza Pahlavi's speech and you die laughing.


What kind of "Seen" is that Gradan Koloft's picture on the table

by Milan on

I hereby resign from the "MOOSE Club." And, for god's sake, try to force a smile once in a while:))



he should have put picture of the martyrs


instead of Khomeini...

... but of course Reza Pahlavi is going to be doing that isnt he? mowj savari...

Worcester Mo

I agree with FR...very

by Worcester Mo on

I agree with FR...very profound.

Farah Rusta

Gentlemen, please!

by Farah Rusta on

Try to see the positive sides of this speech: seven reasons to be proud of Mir Hossein.

  1. he is wearing a (royal) blue shirt so he is showing solidarity with the monarchists
  2. there is a picture of amoo nourooz on the table
  3. he is sitting with his side toward amoo nourooz - suggesting he is not fully supporting amoo nourooz
  4. he is using a a grey table cloth which is one degree better than a black table cloth
  5. the table is in a corner suggesting he is being cornerd by his enemies
  6. he doesn't say he is the leader of the green movement
  7. he congratualtes all groups except gays and lesbians



Sorry, what should unite us is freedom...

by tabriz_balasi on

we are all united under the name "freedom".  even if we have KHomeni's picture on our forhead.  as long as we let other people to believe what ever we want.  but some of the commnets by people here are childish. 


@ Mr Mousavi

by spatima on

Melat  baraye kesi ke roye mizesh akseh khomeini hast

tareh ham khoord nemikonand


in jonbesh zafesh khodeh shoma hastid, agar shoma gofteh boodid entekhabate azad dar heyne monhal shodane een regime, ta alan dar iran yek jumhuri ekbandeh mishod.



In hope of a Free, Independent and Secular Iran

Darius Kadivar

Is he actually saying "Annus Horribilis" ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

This sounds more like Queen Elizabeth's Speech in 1992




Nowruz Akhare

by Kofri on

oni ke haft sine rosh chidan mesleh satle aashghal footbal game mimoneh!! jaye khobi baray hamon akse hast!!! hala pool gol ham midin laaghal laleh o narges bekharin!!!

Darius Kadivar

Well ... I doubt You will Unite us with Allah ...

by Darius Kadivar on

But maybe with a Gormeh Sabzi or chello Kebab You would be luckier ... ;0)


Iranians are going to complain and find faults no matter what...

by tabriz_balasi on

Yeah, come here and start writing negative comments.  that is all you can do, but with this kind of behavior we will never have unity.


be an act at all times in the name of Allah.

Darius Kadivar

No offense to Moussavi or his supporters But ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Eenam Shod Haft Seen ? No Fish, No coins, no eggs Hardly the Seven Elements visible ...

And what is he hiding behind that Flower display ? ...

Why is he so cornered like that for the speech ? Ok Your a victim but no need to look so miserable and defeated !

And God of all things That Stinky Imam's photo too ...

Oh and a last Tip ... Look at the Camera ! ...

Jesus ...


What ?

Well Happy Nowrooz nevertheless !