Mousavi, Karroubi Norooz messages

Opposition leaders urge supporters to persevere

Radio Zamaneh: Iran’s opposition leader MirHosein Mousavi declared the coming year, the year of “patience and perseverance” and called on the supporters of the Green Movement to persist in informing the public about the objectives of the reform movement. In a meeting with executive members, political office and the youth branch of the reformist party Islamic Iran Participation Front the opposition leader charted the path of the Green Movement in the coming Iranian year which starts on March 21. He added that people need to be informed that the Green Movement “has no ties with foreign elements, that it is in no way against our religion, that it is in line with reviving the constitution and establishing the merciful Islam.” >>>


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Darius Kadivar

David Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

I know David ET Jaan, I know ... I'm just teasing you ! ;0)

But I still would not vote for Moussavi given his past record.

Anyways humor it cause the road is still very long to final victory so might as well keep your cool !

I know your patriotism and good intentions. And Keep up with your inputs of a Democratic Secular Constitution ( even if I won't vote for a Republic) they are always interesting.

Happy NowRooz Baradar Jaan to you and your loved ones.

take care,


David ET


by David ET on

Using IR's own ballot boxes to show our disconent with it was the right decision or this movement would not have happend.. It was never about the Mousavi but against IR/Khamenei and his AN.

Darius Kadivar

The Genuine Nowrooz Messages that Matter ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Happy Nowrooz Everyone !

ROYALTY: Crown Prince Reza and Family Jump over Bonfire (4 Shambeh Souri-2010)

Shahbanou Farah's Nowrooz Wishes (2010)


I had warned You David Jaan about Moussavi ...

You should have followed my advice :

SATIRE: I voted ;0)

Hee Hee !

Ahmed from Bahrain


by Ahmed from Bahrain on

I totally agree with you. Before learning to walk and run, a child must first learn to crawl and fall.

It is indeed the evolutionary way and not the revolutionary that will save the day.Human history testifies to that. But we are still allowed to dream. it is the stuff of life too!

Ahmed from Bahrain


Religion is the opium of

by fooladi on

Religion is the opium of the masses.

K. Marx

David ET

No you just dont get it !

by David ET on

1- You are underestimating Iranian people. being Muslim has been a personal matter among majority not a matter of force or government. This whole notion of you dont get it, is IR propoganda and BS.

2- Even if one presumes your comments as true: Mousavi in one hand is trying to gain the trust of religious right who did not support or vote for him, but at the same time with some of UNNECESSARY comments , is losing the trust of some of those who stood by him and got him where he is , meaning the seculars and those who did not believe in IR.

If he really wants to gain MORE supporters, he should not abandon the ones who supported him , hoping to gain others!!!! That is not definition of creating unity and support in any book.

He is calling this a religious movement!!!

The ones who are dividing the movement in the past month are Mousavi's , Khatami's etc... not vice versa


Same crap...

by Emil on

Mousavi, Karroubi, the same crap like the rest of  akhonds & mullahs..


You just don't get it

by Rastgoo on

Don't you guys get it?  The great majority of the Iranian people are not like those of us rich and the wealthy who are outside Iran "analyzing" every bit of information ad nauseum.  The people of Iran are predominantly Muslim and to my and your dismay they believe in this religion firmly.  People like Moussavi and Karrubi speak to these people.  They can get them to move in a progressive direction.  There is no question that if Karubi was the Faqih he would do away with the whole Islamic Republic if not for any reason but to save the grace of Islam itself!  It's not that they love Khomeini it's because they are pragmatic and they know how to lead this movement to victory.  Not like Mr. Rajavi who started a pre-mature wrestling match that cost him his organization and is still predicting that the regime will fall any day.  Or like Vali-ahd who...I don't even know what he has done!  We have to let this "evolution" carry its course.  This is not a "revolution" for the simple reason that a revolution will fail because the weapons are controlled by the establishment and these guys know better than to repeat the 1979 mistake.  Stop criticizing the green movement or start understanding it.  It is not about Pahlavi or MKO or secular vs. religious.  It is about Democracy.  Once we have that the rest will naturally follow.

David ET


by David ET on

I am sure you loved his words!

I read it b4 it even was here on ic. are you in my head now? and now what I read or dont?

I will wait until he and rahnavard give their noroos message (they are giving one/in case you dont know!)

and then depending on what he says I will write my review. until then so far he has offered nothing of value for new year... 

Here are his words!

ما همه مذهبی هستیم، 

(i.e. :baghieh adam nistand)

آنچه ما باید انجام دهیم اینکه تلاش کنیم نشان دهیم که این حرکت و جنبش یقینا وابسته به بیگانه نیست، منافاتی با دین ندارد، در راستای زنده کردن قانون اساسی و احیا اسلام رحمانی است.

(i.e.: baghieh ke ghanoon asasi ro ghabool nadarand adam nistand) 

 ما باید ریشه های حرکت مردم و جنبش سبز را نشان دهیم و اینکه ریشه این حرکت در انقلاب اسلامی

(ie: not in basic demands of people ) 

 و حتی قبل از آن در جنبش مشروطیت است و این حرکت مخالف با اسلام نیست و برآمده از باورهای دینی مردم و ظلم ستیزی آنهاست .

(ie: its source is religion and as said before baghieh adam nistand) 

 برآمده از قانون اساسی ماست که میراث گرانسنگ انقلاب و خونبهای هزاران هزار شهید است .

(ie: goal has been the constitution of IR and I repeat baghioeh adam nistand) 

 این میثاق ملی مجموعه و منظومه ای بهم پیوسته از اصول است که با هم معنا دارد و مردم به این مجموعه رای داده اند و همه آنها باید با هم اجرا شود نه اینکه بخشی از آن را برداریم و سوء استفاده کنیم و به بخش های دیگر هیچ توجهی نکنیم . مردم به همه این اصول رای داده اند و همه آن را میثاق می دانند و هر نوع کم رنگ کردن بخشی از اصول لطمه های بزرگی را در پی دارد

(dont ask for anything else...khatar khatar IR may fall, we dont want that)

این حرکت و جنبش یقینا وابسته به بیگانه نیست، منافاتی با دین ندارد، در راستای زنده کردن قانون اساسی و احیا اسلام رحمانی است

(everyone came out to revive IR constitution and Islam and once again : baghieh adam nistand)

در روز 25 خرداد بود که باید تاکید و تکرار زیادی روی آن کرد و نگذاشت به فراموشی سپرده شود، نوع اجتماع و حرکت مردم در آنروز نشانگر نظم و نشاط و مراقبت بود و مردم مراقب شعارهای خود و مواطی همدیگر بودند

(after that people said marg barg khameni, marg bar jomhoori eslami, they asked for Iranian republic and din as dolat joda, ...... that was bad bad bad.(moragheb baashid)..go back to Ya hossein mir hossin and ray man koo)


Clearly argueing with you David ET is pointless.


I'm not sure that you have even read Mousavi's statements. Maybe the whole point of your post was to attack these characters and make yourself heard (a very convenient strategy for opposition outside iran).

Go and read them all and come back to me to discuss his plans and strategy (which he has clearly outlined).

This is not to say that I agree with Mousavi's ideology or every aspect of his plans or even his end goal. But shomaha dige shooresho daravordid ba in shoaarhatoon.

David ET

Sabr and esteghamat to reach what and how?!!!

by David ET on

Moosir, the one who is giving empty words is Mousavi and you !

There is nothing wrong with patience and endurance? But what is the goal? What is the plan? How is he proposing to get there? Whats the strategy?

If you like empty words, I can wrote 5 pages of it ! From Favayed Sabr or Esteghamat to Favayed GOOSFAND !


neghneghoo iranians


when is all the whining going to stop? it seems all these years of exil has made some of us iranians really good and addicted to NEGH Zadan and shoaar dadan.

Mousavi/Karroubi's suggestions no matter what their ideology are pretty DAMN good suggestions and everyone should support these initiatives. You dont have to love them to agree with some of these initiatives. It can get us faster to where we want with less costs for iranians.

We need to learn to be pragmatic and less idealistic in our approach to democracy promotion in iran. many iranians inside and outside have learnt this the hard way, but sadly some iranians on the outside still hold their fantasies for iran close to heart/mind.


this bunch still support Khomeini who was an enemy of norooz

by MM on

The Karrubi/Khatami/Mousavi/Rafsanjani circle still support Khomeini and everything he stood for.  For that, Khomeini was the biggest enemy of norooz and everything Iranian about it.


These are all Mullahs

by farokh2000 on

How do you trust a Mullah?

It seems to me these two are also Mullahs, talking about the Religion.

All Mullahs need to go. They are all Arabs, concerned more with the Arab issues than the Iranian issues.

David ET

Y A W N خمیا ز ه

David ET