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Iranican volunteers team up with Comedy Star for 2010 U.S. Census


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Maz Jobrani | 2010 Census | Iranican
Mar 10, 2010
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Mr. Alafzadeh ;) More Power to you MJ..

by PERS66 on

I think by far, this is his best work; he could be as big as Borad acting out multiple characters at the same time! He has a good feel for Iranian archetype. Mr. Alafzadeh is hilarious, I’ve seen characters like this before….;)

Hope to see him rise and shine even more.




by capt_ayhab on

Maz is indeed hilarious.

I think his comedy is the best form of self-criticism we Iranian truly need.
Thanks for the post


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Are you kidding? Me taking ourselves seriously?

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I'm a cartoon, so I don't even know what you mean by "seriously." I'm saying that these shades of Iranians don't even exist to make fun of. I've seen this in a lot of places. Iranians just end up looking stupid and it's not funny. I'm glad Maz has some fans; good for him. I just don't enjoy it. It's not meant to insult people who do. 


Mr Rishparvar

by پیام on



Marge, Take it easy...

by Arthimis on

This is just comedy, OK. It's good not to take ourselves so seriously... Nobody else does, trust me... I agree with Kouroush on this matter. Many Iranians in L.A. and Southern California are almost exactly like "Kaami Alafzadeh" LOL. :-) They speak and bahave like this Character! There are many other Iranians who call themselves Doctor va Mohandes and ... There are some Iranians from south of Iran who can grow afros...  What is so wrong to make fun of our own looks and sometimes our own nation's backwardness??? (Afterall, they revolted and brought Islamic regime and monkeys to rule everyone...)

Plus, so many other nations and races who are secure about themselves and NOW are more advanced than others, have done the same exact thing on themselves... It is a very intelligent way to inform ourselves of our own shortcomings and makes us be aware...

You haven't seen Iranian men like that before? Where have you been hiding the past 31 years!!! (That is, if you are even old enough!) And Yes, I agree with you (Khak bar saremoon) ... When you have a regime, rahbar and a monkey for President like that in Iran for 31 years...



Seriously! Was this supposed to be funny?

by Solitude on

Because I couldn't even MAKE myself smile, let alone laugh!
Sory & Better luck next time Maz!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

I never understood him...But God bless him !


Khakbarsaremoon whatever Marge! Don't overanalyze humor

by KouroshS on

I don't know about you being insulated or not, but you sure don't embrace other's brand of humor. He is being absolutely honest here. Many iranians in LA talk and behave in the exact same manner.

Also, If you at least watch some comedy shows on tv, as cheap and superficial as they maybe, you would notice thatt other Minority-themed comedians poke fun with people from their background. George Lopez. Chris Rock. It is funny and realistic at the same time.

It is their bread and butter.

Ari Siletz

Jobrani at his best

by Ari Siletz on

He shows his sharpest edge when he takes on themes with a political angle. I'm pleased that we will both be checking "other" on the census form and write in "Iranian-American." This way Maz and I will have officially declared ourselves "Iranian-hamshahri".  

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

sorry to be Fred, but I didn't find it funny

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I don't think Iranians deserve this kind of caricature. We're not really that bad. Maybe I'm a bit insulated, but come on. They are typically very educated and ambitious. Who are these a-holes he is portraying?Why does one of them have an afro?! I haven't met any iranian like these men. They are funny, but if they're meant to be Iranian, I didn't see it. If there are iranians like this, khak bar saremoon ;(


Alright Mazi

by KouroshS on

This was Dead-a$$ Funny LOL

Maaaaan. I had a blast wactching this thing.  we should nominate and vote for the census-conducting babe in Ananymouse's blog.


hamsade ghadimi

funny maz

by hamsade ghadimi on

ha ha. alafzadeh was my favorite character.

Another Iran

Ha ha ha :)

by Another Iran on

What can I say?  LOL :)


Oh, Sorry aziz joon, I was very busy...LOL :0)

by Arthimis on

Like Sasha Cohen , Maz is very talented and funny playing multi characters... He can be our next Borat...

Laughed so hard at Alafzadeh! " Call me Kambi ......:0) Ohh, Sorry Aziz joon I was very bizzzy, hehehehe, Veerveer Vhite, just put Vhite, there is box for Vhite... " LOL. BRILLIANT Maz, That was just fantastic...  So true with some Iranian (Italian) from L.A. (Vest vood) /Orange county.... LOL .... :0) 


Super Multi-Talented Maz!

by Monda on

The man simply Rocks and also looks good with hair :o)


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Maz's characters are priceless... Excellent.