Green Spray on Oil Company

National Iranian Oil Company office in Geneva, Switzerland, sprayed green


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Reminds me of an Orange County student who called Iranis cowards

by obama on

for not protesting (couple of weeks ago on a front page articel and photos of campus students protest) on this site! I am sure that student who called iranis coward, he couldn't do more than this!

This is not a real protest! It looks more like vandalism! If these guys are real serious, they would gather a few more people and protest peacefully in this european City. That way, they could gather more sympathy and look more legit!

This is actually not good for the green movement. It makes them look like hooligan! These must be young people in their early tenties! We can do much better than this! We need a real strategy to use this kind of energy in a right way.


Why do it a night

by seamorgh on

If you are so proud of what you are doing, and if you are "Bishomar" why do it night like a thief? Do it at day time so that other could join and loud your action. 


any form of discontent aside from killing is allowed

by mahmoudg on

Even a can of paint.  This is a fight not only to free Iran but to free it from 1400 years of closed mindedness and dark aged thoughts.  Islam is incapable of ruling any country particularly Iran.  Just look at Saudi Arabia.  A country in which little has changed from the time of that bandit Mohamad.  They still kill and imprisone.  Thier women have litttle more rights than a cockroach. They make their money by selling oil, and stealing money from unsuspecting poor who are lurred into visiting worthless places like the Kaaba and Medina.  Places where a public latrine or a park would serve humanity much more so.  Islam is the root cause of our problems and we must work towards removing it from the Politics of Iran. 


A can of paint and a cell phone

by ghalam-doon on

...should bring down the regime!

Are we really running out of videos that it was decided to post these jumpy pictures on the 1st page?

Please!! There are people who still think the movement is bigger than this.



by cyclicforward on

What vote you are talking about. If you had won the election why did you and your friends killed so many innocent Iranians. You scum of the earth.



by پیام on

uhm, I think your mind is pulling a trick on you. Most Iranians despise you and your friends rapists and killers.



by amgw4 on

Think vandalism, riots and fires makes up for their lack of votes. It's no wonder most Iranians despise these people.



Damet Garm

by divaneh on

Very well done.

Darius Kadivar

Excellent !

by Darius Kadivar on

Iranian Solidarnosc In the Making ...