Girls drown in lake

Accidental deaths in Tehran's Park e Shahr lake; chaotic rescue

May 4, 2002:


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What happened to the victims in the first place?

by Arthimis on

Why and How did they die??? Was it suicide, homicide or just a tragic, careless and unfortunate accident ???

With S.R.O.I 's criminal records against humanity, innocent Iranians ,especially Iranian women, this whole tragic event was and remains to be extremely suspicious!!! The rescue attempt (chaos) was even more suspicious!!! It seemed as if they were trying to hide the evidence and the TRUTH by such frantic and careless speed!!! For love of GOD, when the victims were pulled out, they were not alive or naked! What was such a frantic rush for??? In a real and honest world, the entire area would have been blocked by authorities, the corps would have been kept for a complete investigation by proper experts and authorities...But not in the Satanic Republic!!! Typical evil mentality and action in 31 years of its evil existence on Earth and in invaded and occupied Iran...

Down with S.R.O.I (Satanic Republic Occupying Iran)



Parents worst nightmare

by statira on

I can't see how they can cope with such a loss. The rescue mission was very rough and unprofessional.( thypical of the slumic regime. I bet the people who were trying to save the girls were just the ordinary poeple and and the responsible officials and their paramedics( all those shepeshoos and rishoo hezbolahees) were just standing supervising the scene. Keshvaree ke yek hamal mesle Ahmaghinjad rees jomkhoreh bashe, behtar az een nemeeshe.



by ahmad_ on

I believe you %100 since I have had the same experience several times.

A plane with 17 Parachutte jumpers crashed moments after take off from an airport near Washington DC and I saw the whole thing including the colour of the plane in my dream the same early morning while I was 1500 km away. And I was awaken by the sound of the telephone call from a friend.

And when I picked up the phone I told the person on the other side that ; Tell the fire crew that it is too late no one has survived the crash.

My friend said to me ; what are you talking about? I said that I was seeing a dream. A few hours later I heard the news on the radio.

It still amazes me whenever I remember that.


please don't use this tragedy for a cheap shot at the IRI

by abusaleh on

This is a tragedy and the sanctity of the girls that died should be preserved. Obama you are a very inconsiderate and heartless man. These innocent young girls have died, leaving behing grieving families and you have taken this opportunity to blast the chador. Do you have to stoop that low. Shame on you. You have no dignity.


Rahaii Some of you might

by Rahaii on


Some of you might not believe what I am going to say but it is true.I was dreaming that I was trapped under a boat and I was trying to grasp last possible drops oxygen to stay alive. I looked around me and I was between bunch of school girls with uniforms who were screaming and were asking GOD to save them, but it was as no one could see me. I could hear people speaking Persian and trying to find heroes to come to rescue us. The phone rang and I woke up totally frantic, sweaty and fretful. My best friend from many years back called me from Iran and made it possible for me to wake up from such horrible nightmare. She sounded sad and worried as well, I asked what happened and she said that she is watching on Tehran TV that bunch of school girl just drowned in Park Shahr. I described her how the boat looked liked and its color and all that I remembered from my dream and she was responding to me shocking as the incident just happened. I TOLD HER I KNOW ABOUT IT BECAUSE I WAS WITH THEM IN MY DREAM BEFORE YOU CALL ME..........




by statira on

Men in speedo and in public so 1970 and so gayish. Somebody has to introduce boyshorts to the Islamic Rapists people. Wah wah wah, some men are so beehaya!



by yolanda on

The park is super is a shame that 2 girls drowned!



a few years back

by ahmad_ on

I was visiting Iran , I travelled to Isfahan to visit relatives. We were walking on the side of Zayandeh Rood and I saw people linning up to get on these same boats. I checked the life jackets and the safety precautions that the operator had provided. I would give them all 1 out of 10 in effectiveness.

I asked the owner of the boats how he would save someone if he/she drowned in the river? he said that he has hooks to pull them out(changak).

I laughed at him, I kept criticising him for lack of the safety and the fact that none of the personnel were familiar  first aid as it wasclear in this video.

At this moment a police major who was stationed near 33 Pol came towards me and grabbed my arm and told me to be quiet.

Everyone there was on my side and I could see that a disaster could happen in near future just like this one.

I am amazed at the stupidity of that Major who insteadof backing me up, was trying to silence me, what an IDIOT he was.


All females! Chadoors drag them down and kept them down!

by obama on

I have been a scuba diver for 29 years. Do you know how heavy they would be when all that clothing is wet? To keep a scuba diver down in the ocean we add weights to his waist for the amount of 10% of his body weight. In a non salty water, we don't even need to add weight (change in SG), since we would sink almost with no weight added. The clothing on these women (chador) has added at least 25% to their body weights.

This tiny boats should not be allowed since they are very unstable. Besides, a simple life jacket would have saved them from this tragedy. Unless, the life jackets are forced to be worn, this place should be shut down! 

This water is so murky, that i'd bet the visibilty is not more than 3 feet! How can you find them in time? They should change the water often and/or treat it in order to increase the visibility. This filthy water would have killed them regardless!



Extremely Chaotic,

by Morveln on

unorganized attempt to carry up the corps....



chaos reigns

by mahmoudg on

The narrator says;  "it was 1-1/2 later when they pulled the body out".  You would think the rescue operation is organized enough that after all that time, man power and equipment is at hand.  Yet we see mayhem and confusion reigns.  Most of the what looks like first responders are first of all so fat that they can't be of any use.  The rest it looks like are just people who have sprung into action.  It is a shame that after all these years, we still cant function well as an organized society.  I guess Islam and the hereafter will solve all these problems.    


Shame on Rahbare Moazam!

by Iran_e_Azad on

How about investing in some Life Jackets, instead of Nuclear Weapons! How about investing in some Safety Signs, instead of, Nuclear Weapons! How about investing in few Emergency Personnels who are trained in CPR, instead of Nuclear  Weapons!  

Marg Bar Jomhuri e Eslami!!



How About?

by iroooni on

How about investing on some scuba gears instead of trying to be a nuclear power? How about fixing the roads? How about descent planes that don't crash? How about jobs, progress, happiness?



by yolanda on

It is sad! Everyone should learn how to don't need to know all 4 style is good enough..........many guys jumped into the water....they tried their best....

Sargord Pirouz

I wouldn't characterize this

by Sargord Pirouz on

I wouldn't characterize this effort as "chaotic." Given the resources at hand, there were a number of heroes in this desperate situation.

The ambulance response time was remarkable.

The real problem here is the lack of life vests. Since this video is almost 8 years old, hopefully this safety concern has been addressed by now.