Gilaki Song

So beautiful... musicians unknown


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Gilaki Song

by babakneekpay on

Simply "lovely"


به‌ به


چه زیبا از دیار نیاکانمان. تشکر


Gentle and soul soothing

by reader1 on

This is a gentle and soul soothing music from a beautiful land my parent call home.

The arrangement is honest and unpretentious, the signature is unique and original with universal appeal. I will be playing this music to friends who are not that impressed with Persian music! Well done Siavash and Mahsa.



reminds me of Mehran Modiri's serial --so funny

by yahoo_yabo on

for all you exilees, you r missing really funny iranian serials.


music that makes me wanna get married again

by yahoo_yabo on

yep, maybe i should go and get married to one of the Gilarki women just so I can have a wedding party Gilaki style

 sort of reminds me of my teen years in Cambridge MA....maybe its all that green that reminded me of Boston...yade Harvard be khayr...I used to go to Bon a petite and sit on their outdoor table eat my breakfast and at times see old folks playing chess on the chess engrained tables...\it also reminds me of Vermont when I went to University of Vermont for a weekend, I saw a beautiful girl in a pizzeria and was too shy to ask and talk to her because my hair was all messy and my clothes all dirty

Damn Kennedys are freakin lucky...hugh families, well connected, well educated, best properties...

 i wish i was a college student again

Multiple Personality Disorder

What's the word that mean better than beautiful?

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

That's what it is, better than beautifull, sweet, lovely, tender, fantastic, excellent, relaxing, joyful,...


Ghorban Besham een Ahang, Ahaa bogoo

by divaneh on

What an absolutely fantastic song. So lively, relaxing and joyful indeed. Many thanks GS jaan, tee jaane ghorban , Hee Hee.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

So sweet and joyful.