Fuck You IRI

Song by Lily Allen


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christ mark


by christ mark on

Thanks for the post, I dont care how bad he was to our homeland, but the fact was that he
was a self professed Muslim and a self professed nationalist.Its very best video to know about the reallity of Iranian"s.

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Lost in the shadows of ur

by Zieg on

Lost in the shadows of ur love!
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You cant see me! Apparel

by Zieg on



by zebel20 on

They should have these individuals sent to America and encourage them to attack American police officers, I like to see the outcome and the response of the American government and their loving police officers,

I also like every Iranian to look back in history and pahlavi’s regime, lets say between 1920-1979, and realize, iran was under full English control and then the amricans, before the revolution.

I don’t know maybe I am wrong and brain washed and the history is a lie, and pigs can fly, and fish rides bicycle, blab la bla


آقا اسکندر


اینقدر حرف زدی هیچی‌ هم نگفتی که. شما سیاستمدار نیستی‌؟

Azarin Sadegh

Great song...and video!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Thanks for sharing! I would definitely share it with my non-Iranian friends..:-)


FUNNY WORLD people can never make up their minds

by AlexInFlorida on

Only 31 years ago, the vast majority of media in the West was against the Shah and in favor of Khomeini and his holy vision for Iran.

Now that Iran is not doing as it is told, western media harshly complains about this movement of hate and like in 1979 it is controlling real news and marshalling the masses against khameneii.

Why were they never complaining about IRI abuses during it's first 25 years, which have been far worse in terms of murdering citizens and denying basic human rights.  (the same IRI they helped bring about and supported against the Shah).

Monarchy unlike Islam, still represents the Iranian National Culture and its Traditions.  To have denied this king tear gas and plastic bullets and help, as western media was building a case against him and riots were prevalent shows how right khomeini was about USA.

A Great Satan on whose words no one can count and in who's friendship no one is secure.

Western media has proven itself as a mouth piece for the USA with it's professional propaganda , not an entirely Free press, but a media that manufactures first the consent of Americans, then the consent of the rest of the world.

So even though most Iranians agree regime sucks, which no one needs to be told compared with how life was during the shahs time, we can't forget who manufactured the consent to bring them to power and supported them for 25 years.  Or Who betrayed the Shah. 

This reminds me of Saddam who was any aly of USA for 12 years and not a word against him, then when the usa disapproved of Iraq action against kuwait/or willingly tricked him their position hypocritically changed.

Even though attacking kuwait, by iraq, had been supported by the US ambassador when Saddam asked what will happen if he invaded kuwait.  He said USA will remain neutral and not intervene in regional affairs.

USA  and carter were paying to maintain khomeini's organization.  What does this say about the disingenuos and deceitful media, we all use to form our opinions on.

Iranians are like a herd of animals following false Islamic leaders, in place of a real leader like shah who they were unhappy with... due to false information from the same disingenuous media that today has decided IRI is finished.

Ask Iranians today if shah was a dictator, tyrant, crook or if savak purposely committed crimes against peaceful citizens and you will be amazed at what a large percentage of people still believe these statements to be true.






Sweeping under the rug is the best regime cheerleaders can do

by Anonymouse on

Lily Allen is simply responding to photographic and video evidence of beating and maiming the youth which was/is published on youtube.

If this was just word of mouth and no photographic evidence like before, then yes like before the Islamic Republic cheerleaders would ignore it and move on.

The best the Islamic Republic cheerleaders can do, and I mean the best, is to sweep these evidence under the rug.  The regime has all but ignored the evidence or called them rioters.

So yes when you ignore glaring evidence of brutality others, including Lily Allen, will say it as it is and people will like it.  The people in those photos are born and raised and educated under this regime and under their rules and they are not going away or moving to another country and they like it when people of the world see how they are treated and few thick words spoken against these political figures like Ahmadi and Khamanei.  There is no tarof here. 

Everything is sacred.



by Nur-i-Azal on

Bardar, you seriously need a new script and better script writers. If you think justifying the genocidal police brutality of Iranian university students on campus qualifies you as pro-Iranian and those who decry it as anti-Iranian, then I suggest you go stand in the middle of the desert somewhere and hail the mothership to come and pick you up. You're on the wrong planet, man.

Sargord Pirouz

Ripped off pop riffs from

by Sargord Pirouz on

Ripped off pop riffs from the late 1960's with unimaginative lyrics. But hey, judging by the title of this post and the comments here, it holds value for anti-Iran cheerleaders. And that's all that matters- right?


Mozalif yabo

by Nur-i-Azal on

Then how come your (un)Iranian leadership is saying nothing and taking no offense when hired Arab and Afghani thugs beat the crap out of Iranian protestors on the streets of Iran?

You have no credentials here to be playing the nationalist card when your illegitmate (un)Iranian and (un)Islamic leaders are daily humiliating the Iranian people often with hired foreign thugs in Iran.

As such to your leaders one can only say the following,

 La'anat'ullah 'aleykum kullukum ajma'un!


SOme iranians can't be trusted period

by yahoo_yabo on

a foreigner is blasting an Iranian first then an elected or a forced president, doesn't matter  and some are clapping....

i mean even when Saddam was captured, I dont care how bad he was to our homeland, but the fact was that he was a self professed Muslim and a self professed nationalist.  It was really shocking and disappointing to many in ME because a sitting president was humiliated by foreign non regional forces.

I can bet you all that if the Shah's son was to be humiliated say by an American or Israeli soldier stepping with his foot on Reza's head, even the  current Iranian leadership would take offense to that and object.



Very inspiring! Very! Lily Allen is great! I always liked her

by Anonymouse on


Everything is sacred.



by shushtari on

thanks!  that was awesome....




One of the Ugliest,dirtiest People on Earth

by statira on

God created one of the most ugliest people and now he has to be our president!! What a shame!


The same Girlie

by KouroshS on

Who once sang:

Love is in the sky, oh why oh why would i wanna be anywhere else?

Some people would do just about anything for a few minutes of fame .


For Ahmadinejad - F@#k You Anyway Song

by capt_ayhab on

hamsade ghadimi

who knew?

by hamsade ghadimi on

who knew lily allen sang this song for the iri?  at 1:56 we see the title of the song in action between ahmad and ahmadi.


I second that

by Nur-i-Azal on


Maryam Hojjat

Well Deserved song for

by Maryam Hojjat on

The IRI/IRR crooks.


Thanks to so called "liberal muslim"

by rain bow movment on

in 1979 Bazargan and rest of his clan, deceived us.

now another clown (mosavi)with his crook caln like (ganji,soroush,karrobi,khatami,rafsanjani,mohajrani,and...........) trying to deceive our smart younger generation.

they are all wrong,our younger generation will not listen to these dinasor.



by Iran_e_Azad on

30 years ago almost all Iranian people from all walks of life came out on to the streets of Iran and shouted out loud and clear “YA MARG YA KHOMENIE”….”ESTEGHLAL AZADI JOMHURI E ESLAMI” their wishes came through!

Unfortunately, out of those wishes……came out Khomeini e daghal baaz and the rest of the criminal and crooks that are now running the country , lots of Marg and a dictatorial theocracy!

NO….AZADI…..NO JOMHURI……and the above clip is the result of it….and until the Iranian people don’t take their destinies seriously in their own hand, these criminals with the leadership of Khamenei and his goofy gofer A N will kill as many people that come in their way and will eventually destroy our very “ DEAR COUNTRY IRAN!!!