Charshanbeh Souri Symphony

Samin Baghcheban's dream being completed by his son Kaveh

جدیدآنلاین: چهارشنبه‌سوری‌ها معمولاً کاوه باغچه‌بان را به ياد يادداشت دريغ‌آلود پدرش ثمين باغچه‌بان می‌اندازد. او که در واپسین سال‌های زندگی در استابنول زندگی می‌کرد، نوشته بود: " چهارشنبه‌سوری از یاد بچه‌های ما رفت..." این سخن باغچه‌بان پیش از آن بود که موج نوروز منطقه و حتا ترکیه را فرا بگیرد و روز نوروز در سازمان ملل به عنوان روز رسمی بین‌المللی شناخته شود. کاوه با پدر و مادرش ثمين و اِولین باغچه‌بان سال 1983 به ترکيه رفت و آنجا ماندگار شد و اکنون هم در استانبول زندگی می‌کند. او امروز استادیار دانشگاه فنی يولدوز (Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi) این شهر است و در کنار تدريس موسیقی در دانشگاه، آثار موسیقایی مختلف می‌آفريند؛ ساخته‌هایی که ترکیب و تلفیقی از موسیقی شرق و غرب است>>>JadidOnline


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Shirin Vazin

Sophisticated family!

by Shirin Vazin on

خیلی ارادت دارم خدمت فامیل محترم باغچه بان


Yaadam raft:

by sima on

Ghormeh Sabzi jan thanks for posting this. I'll send the link to the family. I so much appreciate all the love and support you send this way!

And yes, that's me in the picture. The other one is with my dokhtar khaleh, Marjan. Kaveh is a darling for putting our pictures in this!


That's my dayi!

by sima on

I have to tell you because I am so proud of him and I miss him so terribly. It is two years since his death. Here you just get a glimpse of this great great man. There is so very much more to him, so much more.

I am so grateful to my cousin Kaveh who has almost dedicated his life to my dayi's work. Kaveh has wonderful music himself. I want to kiss his hands for putting together the Charshanbeh Soori song with his dad's voice. I grew up with my dayi's gorgeous baritone in my ears but he only sang to us kids. He was too much of a first-rate musician to consider himself a real singer. He had the voice but he did not decide to become a singer.

And in the Norouz song the soloist is Samin's wife Evlin Baghcheban. Now, she was a real singer and a real pianist. Truly world class. Only our family knows how many opportunities she turned down to make a name for herself in Europe to remain in Iran -- for her family, and yes, for Iran. Her rich mezzo has always been in my ears since childhood too and nothing transports me to the happiest memories of my childhood than my dayi and zan dayi's voices and music.

I won't go on and on, though sitting here alone crying for all that we have lost I could! I hope you someday hear more of the music of this extraordinary family. The loss is great.


God Bless his Soul

by statira on

Roohe een eeranye vaghie shad bad.



by Emrooz on

I have great admiration for the whole Baghcheban family.



Very touching...

by Emil on




by Rastgoo on

Thank you for posting this.  I truly enjoyed.



by mahmoudg on

what a candid work of art.  i vote we make this along with "Ey Iran" as our song to combat this demonic regime.

Paidar Iran

روحش شاد

Paidar Iran

روحش شاد و يادش گرامى براى سرودن اين چنين سرود هاى زيبايى.