Akbar Ganji

Iran and the West, confrontation or dialogue?

Excerpts of Akbar Ganji's presentation at University of Alberta in Canada, October 2009:


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maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

I had a link about ganji from one of his HAM MAHALEII that was sent to evin and interogated by ganji about his allegation and....

America is mistaking again feeding these BASTARD and all his alike in the u.s.a                              Maziar


Why I can't trust yet another Moslem intellectual?

by didani on

Last thirty years and counting (although he makes sense for the most part).


Yeh Mousir - I spend all my

by masoudA on

Yeh Mousir - I spend all my time praying - day and night, for the bombs to start falling on the innocent people of Iran - as long as the first house hit is the house of pedar adam dorooghgoo. 


Ganji not to be trusted


Trust masoudA though, he is okay with bombing Iran. 

Maryam Hojjat

Shame on you Mr. Ganji!

by Maryam Hojjat on

 You are an Islamist with affiliations to Arabs such as Lebenan, Palestine not IRAN.  IRAN & Iranians are ashamed to have such a cockroach like you.


bache Akhond...

by Emil on

Another mother f*** bache Akhond....



by Demo on

Missed to include the word:

Freedom = Free & Dumb.

Referece: Web-ster's Dictionary which came out long ago before the Worldwide Web was made. And there was Spider Web before the two (only God knows about its creation date).


The New World Order!!!!!!!

by Demo on

Secular = Worldly System not overtly or spec. religious;

Republic = A government having a chief of state who is not a monarch;

Islamic = A human/devil made word derived from the religion word Islam. It is vital to read/learn Quran before even to dare to use such word. None of the God commandments in Quran have such a word prefixed with it as many of them are the same as the ones mentioned in Torah & Bible. As such "The Islamic Government" has no meaning;

Democracy = A word derived by Christians to include the words of demo & the cross together.

With all the above said, do we all know what are we talking about????

As “Changiz-Khan” of Old China had said he only needed a few smart guys to conquer the whole world as the rest of the people in the world, in his belief, were like cattle (The Old World Order).

Is the Current World Order that began with Reagan any different from the Old World Order??????????????


Ganji not to be Trusted

by masoudA on

Still making irrelevant or disruptive comments - totally against interests of the Green movement.   One must be totally sick to divert Green demands towards Palestine.   Not so surprising though - IR has his family in Iran.  


Another Stooge of Islamic Republic

by seannewyork on

Dont these people get it, people are rising up for a secular democracy and no one that has blood on their hands like him have no place trying to lead anyone.

Does he forget his days at the intellignce agency for Islamic Republic.

 The only one out of all of them that might be forgiven is Sazegara because of what he is tryign to do to help.


Khak Bar Saret

by Fartash on

I just want to say after all these time living abroad, stupid Ganji couldn't learn a little bit english that he can talk without translator. Kachal from Otaghe Fekr ...

And who the fuck said Iranian are anti-american, Most probably he and his friends are. but I don't know anyone .

David ET


by David ET on

Mousavi and Karoubi want to continue Islamic Republic and therefore a secular system such as Turkey that you like will not be possible .

IR constitution is not secular and also filters everything based on their understanding of Islam and that of course can change from one leader or government to another. 


Just one thing guys !!!

by tabriz_balasi on

Ganji is not a leader of the Green movement.  Greem movement right now is lead by Mousavi and Karrubi.  Mousavi never excluded any ideology from the green movement with all the treats he received.  Ganji in this video only expressed his own opinion and the opinion of his friends in jail, atleast give him that.  later on he spoke about the the co-existance of different beliefs and opinions in IRAN.  people like mousavi and karrubi want an iran that all kinds of opinions and beliefs are safe guarded under the principles of Human Rights.  Religious people like me want to practice our religion and not be force nor force anyone to do as we do.  this is the current status of Iranian people's demands.  Yes, there is 10 to 20 % of iran that like Khamenie and his dictatorial regime, but we're never going back, Ganji knows this better than anyone else.  better than all of you guys he is for democracy in Iran.  by the way, people that are anti-religous should know that they are in a very small minority, even less than the supporters of Khamenie.  Majarity of Iranians want a system of Gov. similar to Turkey, we people are left alone as far as religion, but at the same time they can elect muslimm presidants that truely believe in Islam's moral priciples, but when it comes to legislations, they supports laws that are acceptable by the majority of people, But the rights of minorities has to be preserved as a principle of democracy.


be an act at all times in the name of Allah.



by Demo on

One old fashion way of marking/identifying real/dangerous enemies of an intelligent agency is to set up one of their own acting as one & after a period of fake imprisonment & even (fake) torture to release them for their follow up spy work. Ganji fits such profile real well. He worked for IRI Intelligence Services for a long time & in none of his speeches ever he discloses any information about that organization. Think about it. If he was a real enemy of IRI, would he had been allowed to leave the prison & to go to US??????


I never know with these guys

by Mehrban on

is he speaking for Islamic left or for Democracy.  Mr. Ganji please tell me which one of these you stand for.  What you say comes across as double talk to me please speak clearer.  Are you for separation of Church and State?


To Saeb

by choghok on

Sepidi rang nist, hamoontor ke siyaahi ham rang nist.Badesh Sepidi alaamate bakhtan ast. vaghti ke jang ro bakhti mamoolan prachame sepid ro dar miyari. yek "rang" ro entekhab kon hala, masalan soorati, too del boro tar hastesh, hamisheh ham mode rooz ham hast baraaye khanooma.


رنگی که همه فراموش کرده اند


ای مردم فریب این ددمنشان گنجی و موسوی و کروبی و خاتمی ........را نخورید.درد ما خامنه ای و احمدی نژاد نیست که این شیر نا پاک خوردگان بخواهند  درمان باشند.اینان خود نیز درد هستند.مشکل ما بیسوادی ماست.مشکل ما نا آگاهی از پیدا کردن درمان است.مشکل ما ندانستن است.مشکل ما آن حبابی است که در درون اسیریم.مشکل ما نفرت از همدیگر بودن است و ترس از حاکمان بی وجدان ماست.
مشکل ما اینست که اول انقلاب می کنیم و بعد فکر میکنیم که چه کردیم.مشکل ما اینست اول دنبال این دلقکان راه افتادیم و بعدن میگو ییم اینان که از اونها جاک......تر بودن.ما نه احتیاج به جنبش سبز داریم نه سرخ.ما باید سپیدی را پیدا کنیم.این رنگی که همه فراموش کرده اند.

David ET

The ""show" continues

by David ET on

starring: Ganji, Soroush, Khatami etc

 "The bankrupts"

 visit: www.iransecular.org


The real Islam

by Ferfereh on

Your first concern was Palestine and Islam.

Please tell me, how did the real Islam come to Iran ?

didn't you rape and kill those whom didn't accept Islam and were against you ( exactly like now ) ?

didn't you make slaves of iranian women and children?

didn't you burn all books ?

To you and your friends who don't have any empathy for Iran and iranian, Eat My Shorts.


You still got your priority wrong!!!!!

by rain bow movment on

our priority is to free Iran from occupaying forces (lebanies,palstinian,syrian,russian,chinees,chavezian,North korean,tudehee,basiji)

Plastain is an arabic problem and should solve by arab nation not by PERSIAN.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Mostafa Tajzadeh Former deputy Interior Minister's speech

by Darius Kadivar on

Former deputy Interior Minister's speech a month before June 2009 elections

He was arrested after the elections for being a key member of Mir Hossein Mousavi's presidential campaign:



There is no such a thing as liberal Islam

by rain bow movment on

Islam the most dictatorial idea in the world and muslim are the most hypocrit people.

there is no difference between AN & soroush. both have the same criminal history as the rest of khomini's servents.

the most damages to Iran and Iranian comes first from liberal muslim then from fanatic muslim.

obviously you can have a speech in canada were most of the embezzled money by crooked individual ,like (agha zadeh ha va khanoom zade ha ) will support you and pay for your living expences.

Mr ganji you can,t fool us ,we will take back our country our way.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Mashallah Ajoudani on Intellectuals and the Revolution

by Darius Kadivar on

HISTORY FORUM: Mashallah Ajoudani on Intellectuals and the Revolution :