Accident filmed

Girls crash as they film themselves


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video will be mis-used by IRI

by Monarchy_Forever on

Yep Ayatollah Noori Hamadani, a sick pervert, will use this video and say," even though I haven't seen the video, I was told about it by some of our dear friends.  Therefore, we shoud implement the following laws:

1. Ban women from driving

2. Ban women from using cell phones, especially foreign cell phones that may be embedded with spy cameras from the Great Stan

3. ban music

4. ban singing by women

5. ban laughter and fun

6. ban sale of cars to women

Ban Life.

Ban zendeghi

Ban UN secretary general Ban Ki Moon

Ban good weather too since it makes people go out and have fun


مثل این که چپ کردن.


تو ثانیهای آخر در پنجره فیلم بردار میبینی‌ که زمین داره
نزدیک میشه. با وجود اینکه ایران کسی‌ کمر بند ایمنی نمیبنده و خودرو‌ها
فاقد هر گونه لوازم امنیتی هستند، فکر کنم حد عقل چند تا استخون شکوندن.


Was it fatal?

by statira on

I hope not!

Gormeh Sabzi, do u know what happened next? It didn't seem like a head on collision. Maybe just some broken bones!



by puss on

Who said that everyone should be given driver license! its a privilege,
not a right.

besides, char saad nafar to ye michine! hich kodomeshoon haam aghl
nadashtaand ;)