Warships heading to Persian Gulf?

US-Israeli battleships cross Suez Canal

ynetnews.com: Eleven American battleships and an Israeli one crossed the Suez Canal Friday en route to the Red Sea, the London-based al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper reported. According to the report, traffic in the canal was halted for several hours in order to allow US Navy vessels, which included an aircraft carrier and carried infantry troops, armored vehicles and ammunition, to pass from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. It was further reported that eyewitnesses detected an Israeli warship among the vessels. No confirmation has been received from Egyptian authorities >>>

"Endtime Ministries" commentator Irvin Baxter:


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Troops are needed

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Mahmoodg jan. In order to do it right troops are needed. Half baked jobs never go right. I am not saying do it. But I do say: if you do it then do it right. No more was on the cheap. If USA wants IRI gone then commit what it takes and get it done right. I am however afraid that USA wants to do things on the cheap. Therefore it is OUR job to fill in the void. You; I and all the other patriotic Iranians all over. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

I turned down

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

the tax free double salary job in the Arab desert. I won't go there for a million dinars.     


IMF Shah Gholam, and the dreaming hazrate shotor morgh

by پیام on

Technically you cannot call me a traitor since I have never had any believe in i.r. So I am not betraying them. In case you meant that me and my kind are taritor to Iranians, you could not be more wrong. I will gladly wage war against basij and you and your kind and bless you and your buddies with martyrdom. Hopefully you will get what you are looking for in the afterlife (72 virgins I believe, unfortunately unvclear wether they are men or women, allthough i think a couple of studs would serve you well). 

Any war waged on Iran will only be a bloody one for those who oppose the mighty US army. And as far as uniting is concerned Iranians have indeed united themselves against the cuurrrent occupier of Iran, your masters the fanatic islamic dictators.


btw, it is not because of the wish of us "traitors" that the US or Israel will be attacking the i.r., it is rather the result of their foolish behaviour. As Shotor said before: they spinned a panbeh daneh to much in their dreams.

Dariush The King

As a commentator wrote one.

by Dariush The King on

As a commentator wrote one. That is a very dangerous game to play as the ocean, region and the world might become a no fly zone.  That will not only stop any air assault, it will crash world's economy starting with Europe and oil interruptions and sanctions will make it even worse. 

This will also create a new world order. A world that Israel and west don't give but take orders from China and Russia.


VPK Jaan

by Onlyiran on

The IRI and its South Lebanese stooges (like IMF) have a very simple threshold for "winning".  Essentially, if their leader survives, they consider it a win.  For instance, Israel destroyed half of South Lebanon in 2006 and killed almost 1500 people, including several hundred Hezbollah members (IMF was hiding under a woman's skirt in a basement at that time-that's how he survived).  In response, Hezbollah killed may be 5  Israeli soldiers and damaged one of their ships.  But they consider that a "win" because the fat bastard, Hassan Nasrollah, survived.  :-)))  


Chera yeki nemiad az shoma beporseh!

by jkondori on

Since you've asked, it goes mine, mine. Not my, my!!!

Yes, we have experts, so educate yourself before making a comment.


You are

by IranMilitaryForum.net on

We are gladly going to be "traitors' to South Lebanon and Hizbolah. I
will also be glad to kick Hammas in the rear. So fume all you want.


VPK, ironically, you are nothing but a lot of hot air in an Arab desert.

Have you checked your DNA lately? you may have a heck of Arabs blood than you could imagine!


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Victory of Hizoblah??

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

You are meaning getting their rear kicked to kingdom come? I guess you set the bar low enough any defeat is a victory. By that standard BP has been very victorious over the oil spill. And Saddam's victory!  

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Lebanan Military Forum

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

  We are gladly going to be "traitors' to South Lebanon and Hizbolah. I will also be glad to kick Hammas in the rear. So fume all you want. You go be a shaid for Arabs and Pals. 


My, my. We have experts

by TheMrs on

My, my. We have experts from all sides here. Chera yeki nemiad az shoma beporseh!


I am glad that most of these

by IranMilitaryForum.net on

This time around it is no longer 1359 and Iranians are not the same
revolutionaries they were back in the day who were willing to give up
their life for the leaders they believed in so much.

Payam, certainly no Iranian ever expected you and your ilks to do what historically Iranian patriots do. But what is pathetic is a traitor like you expecting others will follow your disgraceful act. but you never know, in a war all burn togethr, just may be a JDAM enetrs your house. I am sure you do not mind you and your family to be sacrificed as Coalition Shahids do you? But in the event you survive, I am sure you will have the bright future of working for the invading forces washing toilets albeit willingly as a pariotic Persian! No?




This guy is the counter part of jannati, a religious fanatic!

by obama on

Not worthy of response! They just want to create something from nothing! The world is not ending and US/Israel wouldn't dare!


you are seriously discussing

by fidelio5 on

a clip from 'Endtime Ministries' ??

 This clip would be more legitimate if it's source was the national Enquirer, or Star Magazine, or even Tiger Beat.

Sheila K

Not this time--who's going to fight except Basijis?

by Sheila K on

This will be an opportunity for Green movement to rise above the IRI and ask people to engage in diplomacy and democracy instead of war.

Sheila K

all out war

by Sheila K on

Israel's desire to attack Iran goes back to the victory of Hezbollah of Lebanon (orchestrated and heavily supported by Iran) in 2006. So this is a long due pay back to Iran. Robert Baer predicted that Israel will attack Iran. Watch his conference with Trita Parsi //iranian.com/main/blog/darius-kadivar/hammer-forum-robert-baer-and-trita-parsi



Mola Nasredeen

شتر در خواب بیند پنبه دانه..

Mola Nasredeen

In this case the Losers camp are the shotor who dreams of cotton seeds. I'm sorry to crash your party but USA or Israel cannot and will not be foolish enough to attack Iran. Do you know why? Because the Iranians will unite and kick any occupying army out of Iran regardless of ideology or race.

Wake up! Israel or United States cannot change the regime for you.


Hazrate shotor

by پیام on

Do not make the mistake that since you and your buddies think you are willing to sacrifice yourself for i.r. other Iranians tend to do so too (push comes to shovel your kind will be the first to flee). This time around it is no longer 1359 and Iranians are not the same revolutionaries they were back in the day who were willing to give up their life for the leaders they believed in so much. Any conflict between Iran and US ( and maybe Israel) will be over before you and Shah Gholam and Sargord Pirooz and IMF have the chance to come and post it's course on Iranian.com.


Iranians are not the same as taleban or basi's. Iranians will welcome anyone who gets i.r. of their backs.


"IRI they play chess and they're mighty good chess players"

by fooladi on

Bacheh Haji, didnt they tell you that chess is haram? You've been in kafar land too long, time for a trip back to Najaf and a refresher course.  Dont' worry, I hear starbucks has opened up franchises over there too:)


That's an Idea

by TheEnemyHateMe on

Maybe the US should line up Zionist's across the Iraq border and Afghanistan border,kinda like the Chinese wall.Just to drive them crazy..We could move them in and build settlement's for them.And They may make good bait to bring out Osama Bin Laden.


Israeli warship in Persian Gulf just to annoy Islamic Republic!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred

Mola Nasredeen

They can't bluff the Islamic Regime of Iran,

by Mola Nasredeen on

Do you know why? Because IRI does not play poker, it's against Islam (chuckle!), they play chess and they're mighty good chess players. In case if they are not bluffing then they'll be in a long war with Iran and they'll end up to be the losers. It costs Americans 1 million dollars a year per soldiers who serve in Iraq and Afghanistan, do the math. I'm not sure if China would lend anymore money to United States for more wars.



by Saman on

Good luck with that idea! It's much more complicated than that. IRI is prepared and are masters of global terrorism. This war is way beyond a conventional warfare. Welcome to post cold war era.


PS. The guy is wrong about 5000 soldiers on each ship. Only large class size aircraft carriers such as USS Nimitz can load up to 5000 people. These are much smaller battle ships with several hundred peeps.


troops are not needed

by mahmoudg on

The US does not need foot soldiers, but rather heavily equipped ships to start pounding Iran's strategic sites, if needed, to ensure that the regime topples.