U.S.: Stiffer Sanctions

Congress to impose sanctions on foreign companies selling refined petroleum to Iran

Los Angeles Times: U.S. House and Senate negotiators reached agreement Monday on legislation that would impose additional U.S. sanctions against Iran in hopes the economic punishment convinces Tehran to curb its nuclear ambitions. The legislation would impose sanctions on foreign companies that sell refined petroleum to Iran, banks that finance the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, and concerns that provide equipment or services for Iran's energy sector. Refined petroleum includes products such as gasoline and fuel oil >>>


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And lets hope the place of

by Bavafa on

And lets hope the place of those dogs on this site are not filled by hyenas and vultures who cheer for the destruction of [supposedly] their home land.



I agree...

by mahmoudg on

Stiff sanctions will dry up funds to Basij and pasdars and their dogs on this site and anywhere outside iran.  But surgical attacks are needed to cleanse Iran and the ourside world of the 200K or so garbage that would still stay loyal to this terrorist regime.


The new thing is...

by fooladi on

In case you have been fast sleep for the last year, even china and russia have stopped backing their turban wearing poodles, the islamic regime, let alone oppose these sanctions as they used to. As for our valiant cyber bassijis on this site, we should stop hearing from them, once the funds dry up, in due course :)


Yeah seriously, what is new!!!!

by Bavafa on


Denver Tinbender

So..what's new?

by Denver Tinbender on

So..what's new?