Trita Parsi

Interview with Hamid Dabashi

"In the 26th episode of The Week in Green, National Iranian American Council founder Trita Parsi discusses the discourse in US politics over Iranian nuclear negotiations and a possible strike against the country, and how the Green Movement has affected the terms of this debate."


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dingo daddy En passant

many terrible accusations

by dingo daddy En passant on

Doostane gerami, I have heard a lot about Trita Parsi being an Islamist or IRI supporter and I am always suspicious. There is some material on the web about him being the IRI lobby. How is that possible with US authorities? Now the same about this professor Dabasi. Are Middle East programs in the US really funded by the regime?

I see so many accusations without any backing, I wonder if we Iranians make ourselves look terrible by acting like this. I respect some people's writings on this site, for example Darius Kadivar. He is closest to my own political stance. Can I humbly ask that anybody provide some clear proof for these gentlement being regime owned?

Forgive my ignorance. I have lived in US and Canada for a short time. I visit a lot but I am in general not involved with Iranians of North America.



by Onlyiran on

Are you surprised that he wants to condition the cause of democracy in Iran on the Israeli / Palestinian conflict?  Those are the marching orders for all these cloaked agents, especially this guy, who happens  to be an "expert on Palestinian cinema" and Palestine.  Here, this is from his Wikipedia page:

 In the context of his commitment to advancing trans-national art and independent world cinema, he is the founder of Dreams of a Nation, a Palestinian Film Project, dedicated to preserving and safeguarding Palestinian Cinema.



Trita Parsi & Hamid Dabashi Help IRI Cause

by Ahura on

What these two men said are what IRI lobbyists would reiterate, namely prolonging the endless futile negotiations with IRI, diluting the concrete nuclear arms issue with slippery human rights issue, eliminating the threat of force in confronting IRI, and diverting the plight of Iranians under IRI regime to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Nowhere they hint or express the need to remove IRI criminal regime, the real enemies of Iran and Iranian pre-Islamic culture.

To boggle your imagination Dr. Trita Parsi intones the mumbo-jumbo of “U.S. pro-democracy activists’ challenge of false sense of competition between nuclear clock and human rights clock” and “opportunities lost or about to be lost.”  He later adds this explicit message of no hope to the Iranian youths who need encouragement and help in overthrowing the IRI dictatorship that “USA often times has not the power to and more importantly does not have the competence to promote stable democracies in the region.”

Dr. Hamid Dabashi wraps up this charade by extending the Iranian green movement to include the Palestinian cause, an IRI propaganda tool.


It's not about a path to

by benross on

It's not about a path to war. It's about a path to let Iranians to regroup and end IRI which is a mutual interest of Iranians and Americans. Mr Parsi is right about limited capacity of US to inflict changes inside Iran. But this is the area US is fully capable to explore along and in line with the policy regarding IRI nuclear agenda.

Did this SOB just showed his support for Palestinians ON BEHALF OF GREEN MOVEMENT? On what credential, what authority? Wasn't the green that walked on the streets and shouted "No Gaza, no Lebanon, my life for IRAN"?

My concern is not much about Parsi. He is just a careerist politician. But NIAC just recruited that worm didn't it?


I liked Trita Parsi

by Onlyiran on

better when he was honest and pimped the IRI's UN ambassador around Washington.  He seems pretty artificial in his new role as a "pro-democracy, pro-green" Iranian.  He's just not a good actor.  :-)



by masoudA on

As a rule of thumb - anyone teaching Middle Eastern Studies in American universities has a job because of IR grants to that college or university.   Dabashi is one of them and his mission is to  preserve IR by promoting reforms.   As for Trita Tazi - thank god most hamvatans are wise to him.  

BTW - where is the NIAC marketing team in this thread?  I mean the "Great Interview" comment by junior staff is not going to  cut it!!!                                                                            

Genghis Khan

Sweat & rose water

by Genghis Khan on

I am utterly sickened by these fellows' hidden agenda. These people have no other mission than propagation for the mullah's un-Iranian  regime. No one should be fooled by their occasional reference to the Green Movement. 

These two, among a bunch of others, scattered in American university campuses, are part of IRI's "brokerage body", whose main mission is focused on construction of  a systematic dialogue corridor between Mullahs, and the Democrats.

Thanks to American born, true patriots like Sen. John McCain(R-AZ)their sinister efforts are met with realistic opposition in the Senate.  

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Flynt Leverett & Hamid Dabashi IRI Bed fellows ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Flynt Leverett & Hamid Dabashi: Iranians do not want to overthrow the Islamic Republic :




by Ferfereh on

Just think, why these guys are lobbying for mullahs? Do you think they want to prevent a war because they care about Iran or Iranians ? Do you think these guys want a regime that its first priority is Iran and Iranians ? Do you want to know what they really do and have done, watch these :








Reality As It Is ...

by R2-D2 on

Despite constant, steady, and repeated attempts by the present regime in Iran to shake off its illegitimacy, I am glad to say that it has been quite unble to do so in the eyes of the World!

Anyone with the slightest of intelligence, is fully and completely aware of the Fraudulent Elections last year - Simply Put, This Very Issue Can Not Be Pushed Under The Rug!

What happened last year was not only an Affront to all our brothers and sisters in Iran who voted against the present regime, but also, to all those who may have disagreed strongly with it prior to the elections, yet demonstrated a modicum of support out of nationalism!

The Present Regime In Iran Is No Different Than A Cancerous Growth That Needs To Be Removed - Not By Outside Forces ... But Indeed, By Its Great, And Freedom-Loving People!

Pure And Simple :) - !



Darius Kadivar

Nothing Wrong with Not being Fluent in one's mother tongue

by Darius Kadivar on

He is not alone on that front ... ;0)

CANNES: My Interview with Behnood Mokri - Shabahang - Impressions on Cannes Awards

Except my mother is Not Iranian but French Lithuanian ...

Other than that My problem with Trita is not HOW he Says It But WHAT he Says ... And for That I'm Afraid I need More than Just a Translator ...

LOST IN TRANSLATION: NIAC Welcomes Hamid Dabashi on Advisory Board



تا اونجا که بنده به خاطر دارم این آقای پارسی‌، پارسی‌ زبان هست


و قادر به بیان انظار خود در زبان پارسی‌ هست. پس چرا اینجا به زبان
فرنگی‌ گپ میزند؟


Great interview

by IRANdokht on

Thank you NIAC


Darius Kadivar

Qui se Ressemblent S'Assemblent ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Hamid Dabashi Joins NIAC Advisory Board 

How Come When Dabashi started to Say "Lobby Kardaneh ..." @ 1:05 sec The sound was Cut and Reedited ? ;0)

Oh Trita & Hamid I'm a Warmonger Too :

NEO CON WARMONGERS ? Tehrangeles Demo in Support of Iran's Greens

Cause I love hitting Back at Clueless OLAGH's in general :


It usually avoids Bloodshed when people listen to good advice ... so  Think Twice Next Time YOU suggest a KISS OF DEATH with the Enemy !


PS: Wonderful Arab Music at the end of your conversation by the way ...

Was That recorded during Hamid Dabashi's conversation back home with relatives ?