Shahram Amiri

Defected or kidnapped?

Reuters: A man claiming to be an Iranian nuclear scientist whom Tehran alleges the United States kidnapped said he has escaped from US agents, in a video screened on Tuesday on Iranian television. "I am Shahram Amiri, a citizen of the Islamic republic. A few minutes ago I managed to escape from the hands of US intelligence agents in Virginia," said the man in the footage shown on state television. "I could be re-arrested at any time by US agents... I am not free and I'm not allowed to contact my family. If something happens and I do not return home alive, the US government will be responsible," he said >>>

And another new video:


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by yolanda on

I am confused after watching this video.....


I think this guy is pretty confused, too.....that is why he is saying different things on different this point, neither US nor Iran understand him.....I feel bad for his wife and son!


Another idiot! Who really cares! He should join MEK!

by obama on

Notice, CIA has fed him well!

hamsade ghadimi

if this guy really escaped

by hamsade ghadimi on

if this guy really escaped from the agents of the evil empire, then he should be "james bond of the day." 

1 hamvatan

دورغ مسخره

1 hamvatan

این هم کلکه.  آدمی که مثلا در حال فراره که نمیگه کجاست. چه دانشمند احمقی گیر آمریکا افتاده.


پاینده باد ایران

Sheila K

is he doing this to save their lives?

by Sheila K on

I have a hard time believing that he was kidnapped by CIA and is now escaped and makes videos of himself?!?!? This is a weird kidnapping story unless he committed an act of treason which has subsequently put the lives of his wife and son in danger. IRI is many things but dumb! He must be getting a lot of threats against them.

Ham Vatan

Amiri defection

by Ham Vatan on

If this guy really defected to the USA, didn't he think about his wife and son, mother , father, relatives, etc., etc.?? Why all of a sudden he has changed his mind? Please let Iran build an "A" Bomb and get it over with . Who are they going to use it against? Iranians are timid people, if they had continued the protest of last election, day after day, general strike, etc., etc. these mullahs would been gone to Syria long ago. It takes large Cohones to revolt against a tyrant government...