Pooroushasb "Peter" Parineh

Could become first Iranian-American to face death penalty

REDWOOD CITY, California (San Jose Mercury News) — A Woodside man arrested on suspicion of slaying his wife in the couple's multimillion-dollar home has been charged with the special circumstance of murder for financial gain, which could leave him facing the death penalty, a prosecutor said.

Pooroushasb "Peter" Parineh, 64, was arraigned Monday afternoon on charges he killed Parima Parineh, and is being held without bail. He didn't speak to the judge during the brief hearing.

Peter Parineh told investigators that he came home on the afternoon of April 13 to find his wife dead in the couple's home at 50 Fox Hill Road. He said it was a suicide, but investigators later learned she had been shot twice in the head.

Parineh was arrested Thursday in Sunnyvale after a nearly two-month investigation. Authorities haven't released what evidence led them to make the arrest.

Prosecutor Al Giannini said he could not reveal details of the case, but added Peter Parineh was having money problems.

"His financial situation was such he would have benefitted greatly" from his wife's death, he said.

The couple's Fox Hill home was in foreclosure at the time Parima Parineh died and they had not paid property taxes on that house, which they bought for $5.1 million, since December 2008. Peter Parineh, a real estate broker, also faced some legal problems. A court ordered him in February 2009 to pay $1.1 million to settle a lawsuit over a real estate deal gone bad.

Police also said they believed that Parima Parineh had a life insurance policy that was worth millions of dollars. Giannini confirmed the existence of the insurance policy, but wouldn't discuss its amount.

Parima Parineh was a painter who came to the United States from her native Iran when she was 22. She won awards for her work and participated in numerous shows.

The San Mateo County District Attorney's Office will decide in the coming months whether to seek the death penalty.



Rip to the women

by Iraniandudee3 on

 We have enough educated and succesful Iranians, one phsycho won't damage our image.



Babak K.

Majid Khan  It seems I

by Babak K. on

Majid Khan 

It seems I touched some nerves.  The truth is painful and your reaction is natural because you find the truth like most of my countrymen painful.  A nation who is good at lying, cheating, Khayeh-maly, violence (just look at our history), penetrating (nothing is wrong with it, as long as you penetrate everybody else), bacheh-bazee (again this is not bad, as lang as the victim is outside your immediate family memebrs), betraying each other, disrespecting the human rights and human values, worshiping the MONEY,has to look at itself and "Khod shekan aeneh shekastan khatast".

No, I am not from ... ,I am from the same ... we all come from. 

Babak K.


Inocent until proven guilty

by Manam_Babak on

Need I say more, you dumb ...?


بابک خان



بعضی غیر ایرانیهای خوشبخت وقتی یه چیزی رو تکرار میکنن بنحو غریبی اشتباهات انگلیسی شون  جبران میشه! اینو بهش میگن «ایم   پو  روْ  منت»

در ضمن شما خودتون هم جزو اون «any Iranian » ها هستین یا از سیّارهء ماساچُسِت نازل شدین قربان؟

Babak K.

He is a true Iranian and

by Babak K. on

He is a true Iranian and Aryaee.  Like any Iranian who  commits every kind of Be-Sharafee and Be-Namousee to stay ahead. 

Babak K.


Is he peste or babak?! or both?

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred


Ali P

by Majid on

I think Haji Agha (Sucks to Canada) is back!


He says

by Doctor X on

eat pesteh and prosper:)

Ali P.

Poosteh Pesteh

by Ali P. on



Instead of declaring bankruptcy spend your retirement in jail.

by Anonymouse on

This is such a shame if holds true.  California dream gone wild (buying million dollars mansion) and then insane (killing for the mansion).

What a shame and I wouldn't kill him just keep him in jail for the rest of his miserable life.  He certainly has the guilty look but that can't be used as evidence. 

Everything is sacred

Poosteh Pesteh

amarican judgment

by Poosteh Pesteh on

stupid  amaricans lawer you can not kill sombody by title of could be may or believed They Are After His Dollers Only


Well what can I say

by amirkabear4u on

Maybe he is not quilty. 

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Fairness and Equality in Justice


what a shame

by mehrdadm on