Mottaki heckled in Dublin

Three Iranian protesters arrested

BBC: Three men were arrested in Ireland on Wednesday night at a demonstration in Dublin during a visit by Iranian foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki. During an address to the Institute of International and European Affairs Mr Mottaki was heckled by two protesters. About 25 protesters gathered outside in protest against the visit by Mr Mottaki who was pelted with eggs as he left. Irish police said three men in their early to mid-30s were detained on suspicion of public order offences. One demonstrator, who said he was Iranian, was reportedly punched and kicked by the minister's bodyguards >>>

Irish TV report:

AP Report:


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A sign of things to come!

by benross on

A sign of things to come!


amgw4: Lesson II, Free Speech - Qom vs Amrika, You're ON!!

by gunjeshk on

amgw4 says: "You know you are lying about US demonstration laws . . ."

Well, I have actually demonstrated in the Land of Great Satan and nothing, i repeat, nothing whatsoever happened to me.

Another lesson for the some one like you (who has fantasties about recreating 7th century): when a person lives in a society that respects freedom of speech, generally the people have more faith in their government (knowing of course that nothing human is perfect) and are not afraid of being hung, tortured or raped, if they speak against it.

Unlike you who have to log in here and insult others to make a living and show what a good "believer" you are.

The way a person shows disagreement in a free society can be forceful but CIVILISED. It does not have to be an exercise in screaming like the Iranian peasants brought from the countryside on IRI buses, who are paid and are brought into the city, given the day off, so they can chant "MARG BAR AMRIKA!", eat chelo kabab and go home feeling like they just had an amazing holiday. 

Also, such a thing as DEMOCRATIC PROCESS exists in a free society for someone with complaints. So you see "amgw4", you show again your ignorance here, because all you can imagine is going to some public venue and screaming insults like an imbecile.

BTW, if "AMRIKA" is so bad, why not try screaming you head off in  Qom? Tell them you've had it with your silly beard and worn out turban. I'll go to my town hall and tell them the same thing. Where I live someone will probably stop the meeting and check to see if I need help. I doubt you will asmuch consideration in Qom.

We all know in IRI system if you confront authority, you are likely to disappear; they will rape you, hang you, and then go intimidate your family.

So we understand why you have to do what you do, and probably your overseers who are as ignorant as you, think you are doign a smashing job, hitting all the intellectual high points with your comments. I personally hope you keep logging to IC because you are excellent  example of what went wrong with the revolution and what the future of Iran is holding. . .

the end of your kind of ignorance, once and for all. 



by water. on

Bravo my fellow Iranians!!!

 Let's not have any mercy on them! let's use every opportunity to bring them down.

 Shame on you Mottaki, Ahmadi, Khameneyi AND ABOVE ALL: Basiji!

Although there are many Basiji's who joined us... and I hope there will be more Basijis changing to the right side.


That is the way!

by Amir19 on

اين حرومزاده ها روبايدهمه جا له كرد . خيلي عالي بود مرسي ايرانيان دوبلين


توانستیم و میتوانیم. پیش به سوی تظاهرات 22 خرداد


 یورش دلیرانه مردم به گارد ویژه در تهران و شکستن قدرت پوشالی آنها

From now on, everytime these thugs and assholes go to any foreign country, we should take care of them like this.

Genghis Khan

Staircase diplomacy!

by Genghis Khan on



The so-called top diplomat was duped into a staged protest which doubtlessly
took place with the Irish consent, and cooperation. This, be it on a
small scale, was a golden opportunity for the IRI to fake being the
innocent victim of violence, and harassment.  But the idiots blew it
badly, by letting their own security personnel handle the situation
which should have otherwise been handled by the Irish law enforcement

Another example of the mentality of a bunch of sweat mixed
with rose water kind of guys.

If my body dies, let my body die, but do not let my country die.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

The only language this regime and its elements understand is

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

massive bombing by the US Air Force!


You know you are lying about US demonstration laws

by amgw4 on

If you actually believed the garbage you write you would prove it. This evening, somewhere in your city, there is a politician giving a speech of some kind. Go there and disrupt it by yelling random insults like a maniac and have your friend video tape what happens. That will settle this debate.



Seyyed Ali Khamenei

by Marjaneh on


Well, according to reports, his bodyguards used a granny umbrella to save him...

Every fascism is an index of a failed revolution - Walter Benjamin


Dear bachenavvab, Thank you for your response

by Marjaneh on

Let's hope that you are right and that there won't be so much bloodshed...

Every fascism is an index of a failed revolution - Walter Benjamin


Dear Marjaneh

by bachenavvab on

That was expected and hopefully it will be inconsequential.  A reformist's first priority is to reform the system and not to tear it down.  Iranian people want the later.  When victorious, people will have by far surpassed the reformists.  




                                                    بسمه تعالی

اگر نظر شخصی‌ بنده را در مورد این جریان بخواهید بدانید، من میگویم که این آقای متکی حقش بود که بهش اینطور بد و بیراه بگن.  من هزار بار به این مردکه گفتم که دست از اروپا رفتن بردارد، ولی‌ راضی‌ نمیشود.  هر روز چسان فسان می‌کند،یک پیراهن سفید یقه آخوندی (که به غیر از آخوند هیچ کس نباید بپوشد) می‌کند تنش، یقه‌اش را هم تا آخر می‌بندد و میرود اینور و اونور.  چهار تا کلمهٔ انگلیسی هم بلد هست هی‌ بلغور می‌کند.  فکر مکند که آنجا بهش زن چشم آبی‌ میدهند برای کنیزی.  من بهش گفتم که سفر خارجه فقط و فقط باید به سوریه و جنوب لبنان باشد، آنها هم زن مو زرد دارند.  ولی‌ گوش نیمکند.   حقّشه.  تا دفعه دیگر به حرف من گوش کند.   

السّلام علیکم و رحمت الله و برکاته.



Iranians must throw red

by Arthimis on

Iranians must throw red paint (blood) on these criminal faces all over the world!

Marg bar Mottaki, All his bosses and supporters...

Iran and True Iranians will be Victorious at last! Mark these words!!!



Dearest amgw4

by gunjeshk on

Dearest amgw4,

Clearly you has never been in the US or any place where freedom of speech is respected, even when one speaks loudly or rudely at the leaders in power.

Even those who are arrested at American demonstrations are arrested only if they disturb the peace or go somewhere that their permit does not allow. Even then, the fines are low and very few people spend any time in jail for such a thing.

Did you get that "amgw4"?

In America, if you want to demonstrate against the American government, it will actually give you a permit, which is legal permission to disagree publicly with the people who are in power.

And no torture involved, either! Hard to believe, yes? 

I feel sorry for you "amgw4". You are probably young and writing things like you have written here may be the only job you can find. Maybe this is the only way you can feed your family or get anyone's approval. For your sake, I hope you are not an old man when you discover what "freedom of speech" really is. If you ever find out, it will change your life (but only if you haven't sold your soul to the akhoonds).


to Bachenavvab

by Marjaneh on


"Meanwhile, Iran's two main opposition leaders have reportedly called
off demonstrations planned for Saturday to mark the first anniversary
of last June's disputed presidential election.

In a statement published on pro-reform website, Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi said the decision
had been made to protect lives and property."


Every fascism is an index of a failed revolution - Walter Benjamin


Very good effort

by Khar on

And they got within few feet of that garbage Motaki. But it could have been planned and executed more effectively. Slogans should have been all in English, they were protesting in Ireland not in Iran. They should have put people with a good command of English language in the audience; they should have coordinated with Irish groups.

Never the less a very good show of solidarity with the Iranian people, against the Islamic Rapist Republic dogs.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

like many other people have said, pressure must be kept on these low lives.  Good job!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Should get a lot more than heckle by a few protesters.. How about a trial at the Hague and 30 years in prison? That is more to my liking. Better even 200 years in Evin prison to crimes against people of Iran.


wow I watched it again....

by shushtari on

dameshoon garm......


that sob mottaki and the rest of his baboons need to be put in a truck and taken to an isolated place and be taught a lesson by 5 guys from san francisco LOL


this pos used to sell watermelons before his akhoonds took over.....and he is responsible for murdering hundreds of brave iranian youth in bandar abbas....


I love it.....he knows that the akhoonds are the laughing stock of the world....and he can't show his nasty face anywhere outside iran without being spit on


javid the brave soldiers of a free iran 

Sheila K

Who wants to heckle an American politician and why?

by Sheila K on

Exactly where in America do you find political prisoners, journalists, intellectuals, women rights activist, and teachers in jail being tortured or executed? Where in American have you witnessed "show trials?" Where in America a 19 year old gets executed for speaking his mind?

Some of you have seem to have forgotten that the wrath of the Islamic Republic has been reining over Iranians for over 3 decades. Don't compare IRI thugs with American politicians (even though they are not saints from the heavens above as you'd expect). 



by cyclicforward on

This is the way to do it. Don't give them peace and legitimacy. Continue to voice your opposition and demoralize IRI thugs. It will payoff.


@ amgw4

by AryamehrNYC on

in iran, they just beat him over the head with a club, drag him into a Paykan, then haul him off to some detention center where they torture, beat and rape him for simply speaking his mind and telling the truth. 

Stop while you can Habib, because you are fighting a no win battle...start looking for land in the Bekaa Valley


اقای موسوی و کروبی چه با اجازه و چه بی اجازه ما راهپیمایی خواهیم


باید تصمیم را گرفت،یا زندگی با خواری و تحقیر در این حکومت یا کنار کشیدن کامل حکومت!    
گر بخواهیم حکوکت کودتا مجوز قانونی برای تظاهرات بدهد باید آنقدر منتظر بمانیم تا علف زیر پایمان سبز بشه حق گرفتنی هست
مردم خیلی وقت است تصمیم خود را گرفته اند.به هر حال 22 خرداد خواهیم آمد.قرار ما 22 خرداد از امام حسین تا آزادی

Darius Kadivar

Who ya gonna call?

by Darius Kadivar on

Uh ... Uh ... Uh ...

I'm afraid of No Ghost ...



When you heckle an American politican

by amgw4 on

And go to jail, you'll get to see the prison rape that occupies your mind. I'm sure there is a politician giving a speech or something in your local city. Go there (and if you get past security, which you won't) start screaming and heckling like this guy did. And get your friend to video tape it so we can all see what happens to you.

I don't know why Iranian police don't have tasers and guns like American ones. That guy should be on the floor shaking and screaming like this old lady


Irani Irani

amgw4 is a Rapist Regime-supporting liar

by Irani Irani on

In the U.S., with all its flaws, politicians get heckled, denounced, and jeered all the time--without people getting assaulted or shot. Lying comes so naturally to Islamists (like seeing Khomeini's face in the moon) that the truth and lies are indistinguishable to them.

Are you this clueless about basic law and morality?

IRI "law" and "morality" says that you stone people to death and rape teenage virgins in jail before killing them so the girls don't go to "paradise". Just imagine receiving lessons in "law" and "morality" from such smelly Islamist apes...

Darius Kadivar

Elmer Gantry's Guidelines on How to Treat an IRI Apologist ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


go do it then

by amgw4 on

Go heckle a US politician at a speech. And tape it so others can see you getting tased, get your ass kicked and possibly get shot. 

Darius Kadivar

Oops Folks He called you "deranged" ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on



by Onlyiran on

In the U.S. one can certainly heckle any politician at a speech.  The most that will happen is that he will be escorted out, or even arrested.  Not kicked, punched and assaulted as the protester here.  BTW, deranged are the street basijis (as opposed to your version that just sits behind a keyboard) who shoot people from rooftops.