Men dancing at party

More proof that there are no gays in Iran


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شیلا خانوم........... ببخشینا!




خیلی سالها پیش از این مرحوم خانوم پوران (شاپوری) خونده بودن...........

دلبر مَه پیکر گردن بلورم............آه..........

سؤال : اون مرحومه هم گِی بودن؟

یا برای اثبات زنانگیشون باید میگفتن.....

دلبر پشمالوی گردن کُلفتم.............اوخ........

hamsade ghadimi

very nice.  i like it. 

by hamsade ghadimi on

very nice.  i like it.  it was sexy.

Sheila K

Is gay! sorry yAghi

by Sheila K on

Although it seems to be a majleseh mardooneh, that's another cause for homosexual behavior -- separating men from women. Who sings "ay dokhtareh ra na, niloofar..." to a crowd of men dancing. Which one looked like Ra Ana to you?

That was a heavy duty booty call which intends to excite or entertain some men. But then again, who am I to judge!? I leave it to our male readers to tell the truth.


ajab! Takes one to know one

by yAghi on

Dear GS, what makes you believe that these are gays. There are old men and kids and family there. It is "majles madroneh", something that happens in Iran all the time. You either have been away for a long time or have your standards wrong. I enjoy all your posting, please stop the judgment and let us judge what we see. By the way takes one to know one. Sorry, as the title of video says it is a raghse javadi

Best Regards 

David ET

This clip is

by David ET on



ابی جان............




بیکاری داداش؟ فردا میگن این ابی و مجیدهم که مخالف  عنوان این ویدیو هستن گِی اند! حالا خر بیار و باقالی بار کن!

Louie Louie

Ba kafsh nayoftin donbalama

by Louie Louie on

vali in mano yadeh oon barname PBS bachah bazi mindazeh!

ebi amirhosseini

More proof that there are no gays in Iran!!!!

by ebi amirhosseini on


به قول عمو مجید:

"هیچّم گِی نیست! به این میگن رقص جماعت"

خانم "شقایق" چه ربطی به آقای "گودرزی" داره!!؟؟

Ebi aka Haaji


This is what happens...

by Daadaash on

When women are not allowed to mingle!



by yolanda on

LOOOL! How can a guy gyrate like that? OMG!

Actually his style is like a slow-motion hula.....he just needs to put on a grass skirt!


چه حالی میکنن، دمشون گرم!




هیچّم گِی نیست! به این میگن رقص جماعت (بر وزن نماز جماعت)

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

That khordadian will be leading a seat in majles with his supporters dance. 

ay niloufar should be our daily prayers !!                Maziar



by fidelio5 on

best part is when the singer whispers a sweet nothing in his ear.


lol, this was hilarious


The lead guy is Ali Parvin!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred