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To our Jewish friends and compatriots

by ghalam-doon on

She's available for bachelor parties and bar mitzvahs too!

I know..I know..we should be open minded and applaud the talent, That's why if I want to see something trashy, I go to the source, not the imitation. Pam Anderson: You have my vote!

Sheila K

"...Iranian ladies that go to America have plastic surgery"

by Sheila K on

Ever heard of the capital of the Rhinoplasty? It may be a tie between Tehran and Beverly Hills. Btw, don't tell me Iranian men don't like the BELOONDies especially from Europe--or the WEST :)

Louie Louie

Not all Iranian women are ugly

by Louie Louie on

and you don't need to move to US to get to look pretty. God knows how many awesome beauties with no plastic surgeries I've seen in Iran. It's about time we stop looking down on ourselves.

She is a beautiful young lady and I realize the TV shows she is doing are not the A list but hey you have to start from somewhere like everybody else.




by Shepesh on



باغش آباد...


انگو ري


Seriously Darius

by fidelio5 on

You take Bette and I'll take Leyla


Darius Kadivar

Did Someone say "Acting" ? ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Oh Right ... 

The Best Of Bette Davis :