Khomeini's death

3 June 1989 annoucement on TV


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Farah Rusta

No you don't support Khomeini!

by Farah Rusta on

With supporters like you who needs an opposer? Your so called support for Khomeini is`no more mature and insightful than that of a 4th grade high school kid. You clearly have not read a single line of his literature because you can't read Farsi or much less so Arabic.

Sargod Pirouz, aka No Fear, aka I support khomeini, please do something about your annoyingly and obvious juvenile and immature style and vocab. Being a teaser who just wants to write something for a tease and get a kick out of it is not enough to be taken seriously on this site.

We need to debate the issue with a genuine, well read, mature and better disguised Khomeini supporter not a mini-me Mammad.




May Iran Always Bask in the Shadow of Imam Khomeini

by i_support_khamenie on

A Leader. Charismatic. Courageous.
"When Khomeini speaks, the world listens"

A Man who lived his life and made sure that his principles continue long after he was gone. Now that is an accomplishment.

Hereafter or not, his life and memory will stay, while his detractors hide in caves and wage keyboard jihad.

A man that would have succeeded in anything he would have put his mind to. Why? Because leaders are born. Personalities like talents come with birth and cannot be accomplished.

While Khomeini's name will forever be registered in the annals of history as the most charismatic leader in the 20th century, many spineless will live and die without a legacy except for a tomestone in some foreign land. Their names will be erased just like dust. They lived their one life and the most they could achieve was sit in a corner and yell with no one caring to listen.

A lion that kept moving while dogs continued to bark

Javid Iran....Roohet Shad ey Imam

forever Imam's soldier

boom shakalaka

Amoo Jaan,

by boom shakalaka on

"There is nothing more beautiful than seeing dead body of any mullah (akhond)..."

How true! Hafez and Saadi could not have said it any better! Every dead mullah on the face of the planet is a good thing, a very good thing, maybe the best of things. Long live a mullah-free Iran!

Iran is a prisoner of IRI 

boom shakalaka


by boom shakalaka on

I always find myself in agreement with you, but why the hell did you have to include "Jesus" in the list with Hitler, Saddam and the rest. Now mind you, I would love nothing more than to BURN the 3 Abrahamic religions into fires of hell myself, but all things considered, Jesus was actually the most peaceful of these phony murdering "prophets" like Mohammad, Ali and the rest. In fact, his "turn the other cheek" trademark is a testament to his pacificism and peaceful ideology (the opposite of Islam). Morever, unlike Mohammad, Ali and Hussein, who all went into bloody battles to fight their enemies, Jesus took the opposite approach and sacrificed himself (he did not, in fact, pick up a sword), when he, too, faced a formidable enemy, the Roman Empire.

Don't get me wrong, I UTTERLY DESPISE these semetic belief systems in whatever shade or form. My only point is that we can only wish that Islamic prophets were one-third as peaceful as Jesus, then maybe we wouldn't have a bloodthirsty piece of Hendi dog doo-doo mullah like Khomeini following in the footsteps of martyrs like "Hussein" and destroying our homeland.

Iran is a prisoner of IRI 

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

That's so funny.  That's exactly what I did...


It's beautiful

by عموجان on

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing dead body of any mullah (aakhond), him or any of them, less evil on planet. They are useless peace of garbage.


روح خدا به خدا پیوست - sounds almost catholic


From Catholism: In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit.

Which one is which here?


I wonder.....

by shushtari on

how this scumbag is enjoying the fire in hell.

he's probably right next to khalkhali on a 'seekh' on the fire


too bad he wasn't sent to hell by savak in '63 or ' he couldn't have ruined iran and killed hundreds of thousands of wonderful iranians


javid iran 


I never forget that day

by MRX1 on

I opened a bottle of champagn and celeberated.


Please look beyond individuals

by bachenavvab on

It feels good to call Khomeini names and he deserves them all.  But the more we focus on individuals, the more we are not focusing on the process that puts them in place.  As long s we do this, the parade of dictators will continue. Here is my litmus test:

Any "leader" who will keep the armed forces intact and will hurry to disarm the people is the next dictator.  Any "leader" who does not call for destruction of the current regime is not even in the ballpark.  This is how the process of control of a revolution creeps in.  We have paid a very high price to learn this lesson.  Let's not throw it away.


June 3, forever will be a beautiful day

by azadi5 on

someday in future, this will be a day to celebrate, not to mourn.


Kessafat be Kessafatkhaneh(Doozakh) Payvast

by zamyad on

Khoda ra shokr ke zood mord. Khoda laanatash konad.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

I never rejoiced at anyone's death but made an exception for him

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on


The demon is in hell with his friends.....

by mahmoudg on

I am sure if there is a hell, Khomeini is actually the tyler at the door and each morning, greets Hilter, Stalin, Attila, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Vlad the Impaler, Saddam, Mohamad, Jesus, and the rest of the goons who have sucked the blood of humanity throughout history.  

Babak Khorramdin

خمینی جنایتکار به درک واصل شد

Babak Khorramdin

Better to live for just a single day as a ruler than to live for forty years as an abject slave




First comment, Toof be

by Arthimis on

Rather, Satan's soul joined the Satan in hell

First comment, Toof ghabreh azeemtareen Ghaatele taareekh Iran.

May he burn in eternal hell with all his accomplices ...

Free Iran and True Iranians.