Jannati: Execution for bad-hejabi

Jannati: Execute for bad-hejabi

AFP: A leading hardline cleric on Friday defended Iran’s crackdown on improperly veiled women, after President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he opposed the clampdown. “Nobody has the right to prevent the police from acting against bad hijab [veil],” Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati said in a sermon at the Muslim weekly prayers in Tehran. “Although we have many political and economic problems, the question of moral security cannot be forgotten under the pretext that there are more important problems,” said Jannati, who heads the powerful Council of Guardians which supervises elections and vets legislation >>>


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We need an Islamic Protestanism in Iran

by Amir19 on

Obviousely the current situation in Iran and most so called muslim countries need a new thinking and as Mr. Aghajari used to say, we need an Islamic Protestanism to get rid of all these backward thinking. This man and many like him put so much emphasis on Hejab as if the whole Quran and Islam is about this topic. In reality out of over 2800 verses in Quran ONLY 2 verses vaguely talk about Hejab which clearly indicates God is more interested in other topics such as justice and worshiping God alone than Hejab. If and when a true relious reform take place in Iran, I am certain the whole region will benefit and democracy will be a common thing in those countries.



by Rea on

Neither communists nor religionists, dislike both indiscriminately.

Didn't answer my question about translation. Hopefully, next time.

Nighty nite. :o)

PS. not a bud, not kidding.


"Uff, don't like communists"

by comrade on

Well maybe then, there is a revengeful God somewhere out there. since we are a nation which have been taken for a ride, many times in our history!

Just kidding bud, you're welcome.



by Rea on

Uff, don't like communists. ;o)

Anyway, there are non-Iranians on IC, some commenting, others just reading.  So, when there's something to refute, we'd like to know. We've been taken for a ride many times, language problems.

Thx in advance.



by Benyamin on

I remember in history texts in Iran, the IRI was making fun of dark ages of Europe and look what they are preaching today!!!

This guy at best is "Psychotic". I don`t know what kind of blood thisry mother or father or what kind of blood thirsty religion or idealogy have produced such people? 

Every step he takes he gets closer to hell and yet he is not scared! It could be because his essence might be the same as that of "Satan=Ahreeman" and that is perhaps why he is not scared since he will "re-unite" with his maker in hell again.



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

No Hate; No IRI

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The basis of IRI is hate and stupidity. If people stopped hating; being stupid; being anti Semetic; being anti American; being anti progress; being anti human then there would be no IRI. It was born out of the anger and hate remaining from the 1953 coup. It will perish in the light of a new generation. Hijab is a major symbol of it. But its rotten soul is hate. It will go and not a minute too soon.

Bye bye hijab

Bye bye Islamism

Good riddeance anti whatever.



My Farsi VS your Persian

by comrade on

I didn't hear  him advocating the execution of women who violate the Islamic dress code.

We should always remember, there are enough evidence to prove the IRI's wrongs. We don't need to resort to false advertisement, which might be gravely counterproductive.

Sheila K

No Hejab, No IRI

by Sheila K on

Hejab symbolizes IRI's power. In times of panic, they crack down on young women and men to show they're still a live! If they lose Hejab which they eventually will, that will be their end.


Prefer to think this is all anti-Iranian propaganda

by Rea on

For it goes beyond my understanding that anyone would make such a statement.


Jennati has never done a single days work in his entire life

by fooladi on

And that is the problem with him and the rest of Akhoonds, from moderate to hardline type. They have no sense of reality and how real, ordinary people think and work, and that is why they are so out of touch with the rest of society.

Stalin, the leader of USSR, shipped thousands of them from muslim republics of USSR to work camps in Siberia. Lots of them perished for obvious reasons. The survivors, having a sense of reality hammered into their heads, returned back home and became useful members of society. Hence, the problem of islamism was fixed, well off course until the collapse of USSR.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

We are not .......

Very soon you will see the day that Iranians peacefuly will flush them from the pages of our Iranian History.           Maziar

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Because Mullahs  are a bunch of ideologically bankrupt idiots. Now the would has past them by. They are going backwards in full force. Hopefully devolving into worms and then amoeba and vanish of the face of earth. 

Do they worry about science; art; literature;or anything useful: No. They just worry about their back ass religious fanaticism. Thank to Shariati the charlatan and his gang or merry idiots. That was their gift to Iran and now we are stuck with it. 

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

These friday namaz & political mambu-jumbo packed with free sandis and.. for the peoples should STOP.

Iran is turned to a military barrack and slowly trying to push forward to a taliban type rulling;Why should SECURITY forces focus their main concern on hejab and all ?

The other day I recived a copy of NAJA reciept from a 25 yrs. old(I never met) But grow up with his father; his car was stoped and his driver lic. confiscated and he was explained why,Because his wife was not properly covered her ROOSARI so he has to go court to claim HIS driver license and a


That was his E-mail           look at how we have to live.


Ali P.

Shifteh jaan

by Ali P. on

The headline states:

Jannati: Execute the bad-hejabs, and then there is a video.

Has he said this statement elsewhere? I don't know.

Is this in his heart? Probaby.

If he could, would he do it? Probably.

I just know I watched this clip, and I didn't hear him say anything about executing bad-hejab.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Are you talking about 0:35 ?

My understanding is, that, what he is  saying is this:

"We should let the security forces do their job. Now, somewhere, some agent has gone overboard, and has had an improper conduct with a lady (whose dress was not up to code)...fine, discipline him, pull his ear, or even execute him,... but we should leave the hands of the security forces free..."

Am I wrong?

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


All of IRI are psychopaths. From day one of its inception. From Khomeini to Mousavi. Not one person of honor or integrity. This basis of it was broken. It attackted psychopaths because of its nature. No decent people would ever want to be a part of it.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

This piece

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


of Islamic crap and the rest of his kind should be put away in padded cells.Before they destroy humanity.

Darius Kadivar

Send in The Son of Sinbad ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Yekam Delesho Khosh Koneh ...

MON CINEMA: Son of Sinbad - RKO Pictures (1955)

Darius Kadivar

A psychopath

by Darius Kadivar on

In Power ...

Shifteh Ansari

Ali P.

by Shifteh Ansari on

I'm afraid you are mistaken.  Read what he said. In every word and sentence that he said there was criticism of those who do not wish to crack down severely on women with poor hejab.

He said:  "Some people are always talking about "cultural work," and I don't understand why we must do cultural work only in this area and not in others?!  So, based on what you are saying, why are smugglers and terrorists executed?  Do cultural work!  Why are thieves punished?  Do cultural work in order to correct them!"

"...While even those who commit traffic violations are punished so that people learn to respect the law (which is a good thing to do), why doesn't anybody talk about cultural work [in that area]?  I have said before, too, if you do not have the courage to confront bad-hejabi on the streets (which you must have the courage for), at least start this in the offices.  If a woman comes to the streets without [proper] hejab, you must tell her to go ahead and do as she pleases and to corrupt our youth while we do cultural work?!"


Source:  //news.gooya.com/politics/archives/2010/06/10...

وی افزود: برخی دائما بر تکيه به کار فرهنگی اشاره می‌کند و من نمی‌دانم چرا فقط در اين زمينه بايد کار فرهنگی کرد و در زمينه‌های ديگر اين کار نبايد صورت گيرد؟! پس با اين حساب قاچاقچی و تروريست را چرا می‌کشيد؟ کار فرهنگی کنيد! چرا دزد را مجازات می‌کنيد؟ کار فرهنگی کنيد تا اصلاح شود!
امام جمعه موقت تهران ادامه داد: در حالی که حتی برای متخلف رانندگی هم مجازات قائل می‌شوند تا مردم به قانون احترام بگذارند (که اقدام صحيحی است) چرا سخنی از کار فرهنگی گفته نمی‌شود؟ من قبلا هم گفته بودم اگر در خيابان جرات نداريد که با بدحجابی مقابله کنيد (که بايد جرات داشته باشيد) حداقل اين کار را از اداره‌ها آغاز کنيد؛ اگر زنی بدون حجاب در خيابان آمد بايد به او بگوييم هر کاری را می‌خواهی بکن و جوانان را فاسد کن تا ما کار فرهنگی انجام دهيم؟!


what to be expected

by choghok on

of a guy who celebrated his son being executed for being mojahed by 40 days fasting.

Ali P.

He didn't say "Execution for bad-hejabi"

by Ali P. on

He said (possible) execution for the agent for his misconduct against bad-hejabi.