Bad Bad West

Cleric explains why he thinks the West is so morally corrupt


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by HHH on

Mix snake+lies+ignorance+self-promotion+propaganda for dictator bosses+selling snake-oil+bullshit+superstition+more lies+hiding the facts+stupid conclusions and you'll get MULLAH.



by mahmoudg on

Reading too many pages of the Quran is bad for your health.  Every once in a while pickup a MAD magazine or a fresh copy of Playboy as well.


First rule of criticism:

by bughzan on

Any criticism that is not first applied to the person/system levying the criticism is intrinsically void. This idiot should apply his moral, ethical, and legal yardsticks to the Islamic Republic of Iran FIRST!

Let this also be a warning to those who equivalently criticize the IRI without applying the same criticism to the Western governments. This Molla sounds like a babbling garbage can, first and foremost because he willfully is avoiding criticism of the IRI. Of course, he does have a few other major flaws!



by hamidbak on

معزرت میخوام، یکی سیفونو بکشه، !!!
یکی نیس بگه، آخه مرتیکه الدنگ، از کوجا میدونی؟


usual mohmelaat

by Fatollah on

bor o agha ye dobar jalgh bezan hal kon, and don't waste people's time! 


Always the same stupid conclusion

by cyclicforward on

Islam is the solutions to all problems.

Immortal Guard

Wild Wild West!

by Immortal Guard on

He must be referring either to the Wild Wild West action-comedy


or maybe he is referring to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion


But I find it amazing that he cares so much about the Christians and their religion. One could argue that Redical Islam is kind of helping indirectly Christianity to get back on its feet as well as to regain some of the ground it has lost to secularism/liberalism.

His description of Jews in the West applies only to a minority of Jews and not to the majority. I guess he is referring to the Hassidim Jews. I know there are Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Jews. Amongst them there are Askenazim (Western) and Sephardim (Eastern) Jews.

Well he seems to want to act as a social doctor for the Christian societies trying to cure their Jewish disease. One should ask a Christian priest whether he shares his "knowledge"?


if haji is right, where is d mass migration to d Islamic states

by MM on



The west is bad?

by fooladi on

Is this why all these islamists are moving in droves to suborbs of London, Toronto and LA leaving their Qom and north Tehran palaces vacant? Or is it another case of Rats fleeing a sinking boat?

I go for the latter :) 

Ali P.

Sounds great!

by Ali P. on

Sign me up!

I am saving my money, so I can finally afford to  get the hell out of this hell in West, and seek refuge in Islamic Republic!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

I think they put some yunjeh and sandis in his pocket to come-up with these bullshits.               Maziar