Shahram Amiri

Back in Iran, says he was subjected to "harshest mental and physical torture"

BBC: An Iranian scientist who claims he was kidnapped by the CIA has said he was subjected to extreme mental and physical torture by the Americans. Shahram Amiri, who has flown from the US to Tehran, also denied being heavily involved in Iran's nuclear programme. Mr Amiri disappeared a year ago and resurfaced this week in the Pakistani embassy in Washington asking to be repatriated. The US said he had been in the country "of his own free will". Wearing a beige suit, a smiling Mr Amiri was greeted at Tehran's international airport early on Thursday by his tearful son and wife, along with other family members and Deputy Foreign Minister, Hassan Qashqavi >>>

Interview with Press TV, Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


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Omid Parsi

This dweeb is a "nuclear scientists"?

by Omid Parsi on

I can see him making Kalleh-Paacheh ... But nuclear weapons?!

Quite possibly his ass is toast! How much worse and amateurish a liar can get?


The Majesty, King Dariush

by Demo on

What do the “Gitmo” & “Abu-Ghuraib” or even “Kahrizak” & “Evin” prisoners think if they read your “so thoughtful” comments, Your Majesty, The “King,” The “Moazam.”

None will give a “hoot” about what either “CIA” & “IRI” would claim. None of the two have any credibility, Your Majesty, The “King,” The “Moazam”. Please read your comments yourself one more time to find out who really the “vatan forrosh” is. Amiri is no more than a common pasdar (Who is his father?) & has no value to CIA or to IRI. Should we remind you of Mohsen Rezaee’s son or Khomeni’s grandson stories of their travel to US some years ago, their dealings with CIA & their returns to IRAN?????


he should thank the us for

by shushtari on

great hospitality------this faet pig has gained quite a bit of weight LOL


Finally an explanation that makes sense

by AMIR1973 on

The reason he is alive and he was let go, is the video he posted. Had he been killed or else, it would have been on the US. 

So he had access to video cameras and the means to get several videos out while he was in custody after being kidnapped? And to travel from Tucson, Arizona to the most obvious place in the U.S. that would be watched by the CIA, i.e. the IRI's Interest Section in Washington D.C.? The CIA was ruthless enough to kill him, but not enough to prevent him having access to video equipment and the Internet to make and share several videos? And what would have happened if the CIA had killed them? Do you think they would have gotten in trouble? They could have gotten away with it. They could have "disappeared" him. They could have killed him and said that he committed suicide by drinking "vajebi". Isn't that so?

King Dariush: do you know Khashayarsha and Yousef Bozorgmehr/Reza Esfandiari? 



by yolanda on

Wow! Amiri got a loyal fan here......lets see how long IRI will believe this guy....even Motakki has doubt about this guy!

King Dariush


by King Dariush on

I see you are fascinated by Amiri's size and like to joke.  If you were locked up for over a year and couldn't do nothing but eat and sleep you would gain so much weight that you would be taken as a 747 at airport and everyone would try to get on you.



you wrote, ....uh...oh....ah....feel bad 

please don't mix business with pleasure! Do your thing before you start to write.

King Dariush

CIA said, Amiri was their

by King Dariush on

CIA said, Amiri was their agent in Iran. 

If Amiri was a CIA agent, They could have gotten the info from him in Iran and still keep him undercover for more information.

If Amiri was really a CIA agent, why would CIA disclose it? They do, because he wasn't and they want to get back at him hoping that will get him killed by his own. Just like the snitch game cops play with gangs on the streets. 

Was he offered money and more? Sure, that is business as usual. whatever it takes. Almost everyone has a price, but not Mr. Amiri.  It is hard for traitors and past fetrats to understand this, because they have sold themselves and will for a few Dollars. 

Everything he said makes sense. The reason he is alive and he was let go, is the video he posted. Had he been killed or else, it would have been on the US. 

Then CIA admitted they have offered him money. Well, if he was working for CIA, he would be their employee and doing his job. why offer millions of Dollars?

They even thought of a story about his wife. The said, Mr. Amiri didn't like his wife. Well, if he didn't like his wife, then why he should worry about possible dangers threatening her in Iran, he could have taken the money and stayed?  Beside, as he said, he would have got them out before making such a move. Just as many traitors have.

Whether he had any knowledge or not wasn't the issue.  As long as he was in that field and cooperated, they would have made it stick with your help.

I can go on and on with many questions, but what good would that do to deaf ears of bunch of vatan foroosh?





by yolanda on

Thank you, IranFirst, for the article link..........Amiri just landed in Iran less 24 hours ago....... IRI has already started to show its true color......Uh, oh.......he is in trouble...........this time, US can't help him anymore...US has outed him and admitted that he was on CIA's payroll.........I feel bad for his son.......I don't know how long this little boy can have his dad around........ the whole thing is sad!


IRI:"we will determine if he’s a hero or not"

by IranFirst on

The poor guy's troubles are just starting. He better have some good stories for IRI intoregators.


“We first have to see what has happened in these two years and then we
will determine if he’s a hero or not,” the BBC quoted the foreign
minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, as telling reporters in Tehran. “Iran
must determine if his claims about being kidnapped were correct or not.”


gitdoun ver.2.0

so True eroonman !!!

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

LOL... your comment was hilarious and yet so true !!! This guy must have been tortured with Milkshakes and Big-Macs during his entire stay at U.S. detention cells.



by yolanda on

I just read the ABC article.....


OMG! The guy dislikes his is the excerpt:


Amiri agreed to take the money and offer of resettlement, but told the CIA he would leave his family behind. When asked why he would go alone, Amiri told the CIA he disliked his wife and felt that his son would be better off in Iran believing his father had disappeared, according to the officials briefed on the matter.

According to current and former US intelligence officials, Amiri disliked his wife so much he purposefully called a brother-in-law in an effort to speak to his son and refused to speak with his wife.

On a later, second call, Amiri's brother-in-law answered the phone and then handed it to Iranian intelligence officials. According to the officials, the Iranians threatened to hurt Amiri's son if Amiri did not agree to tape an internet testimonial. Amiri agreed, and gave a series of statements claiming he had been drugged, kidnapped and tortured by the CIA and flown against his will from Saudi Arabia to the U.S.


Last night, I saw the tearful reunion photo on Press TV......I feel the guy does not have a lot of choices....he has to lie & return to Iran.....he is doing all these for the sake of his son!

Money & yummy food can't fill an empty heart.........he needs to fulfill his responsibility as a dad! ........Uh, oh, now he has to face his wife everyday! I hope they work out!

It is a sad saga!



Eroonman: keep 'em coming, dadash :-)

by AMIR1973 on

That's some funny sh*t. Puttin' the fun in Islamic fun-damentalism. Keep on keepin' on.

It's a good thing Agent Kheeg wasn't this big when the Saudis "kidnapped" him. Can you imagine a bunch of Arabs having the work ethic necessary to stuff him into a car trunk? They'd have to get some Pakis to do it for them. (Alright, that's a tad racist  :-)


Hoshang Targol maybe he was force fed

by Abarmard on

I went through that while ago when I visited my grand ma.

Hoshang Targol

This dude has actually gained wieght since his "absence,"

by Hoshang Targol on

while he was "tortured?" Compare and contrast his pictures before and after his "abduction." This must be a true miracle of Islam.

Now, there are strikes going in Bazars in Tehran, Mash'had, Tabriz, Isfahan,... reports of mass arrests all over Tehran, families of political prisoners making assemblies in fron of Evin Prison almost everyday,...Sakinhe Ashtiayani still facing stoning to death ( she actually has also another  pregnant cell mate, forgot the other ladie's name right now, also condemned to death by stoning), and so much other life and death situations all over the country, and this fat moron is the "topic of the day." What's wrong with this picture?


...Not as Tortured as we are...

by eroonman on

Shahram jan, basseh digeh, jooneh man, boro, boro baba jan, boro... saremoono bordi ba een bazieh looset...

If Shahram was tortured by the CIA, he must have been tortured with Hamburgers, because he is fatter than when he left Iran.

Shahram is the only double agent to double defect in the same defection.

Shahram is so fat that the CIA had to grease his body to get him out of the US.

Shahram is so fat his US Secret Agent code is: XXXL

Shahram is so annoying that when he said, "I want to go back to Iran"
the CIA drove him to the Pakestan embassy right away.

Ok, I'm done...



Siamack Baniameri

Dead Man Walking.....

by Siamack Baniameri on

Here is the headline, six months from now: 

Press TV

Nuclear scientist, Sharam Amiri was found dead in his apartment in Tehran this morning. The autopsy showed that he suffered from stroke caused by eating Vajebi in the shower. Mr. Amiri who was on a low-carb diet, might have mistaken Vajebi for a protein shake.His wife and son have been arrested for possible ties to CIA.


HAJ GHABOOL! They should move Kabeh to Bahamas!

by obama on

There would be much more pilgramages.

Saudi's fault, no Israel's fault, no islam's Haj's fault, no IRI's fault for threatening his family, no his family's fault for crying for him for a year, US' fault, his mom's fault for giving him birth, Mossad's & CIA's fault?

Well, if it is not $$$$$$$$$'s fault, then he is the most honest man in this governement who cannot be bought, even for 5 mil! Who said that the iranian government is corrupt? HAALAA GHALAT KARDI?


we'll fund out the truth, or not, someday! Till then I will not judge the case, since there are many here says. Of course, US wants to save face and is not going to say anything aginst themselves.


Just a Thought...

by aaminian on

I think he was given the $5-mil choice but he refused it after he found out that his family is in danger by the IRI.

Nevertheless, neither of the parties are being truthful.


if he knows nothing, why did us bring him to America?

by Anonymous8 on

can anybody get a free ride to usa on military plane? just ask for it?

still fishy.


So let me see your hands

by Doctor X on

Who wants to be the next candidate , the right one to be "abducted" ...

i got a one-way New York- Riayz Ticket for sale...

No more Mistaken Identity cases please.

Poosteh Pesteh

Oh God

by Poosteh Pesteh on

This Film Made In Holywood



by Demo on

for a robotic “Iron Man” (“Ahani-mard” in Farsi)  with no eyes to see, no ears to hear, & with “no sense” of smelling or feeling altogether. It therefore makes “no sense” for such robot to learn who was the killer of Mohammed Ali Masoudi, the “real” Nuclear Physicist right in front of his house & with only $5.00 launch money in his pocket. Such a nonsense world we live in, folks.

hamsade ghadimi

he was taken all right. 

by hamsade ghadimi on

he was taken all right.  taken willingly.  after the cia found out he didn't know much, they told him he has to go on media and publicly take an adverserial position with iri.  they told him "you gotta work for the 5 mill biatch."  so the $5 million carrot was over his head the whole time.  he told all he knew (which wasn't enough) and didn't want to keep working with the man while his family was being threatened to be sent on a retreat to kahrizak.


He was taken

by Abarmard on

He was taken--> Makes sense

He was the wrong guy-->Makes sense

He was offered money for whatever he knew--> Makes sense

He didn't have much and was let go--> makes sense

He either--> felt that his life is in danger and didn't believe those who kidnapped him OR

-->Wanted to regain the trust of IR just in case they were suspecious

These two are the only parts that is doubtful scenario. Rest is beginning to fall in to place.

Either way since he was not the right guy and his family (Wife and kid) lived in Iran, doesn't make sense for him to go to Saudi and ask Americans to be defected. He could have left Iran legally. I am certain that he was taken, similar to other scientist before.

Therefore this is a case of a mistaken identity and it all ended well, which is the most important part.



The claims of IRI's official media

by AMIR1973 on

One would think that if the CIA kidnapped this guy, then they would take him into custody and keep a very close eye on him. Instead, he's making contradictory videos left and right and seems to have had a lot of spare time to eat high calorie American fast food  :-) 

Certainly, "something doesn't rhyme" with the IRI's official version. Isn't that so?


Thanks OnlyIran for bringing me to the earth & reality

by Bavafa on

So, that was my last joke about him, as I am sure he is going thru some awful stuff regardless how true or untrue this version story is.

I feel for his family very much.


Sargord Pirouz

If he actually had $5

by Sargord Pirouz on

If he actually had $5 million, you would think he'd have more than one cheap suit!


On a more compassionate note

by Onlyiran on

and I know that I have made fun of the guy's weight gain, but it was probably due to depression.  He was probably homesick and missed his family and became depressed.  He probably also had all kinds of conflicting feelings about what he had done and / or what was done to him.  So, he became depressed.  Weight gain is a sign of depression. One tends to overeat to compensate for the depressed feelings, and also becomes immobile due to depression.  That's why he probably put on so much weight. 


The claim is therefore (From US media)

by Abarmard on

That he first asked to immigrate to US then US paid him $5 mil just in case he "wanted" to give some info about Iranian nuke program!!?

--And he was free to take it no matter what he decides...? But if he went back (Iran), he wouldn't be able to cash the check??

Something doesn't rhyme


Yolanda: "where is the $5M now"

by Bavafa on

Spent it at the local burger and pizza shops in Tusan AZ.