Shah visits West Point

U.S. military academy, 1950s


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I've got the giggles

by Marjaneh on

Too funny  - a whole fleet of the same car,  one set of silly headgear and uniforms followed by hundreds more of the same blowing brass with a few round ones thrown in  and another lot sitting on a bench watching it all.


"I still have my own teeth. 'Just can't remember where I've put them."

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Obama is being too kind to you. You do not know what you are talking about. The Shah was a great patriot.

He did have faults: arrogance and pride. But he was a great patriot. Your hate is muddying your mind. 

I do not claim to speak for Sattar Khan or Amir Kabir. I am glad you have communed with their spirits and know their mind. 

The summary is that we are here now. The revolution was a failure and a farce. It replaced a benevolent dictator with an evil and blood thirsty military dictatorship. It was staged by the British and USA for the benefit of BP. The reason was that the Shah did not want to give away the oil to BP. So they put in their own man the Imam. The people who sided with the revolution were idiots who got manipulated. Why do you suppose the BBC gave hundreds of interviews to Khomeini. Why did they act as the central nervous system for the revolution. Hint: it has to do with oil and BP. Now the convenient tools in Iran think they won. They became even more of a tool than Shah was supposed to be.


p_j and our accomplishments ...

by Fatollah on

"our accomplishments ..."

yes, our greatest achievement in last 100 years was 1979 mayhem, sure we removed him, nobody deny's that, the people [Khomeiny the stooge] said you must go, he said fine and left, now after 31 years people like you beat his bones and would want to set them onto fire if you could, the blame game continues, so give us the name of teenagers who vanished during his reign! baba, even his enemies admits to late Shah accomplishments ...

p/s nobody said he was a nice guy. to apply today's standards of in Switzerland to that of Iran in 1950 or 1979 is plain crazy.


PJ, I am not pro-shah and would never want him back, what....

by obama on

I am saying is that he was much better than this regime. Shah killed and scared the hell out of people, but he was not able to change people's roots, beliefs, and characters; but this regime destroyed everything and everyone's character and lives.

Most of the stuff you say, I agree with, not all. I know you love Iran, and that's the most important thing for me. As long as one loves Iran, it is ok to disagree and have different opinions. You are right shah, to the best of my knowledge was overthrown by people. Peace!



by P_J on

What "SIMPLE" answer are you looking for?   Because, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi committed his murders in hiding, that makes him into Albert Schweitzer, the great humanitarian!!???  

 I knew families whose sons and daughters disappeared and those who were EXECUTED by the murderous Pahlavi regime!  

Does that comparison make you fool any better that your beloved king murdered his victims in dark dungeons of the SAVAK prison, and these murderers commit them in PUBLIC!  



PS: Your Cousins were HEROS…They defended their country WELL!  

maziar 58

Where is your simple answer ?

by maziar 58 on

ON MY DEAD BODY..........

I don't give a... about mullahs and will not mix  Mr.  golzari  with Ms. shaghayegh........

YOU may justify it that way BUT not this lost soul.

I lived in Iran till 1978 and don't recall any mandatory drills for namaz, jebheh,jihad,khoms,zikat,nekah, mataa,........

And don't recall any LIVE hanging ordered by the late shah of Iran for us to see .           

p.s I lost a young brother in khuzestan crushed by Iraqi tanks, one niece and nephew during the first week of khorramshahr air raids.   Maziar



by P_J on

You can not defend these BACKWARD mullahs.  But you can't say that Genghis Khan was a humanitarian, since Stalin and Hitler were each responsible for murdering 20+ million human being and he, Genghis, murdered only a million!  That kind of justification for a murderer like Mohammad Reza Pahlavi dosn't wash!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

O.k  did HE directed Iranians to enter MOSTARAH with their left foot first ?Maziar


To Obama!

by P_J on

I disagree with you that he was a PATRIOT….and that he was removed by the Americans.  He was removed by people of Iran period!  It was called and has gone down in history as the Iranian Revolution!   Unless like some monarchist you are trying to REWRITE history.  We as a people or a nation should have more self respect and not give credit to others for our accomplishments.   In regard to his PARTIOTISM, again I have to disagree.  Patriots like Dr. Mossadegh, Satar Khan, Bagher Khan or Amir Kabir would have NEVER sided with Iran’s enemies and staged a coup against their own nation. 

Also, transparency is the corner stone of democracy!   Let’s see whether any member of this family would tell us of their source(s) of income!!!  Obama does…in fact he, all his cabinet and the entire membership of House and the Senate do.   That alone would indicate whether they are STILL living on the EMBEZZELED money or they are on the CIA payroll or may be making an honest living!   Simple questions requiring simple answers!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


there is no reason to insult people. I am quite well informed as I suspect most of us are. People just happen to have different ideologies.

I for one remember the Shah. I remember he was a dictator and I do not want another dictator. But I also remember the good the Pahlavis did. On the whole I believe the revolution was a complete mistake. Now that generation was truly misinformed. They did have lies put into their heads mostly by BBC and other foreign propaganda machines.

I don't have lies hammered in my head. I know what happened and what is going on now.  Anyone with a computer and internet may easily figure out what is going on. It is all there. I want a democratic system. But I also want the Pahlavis remembered for what they did. Not for the hate being pushed by a bunch of guilt shamed ex revolutionaries. 


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Your logic is flawed. If this was true then there would be no democracies since they all evolved from dictatorships! 

No question that Shah made mistakes. Yes, he could have allowed a stronger opposition. But remember what he was facing. A vindictive and hateful gang of Marxists and Jebhe Melli who would do anything just to bring him down. These people were not interested in Iran. They just wanted revenge for the Mossadeg era coupe. They got it and see what it did.

The reason we have IRI is not the Shah. It is the Islamic and left wing intellectuals of the 1960s and 1970s. It is the Jebhe Melli; the Marxists and the Islamists and the hate they nurtured. They were the ones who came up with the idea of political Islam. They are still running around and trying to sell their crap back to us.  We are not getting fooled again.

Now for some reason the Pahlavi haters like you are out in force. Maybe you are afraid RP is going to make a comeback. I sure hope he does and he will have my full support. He is a lot better than any of the other major alternatives. 


Fatollah, thanks 4 the link! Very interesting!

by obama on

He was a patriot, as I said, but unfortuantely he was a dictator too. I can see why US wanted to replace him, since - like saddam, he started as a stooge, but as the time went on and he gained confidence, he stood up against them, and that's when his down fall came. How much US was involved, I don't know!

There is a lot of truth in what he said in the link: They are in need of technical people and those he sent to germany, when they went back didn't want to work in the field since it was beneath them!

SO WE SHOULD BLAME OURSELVES AS WELL FOR ALL THIS MESS! WHAT HAVE WE DONE FOR OUR COUNTRY LATELY? JUST SITTING HERE AND COMPALIN EVEN THOUGH MOST OF US ENGINEERS, DOCTORS, ....? I know, as long as IRI is in power we cannot go back. But, we still can do things to help our country without going back and living there. Can't we? 

However, while fighting for oil, he became brutal, and tried to change too many things which were against our culture which helped to bring his collapse.

Despite all his shortcomigs, he was 100 times better than what replcaed him! Who would have thought! I blame his policies for the mollahs coming to power. Who would have thought that the mollahs would someday actually try to run the country? Yes, run it to the ground!


Babak K.

A dictator is a dictator. 

by Babak K. on

A dictator is a dictator.  Pahlavi dynesty was the founder of another dictatorship called Islmic regime.  The late Shah and his father with all their disregards for Iranian constitution waved the path for a more brutal dictatorship in Iran.  The late shah and his father by abandoning the Iranian constitution and with their Estebdad did not allow any political and social growth to be matrialized in iranian society by Iranian people. The  Pahlavi Estebdad did not allow our nation to experinece and learn by being part of political process in Iran.  The late Shah and his father were the founders of Islamic republic in Iran not mullas.

Babak K.

commie mullah

God Bless Shahhanshah Aryamehr Bozorg Artesh Daran

by commie mullah on

A visionary man, Shahhanshah envisaged for Iran to be strong and prosperous. In this effort, Shahhanshah traveled all over the world visiting the best of everything be it scientific institutions, military schools and training facilities, agricultural industries, technology centers, or whatever he thought his subjects should learn, adopt, and  become expert in. During one of these missions in the late 40's, HIM visited the most elite military school in the world, the United States West Point Academy. West Point. the institution that has educated and offered some of the most brilliant military leaders in the world who have changed the course of the history for the better:

  • Douglas MacArthur
  • George S. Patton
  • Omar N. Bradley
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • Alexander M. Haig
  • Brent Scowcroft


Shahhanshah believed in strong and modern Iran! That's why he sought to mimic the West to build those foundations upon. He did NOT look to the eastern Europe or the Soviet Union because he knew those totalitarian countries were designed based on sub-standard idiology of communism and primitive technologies. It is too sad and much to his chagrin not to live through the late 80's to see the implosion and collapse of that evil and filthy ideology of communism as some left-over and banckrupt commies here are regurgitating!


A good commie is a dead commie!

A good mullah is a dead mullah!

Sargord Pirouz

No, fooladi, IC isn't a

by Sargord Pirouz on

No, fooladi, IC isn't a microcosm of the Iranian people as a whole. IC is merely a sample of exiled Iranians, online. 

This film wasn't that interesting. It depicts the puppet during the period in which the US military occupied Iran. It's the same time my grandfather and family came to live in Washington DC, as part of the Iranian diplomatic mission to the US.



by Fatollah on

He would be on throne if he did that, he didn't;




Why all the advocates of

by benross on

Why all the advocates of 'Republic' tend to be erratic?!

This is not good for business.


If was a microcosm of Iranian people as a whole:

by fooladi on

Then I'd say what a divided, misinformed, utterly moronic bunch some of us are, still clinging to the lies hammered into our old brains by a Shah or a Sheikh. And indeed that is how I felt up to last year when I saw millions of Iranians marching through streets of Tehran silently demanding their basic human rights, regardless of their political affiliations.

The iranian nation shall exert it's will and march towards it's historical destiny by despatching the islamist khalifa to the dustbin of history, replacing it with a democratic system, no matter how much the traitors, liers and apologists for the criminals past and present howl on


Viva Spain's footbal!! Karzai just visited W.Point!

by obama on

I guess part of the indoctrination as the US stooge is to come here and visit your master's army! Afghanestan is 60 years behind Iran! Whatever shah was, at least a patriot dictator who had no choice but obey the US mafia!

I still don't understand why a communist comes to live in the US defending Russia and china,  while he could have easily walked across the border from azarbayjan to Russia!

Did he lie in his immigration application saying that he is not a communist? Why are you living here in a capitalist country? Communist country is hard to live in? Your brothers  wouldn't let you in?

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

El juramento de Juan Carlos I



You should have stayed

by benross on

You should have stayed there longer

I couldn't. My tolerance for Mosadeghist garbage is very limited.


"Now let's turn the page"

by comrade on

You should have stayed there longer, turning the page should start from somewhere, not necessarily totally agreeable. 



He is right to the point Comrade

by benross on

If marxists couldn't see it, it's their own fault. As for the dictator he became, I guess it was mostly Mossadegh fault not Marxists. And by extension, the fact that marxists couldn't see they were betraying their country was also Mossadegh fault. That's how I see it. Now let's turn the page.



by comrade on

A seemingly liberal, down to earth, decent looking man in 1949 later becomes something like this:




the visit is from 1949

by Fatollah on



United Nations of America

by iroooni on

That's funny.


 This film is not from

by azadikhah on

 This film is not from 1962.It's definitely from the 40's, maybe his first official trip to the US after the war, circa 1946-47.




There in the Simorgh's radiant face they saw

Themselves, the Simorgh of the world-with awe

They gazed, and dared at last to comprehend

They were the Simorgh and the  journey's end.