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Cleric says TV programs are having bad impact on relationships


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Rangin Kaman

Agha yeh kam ziadee varedeh !

by Rangin Kaman on

Agha yeh kam ziadee varedeh !


ای وای حاج آقا ... خاک عالم!!!


این حرفها چیه
دیگه؟؟؟ دارم همینجوری سرخ و سفید میشم !!(البته از شرم و حیا)

Babak K.

The Mulla in my view is not

by Babak K. on

The Mulla in my view is not as disgusting as the host.  The true bastard is the guy with beard and our country have been and is and will be full of low life Be-Vojdans like him.  Iranian parents produce these bastards.  Iranian parents do not mind the penetration as long as the penetrated is not from their circle of beloved ones.  We are the nation of penetrators, and we penetrate every thing that is sacared to the others, we learn this form our parents. 

Babak K.


Very Impressive

by ghalam-doon on

They seem to have some porno experts in the Ghom divinity school too.

Hoshang Targol

Did anybody say : " Mass Psychology of Fascism?"

by Hoshang Targol on

Same old, same old, on the need to repress and oppress human sexuality in favour of State Control.

This time by our friendly, "sophisticated," mullah: "Aghay?" Zibaeyy Nejad.

At the bottom, Islamic "Republic," owes its existence, first and foremost to the systematic repression of Iranian women, hence GENDER-APARTHEID of the past 31 years.

For most part Iranian men, not all of them of course, only 95% , have acquiesced to this norm. No matter how you color it, at the end it comes down to what Wilhelm Reich called Mass Psychology of Fascism, 83 years ago.

Originally published in 1933 as, Die Massenpsychologie des Faschismus, in my humble opinion, it is still one of the best explanations into how sexual repression serves the intrests of the State. For Reich it was Hitler's Germany for us its Islamic "Republic" of Hell!