Obama Signs Sanctions Act

Targets firms supplying Revolutionary Guards or contribute to oil industry

BBC: US President Barack Obama has signed into law new sanctions against Iran intended to impede the development of its nuclear programme. Mr Obama said the sanctions would strike "at the heart" of Iran's ability to fund and develop nuclear programmes. Iran says its nuclear industry is for peaceful purposes; the West disagrees. The bill targets those firms that supply Iran's Revolutionary Guards or contribute to the country's energy industry, including foreign companies that provide finance, insurance, or shipping services >>>


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marhoum Kharmagas

Ok, I wish Iran total success!

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Ok, "rafigh", I wish Iran total success if it plans to buid the bomb or stand up to these guys in a calculated way!


shame on you Mr. Benross

by bushtheliberator on

It's supposed to be a BIG Secret that the US administration will not stop the IRI's efforts to build the bomb, and that there's no war coming....and now you've told everybody ! And you're also taking all the damn fun out of singing " Bomb,Bomb Iran ! "


"I wish Ahmadinejad total success!"

by comrade on

Whose authority/responsibility would it be (not should it be) to build (or not to build) a bomb?



marhoum Kharmagas

I wish Ahmadinejad total success!

by marhoum Kharmagas on

If he plans to build the bumb or if he plans to stand up to these guys in a calculated way I wish Ahmadinejad total success, although I did not vote for him.


Sorry to disappoint. But

by benross on

Sorry to disappoint. But there won't be any war.

What US is seeking is not a gas embargo per se. It's exercising influence over big money transactions. The big companies will be then watchful of their 'side deals' for fear of an all out legal retaliation of U.S government.

So basically U.S is trying to keep a fine line in pressure on IRI, targeting IRI repressive power with minimal harm to the people. This is the official policy declared by the state department and this is what will be enforced.

Clearly, this policy is hoping for a political outcome inside Iran. We saw that as exploring different potentials, MOPI is getting exposure. On the other hand, the potential of dialogue with IRI is kept alive. Our 'uncle Napoleon' mindset may see many things. But what U.S is doing is exactly what is officially declared, by Hillary Clinton and Obama among others.

It is interesting that the CEO of TOTAL which has recently stopped exporting gas to Iran is criticizing this policy and is hoping for future opportunity to export gas to Iran again. I can hardly believe a CEO of an oil company is concerned about Iranians well being nonetheless, it does show that this U.S policy in increasing the pressure is anything but 'beating war drums'.

But no worry, there will always be something to demonize U.S for those who make a living out of it!


War drums are beating

by Marjaneh on


"It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless
they kill in large numbers and to the sound of
trumpets."  - Voltaire


sanctions are an act of war, that's it !

by Fatollah on

what is next?


My worries are not so much

by Bavafa on

My worries are not so much sanction as I truly believe this is a pretext to war and that is a crime that can not be taken lightly.

All of these actions by the West, (i.e. sanction and/or war) will only strengthen the hand of IRI against Iranian people. Sanction will hardly have any affect on the IRI, only Iranian people will pay for it.



Sanctioned daydream

by comrade on

Let's see you would get the applause for punishing(or, whatever) the non signatory governments. 

Never late to learn....//davidharvey.org/reading-capital/

Sheila K

What is in the sanctions?

by Sheila K on

Is there a list or detail description we can view?

Mohammad Ala

These sanctions are Illegal.

by Mohammad Ala on

These sanctions are illegal.  The USA has violated all the international norms (Alger Accord is one example).

Human Lives must be protected.  Punishing Iranian people will not get rid of regime.

Reminder: Over a million people (mostly children) died in Iraq over illegal USA and Brits sanctions.  Secretary of State Albright said: "we do not care if people die due to our sanctions."




by Anonymous8 on

on all iranians who support this against our people. you have no right to call yourself iranian.