Nader Rafiee

Director, Omid-e Iran TV, on sources of revenue


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Satellite TV

by iroooni on

The only time we turn it on is when our parents are visiting from Iran.


from the looks and sound of it

by Bavafa on

Another Iranian must have sold one or two more cars or commercials and made a bit more $$$ then him.  But noooooo, god forbid some one makes/steals more $$$ then me :)

You got to love [NOT] the LA crowd.



Nader Rafiee = Major Charlatan

by HHH on

I remember him about 9-10 years ago in Saratoga/Los gatos area south of San Francisco Nader-Agha together with another charlatan who claimed he could cure the sick people just with his superhuman magnetic powers had a Lecture/conference displaying his powers.

About 300 Iranians and a few none-Iranians who had sick children with incurable deseases came.

They collected $80-$150-$300 from every person who had a sick child and from mothers crying thinking there is a chance. They charged twice the fee for face-to-face "cure" session with the 2nd charlatan. Then he started telling people how he can cure them from far even if they're in their own homes! as long as they pay double for face-to-face initial session!!!!

This son of a bitch Nader was saying the same crap back then claiming "I sacrificed my life and gave up major TV offers to help this man cure the sick"!!!!! while the man's wife collected piles of cash to share with Agha Nader. He swears to Koran and to his mothers life if there's money in it. Looks like he's bitter now because IRI gave their contracts to real TV stations and not to him :)

What a lowlife.

Later I found out that what he did was a crime banned by FBI and if they knew about his and his friend's scam they would have been arrested.


chera inghadr in baba khodsho dareh jer mideh

by onlyinamrica on

he also own a second car dealership. bache zebel tehrooni. kheily zerange tou namiri.

Babak K.

An example of true Iranian

by Babak K. on

An example of true Iranian (Ariaee) without slightest Sharf and Vojdan. If I could I would have sued most of Iranian parents for deliverying so many Be-sharf and Be-Vojdan to the humanity.  When our parents  start having just a little Vojdan and Sharaf then we can be hopeful for the future, but do not hold your breath that will never happen.  We become dourough-gou, douzd, roushveh-begheer, roushveh-deh, pul-parast, be-vojdan, be-sharf, zedeh-zan, bacheh-baz, zour-ghoo, taadee-ghar, na-mard because most of our parents are.  Keep up good work Iranian Papa-jans and Mama-jans in producing so amny Be-Vojdans and be-Sharafs.

Babak K.