Internet Filtering

Press TV condemns tools offered to break Internet censorship


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Modern technology maybe

by Arthimis on

Modern technology maybe Iran's last hope and salvation!

It is inevitable! These I.R. psycho-paths can NOT keep up with advanced technology that is progressing minute by minute!!

Final loser = Satanic Republic Occupying Iran aka I.R.Let's pray and hope for their complete removal ASAP!

Free Iran and Iranians.


Paak kardan soorat mas-ale

by ghalam-doon on

It might be that. It might be a "soft war." But someone should ask these 'journalists" at PressTV why there is censorship in the 1st place? Why I.R. gives itself the right to censor people's opinions?

It is our duty as Iranians to fight any kind of censorship.

On the other hand, if programs like this are broadcast to Iran, perhap censorship is not a bad idea ;)




who is this

by MRX1 on

F* facist press T.V? who pays for it? who are they to determine what people should or should not access from Iran? 


roo ke nist!

by choghok on

mashallah khode angaleshoon az london be tamaame donya propaganda mifrestan hame saketan vali vaghti bbc mikhad barname befresteh az mahvareh hatta be keshvarhaye dige inaa parazit mifrestan.


"More, more, more, please!"(Patriotic moaning!)

by comrade on

More they'll do, for sure. As long as they have the freedom and we have the oil...and other hotties.


Shifteh Ansari

More, more, more, please!

by Shifteh Ansari on

Listen to these shameless morons who think they should deprive Iranians from access to information and then insult anyone or any state which tries to help them.

To *&(^ing Press TV I say:  live with it.  

To any individual, company, and state who has the means to help counter these fascists' methods I say: more, more, more, please!