ATM Machine, Iranian Style

What the...?

This one is in Sanandaj:



Its a privacy /security strategy

by kazem0574 on

Usually they install steps so only one client can see and use the ATM and others can't look over their shoulder. However this bank I guess has a project management issue and has got its building project sequence in a twist.

Very funny I have to say.


Baazam joke vaaseyeh Turka

by Arthimis on

Baazam joke vaaseyeh Turka va Polisha besaazeem!!! Vaez khod ma Iranian az hameh donya kharaab tareh...



by Majid on

  So when you open an account, does your ATM card come with a bucket OR it has to be a joint account with another person so you have "access" to your money?


They are afraid to be stolen! It is for showing off only!

by obama on

ther is no money in it! it reminds me of those who buy a mecedes just for showing off! So this one has no money in it! Did you see anyone taking out money? No way! they want to show to the world that iran has ATM! 


Don't you get it?

by Parsagarda on

Don't you guys get it? The ATM is put high on the wall because Iranians are such a tall race!!! Just look at Ahmadi...


Good thinking

by divaneh on

An effective measure to help people spend less.


ATM in Iran = Akhound Teller Machine

by Khar on



more Iranian ATM designs

by MM on

For real talk folks at Bank Melli Iran:



Holy ATM: //


And, after all that, here is the message: //


There is only one ATM designer in Iran, and he is 8 ft tall (exception as Divaneh noted).



This can be an opportunity for some

by Abarmard on

Individuals can now rent a hand (or a chair) for a small amount of donations.


I don't know what is funnier, the ATM or the comments from folks

by Bavafa on

Dame hamegi garm, right on :)


hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

i've heard that atms are very low to the ground in ghazvin. 


Just an Iranian style

by statira on

This is just an Iranian style to put everything high. Have you noticed that in most houses  in Iran,people put their pictures high on the wall almost next to the roof.



by Daadaash on

BYOL (Bring Your Own Ladder!)  LOL!


Let's just hope

by MRX1 on

The same crapy design , location and construction have not been used for the defunct old soviet style nuclear reactor in Bushehr or we are all in trouble!


BYOC (Bring Your Own Can)!

by ghalam-doon on

And no one wants to leave his precious can for others to use! That's the spirit of cooperation.