Abandoned Patient

Tied to a bed for "three days" with horrific sores

Clip claims to be showing Golestan Hospital, Ahvaz:



Eye-ranians are moftkhor + Khasis

by Javadagha on

Babak jaan;

 Our people, especially Eye-ranians are moftkhor wa khasis.  Many Eye-ranians pride themsevels by driving MBs and BMWs, should not be considered human beings.

I disagree with 50% figure.  More than 50% of Iranians have enormous amount of wealth (especially in real estate holdings).

Kholaseh kalam: ma mardom khobe nisteem.:-(


So, where are all

by MRX1 on

well here is your answer: since 50% of population in Iran live right on the poverty line and/or below it and another 10% lives in abject poverty (these are stats from the regime it self, the actual numbers are probably much higher) then you realize there is no room or money left for compassion and care in a society that is near bankrupcy at every level socialy, moraly, economically, culturaly you name it..........

Of course if this man could have made his way to lebonon  he would have recived health care from hospitals and organzations which were made from the money stolen by mullah's and sent there. 

Babak K.

So, where are all

by Babak K. on

So, where are all those Aryaees who claim to love Iran? This man is an Iranian but I don't see an Aryaee bastard willing to help him.  The problem is that we are a nation who has been  and is morally corrupt.  Nothing matters to us except manafe-shakhssi.  Listen up you Aryaee Be-Vojdans, a fellow human being needs help, but nobody cares.  Those Aryaee Be-Vojdans who constantly are trying to shove the Cyrus Cylnder or Saedi's "banee-adam azayeh..." up into everybody's anus: a fellow Iranian needs help where is your shraf and vojdan?  So from 70million Aryaee be-vojdans  nobody is willing to help this man?  How about those Aryaee doctors, nurses where are they?   

Babak K 




by yolanda on

This guy needs some TLC!


Bottom line

by MRX1 on

if you don't have money in Iran and you need a health care you are out of luck and you are f*ed. This clip is probably one case among so mnay.