Why executions?

Sazegara's views on the execution of Rahmanipour and Alizamani


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The day he denounces Islam and Mohammad

by mahmoudg on

then I am willing to padron him for his crimes, until then..........


let him be guys

by mehdi79 on

simply because he was working for IRR at the begining doesnt mean he killed people or ordered people to be killed. He is apologytic & wants to undo his support for IRR. lets back him up instead of trashing ... we need to welcome those who detach from IRR with open arm not to drive them away. its my opinion.

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

I absolutely understand  your suspicion of Sazgara's background.

I have seen Mohsen Sazgara in person, as well as Ebrahim Yazdi.

The former is utterly apologetic about many aspects of his past, where the latter comes across as an obnoxious jerk.

The man- Sazgara- feels guilty- you can tell- and is trying to do everything in his power, to undo, what he did in 1979.

We can never forgive him, or we can put him in good use.

Just a thought.


Ali P.


I wonder

by MRX1 on

how many people Sazgara executed himself or ordered to be executed.