Smuggling alcohol

Frontline report from Iran-Iraq border




by amberu on

This is terrible that in some countries poverty has reached such a huge number that many go into a life of crime to survive , and so the drugs and alcohol machine works , keeping alcohol rehab for women centers full .



by amberu on

Well they way those smugglers look I do not think they are making much money and the small amount they are making they should invest in a alcohol rehab program for themselves.


These men are my heros.

by TheMrs on

These men are my heros. They risk their lives everyday and as a result, so many tables have joy and laughter.

I hope they are repaid for their work some day. It's not fair that they are so poor. They should rule the world.


Pitiful !!

by jasonrobardas on

   Taking such big risk and doing such hard work for so little money .  What a shame ! people living in such poverty in the ( Hokumate Adle Ali) .



by yolanda on

These guys have a tough life, but a great sense of humor!


Yes this is a lot like "a time for drunken horses"

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.



by bachenavvab on

You are absolutely correct.  Taking over the operations of the IKIA (airport) was a huge leap for Sepah's black market activities, from importing alcohol to exporting subsidized gasoline and lord knows what else.   


take it easy, the good old

by Fatollah on

take it easy, the good old "aragh sagee" in Majidieh cost 1000 toman per liter. believe me it is cheaper and better and more healthy than this fake junk that is sold in the streets of Tehran or border towns! of course good stuff is more expensive in Tehran then any other country in the world! Nonetheless thanks for the clip, interesting, and which reminded me of my own journey out of Iran back in early 80's ...


For every one bottle

by masoudA on

of whisky that is smuggled into Iran via this kind of operation - there are 1000 bottles that are flown into private IRCG ports and airports. 

hamsade ghadimi

we knew it was going on and

by hamsade ghadimi on

we knew it was going on and this documentary shows exactly how it goes on. the documentary is reminiscent of the movie "a time for drunken horses."