Seyyed Yadollah Shirmardi

Protesters can repent or "commit suicide" for their "disgraceful" behavior, he says

He's the head of Tehran's endowments and charities organization:


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Just an MC in an Islamic Orgy!

by Khar on

Divaneh Jaan Shaakh (horn) wouldn't look good on me anyways :o)

Stay Tuned...


خدا خر رو شناخت


می گویند خدا خر رو شناخت شاخ بهش نداد. خوبه که این بابا یک چشم داره و این طوری چشم در آورده.

بهرانی، دمت گرم با این لینک. چقدر خندیدم. بی خودی نیست حافظه ما بد است. از بس در آب راکد  شاشیده ایم. راه رفتن بین دو زن ممکن است در مورد  آقایان درست باشد چون خون از مغز می رود به جاهای دیگر. 


صدر اسلام؟


آیا از صدر اسلام تا کنون فضله موش خوردن کافی نیست؟
لطفا" به ویدیوی زیر توجه کنید


Mardom Mazloom

صمد آقا،

Mardom Mazloom

دروغ چرا؟ شبو میرفتوم کلاس اکابر، و بعد از ۵ سال اونجا کلاس سیوم قبول شدوم. خدا بیامرز پدر بزرگوم برام میخوند: نرود میخ در سنگ آهنین، یا بر عکس؟ خوب یادوم نمیود. لطفآ آدرس دهاتتون بدین، مو بیایوم کلاس پنجمونو تو کلاس اکابر شوما بگیریم. دکتر ا.ن. گفتند بعد از کلاس ۵ همه میتونند دکتر و بعدش وزیرشن.


آقای مردم مظلوم


املا مملا سرم نمی‌شه ولی‌ مای دهاتی هم خرفهم شدیم. گمانم شما شاگرد ممتاز اکابر بوده‌اید.


criminals dressed in islamic regalia

by jasonrobardas on

       ............ fighting for power , and wealth .  keeping the masses under absolute controle .


Daste mardom behet bereseh!!!

by Arthimis on

Ay Akhoonde kesaafat,

bezodi zood, Khodet keh sahleh, Jaddo abaadetoo aval az dahan service meekooneem keh deegeh az in harfhaye shaytaani baraye mardome begonahe Iran nazani... Halaa vaastaa taa baad!


who the hell is he

by Yaasi on

Killing themselves or repent.  Why doesn't this moron kill himself first? and he is the head of the  charities in Tehran ha???? lucky him , pocketing all that money and advising others to commit suicide....


bah bah....

by Haleh on

what's next???

Where do they find these idiots???!!!

Mardom Mazloom

اس هول،

Mardom Mazloom

نمیدونم آیا از نظر املایی تیترم درست باشه, ولی از نظره معنا درست وصف حال این سید است .


Reesh, Pashm, Ammameh digar assar nadaarad!

by Milan on

The toilet water is beginning to swirl--hold your breath, Haaj agha!!

marhoum Kharmagas

a pand for this idiot joujeh talabeh

by marhoum Kharmagas on

a pand for this idiot joujeh talabeh

(from Ebi's chand pand)

با خوردن هر گندي شايد به بالا رسي، ليك در بالا نماني


پول نفت میاید و اینها ابو عطا میخوانند




Is There a Akhond Factory in Iran?

by pedro on

Damon!! I think they are being mass produced. There are so many akhond. Every day we see tens of new faces. It is going to take a long long time to have a court trial for so many akhonds in the democratic Iran. I am sure that not all are going to escape the country and most will have to pay for their crimes. Well, I guess we have to do what we have to do. It is just wonderfull to have their faces known and their words and actions documented.

Free Iran.


speech is putting mullahs themselves to sleep (look at 44-7sec)

by MM on

The speech was so unrealistically amazing that it was putting the mullahs in the audience to sleep, as if someone was singing fairy tales for them.  Take a look at 44-47 seconds portion.

Jeesh Daram

حاج آقا

Jeesh Daram

داداش تو اسلام خودکشی حرام است این چه پیشنهادیه میکنی، باز زدی بسیم آخرا!  شام چی دارین؟


Bye Bye Mullahs

by rbkk19 on

Mullahs are on their way out, no one can stop this wave now

Jahanshah Javid

Captain Hook

by Jahanshah Javid on

It's only to be expected that the state TV would give more air time to those who blindly support the regime and are in favor of the harshest punishment against protesters.

But I've also noticed that these talking heads on TV increasingly represent the most ignorant. No surprise I guess. What else could we expect from a regime that is at war with all things rational and rewards moronic loyalty?


rohani besavad

by Rahaii on

Why doesn't he go kill himself to make the whole world cleaner from his dirty being, ashghale kesafat.