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Intelligence official tells operatives how to monitor, record and control protests


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Hey Basiji Rabbi

by Faramarz on

Slow Day at the Synagogue Dude

برو اين دام بر مرغ ِ دگر نه

كه سيمرغ را بلند ست آشيانه

Good call on the flag Arthimis


Rabbi Jaan,

by Arthimis on

Khar khodeti amoo! :-)

You are trying to come across as an Israeli here,but in fact you are a Hezbolahi imposturer ! Aren't you? LOL!

Dude, FYI, Iran and Iranians have nothing against Jewish people! As for Israeli goverment, well, they are not exactly saints either, but again, that is non of our business and we have no interest to pick a fight with them or any other country at all.

We Iranians at this moment only care about our own country and people! And we will be VICTORIOUS against Islamic/Satanic Republic regime and its thugs without the help of Israel and any other foreign entity! Thank you.

PS. Your flag here is pretty sad, you should have used an Isreali flag instead... (Wink, wink) LOL.... 


mehdi2009, your observation is correct. There are several

by Hovakhshatare on

derogatory references to themselves, failure to stop the protests early, and planning and sinister approach to infiltrating. The last item is months into the future which indicates they know this movement is not going away. They hope to suppress by infiltrating to identify the leaders and kill any activity via spying from within.

He also acknowledges all the key ettellaati are known by people, indicating the sharpness of the students and protesters on the street.

He further talks about the deep roots of the hatred of people started with Khomeini and executions and murders.

He establishes the rate of treason and vatan foroushi at about 3000 tomans for picture up to 100,000 tomans paid to a student informer.

They are trying to find ways to split the crowds by developing spies to the audience that seems young and/or unmotivated. His description demonstrated both as he teaches what to do via an example of a 'good' ettalaati.

They feel their own weaknesses. 


Israel will free your country

by Rabbi on

WE will make Iran the country that it used to be and make them love Israel. Once they get the fire power of our brave military then Iran will bow down to our demand and Iranians will be freed. In this road we will need to be together to free Iran.


This Thug doesn't sound as confident as 6 months ago!!!!!

by mehdi2009 on

This Thug who is speaking on this tape isn't as confident as he was 6 months ago, and if anything he sounds very concerned (Scared more like it). 

There are a great number of both IRGC and Bassij who are not with the Murderous Regime, and this Scum also knows it very well. That is why his words are very cautious. Every word shows his nervousness compare to his last speech in June was full of boasts and very confident. At that time he was promising all kinds of bonuses to the smaller thugs under him, and he is probably is planning where to escape to when the walls start to fall on his miserable head.

We should also be grateful to the courageous souls who for the second time exposed this scum to all the Iranian people (even the Murderous Regime's Apologists). The crap has really hit the Fan, and even the MAJOR THUGS of this Murderous Regime know it.

Salutation to ALL the TRUE Sons and Daughters of Iran.



This is not the first and certainly won't be the last

by Hovakhshatare on

leak as this regime is decaying from inside out and there are large numbers of police, basiji, and others who are turning away from this regime or will soon.

The good news is that students and activists have plenty of info and ways of countering these thugs. I will post more.


who found this tape?

by obama on

i guess, there were green sypathysers inside. It is only a game for them!