Pro-regime crisis analysis

A display of bitter divisions among IRI rulers

They speak of outing and purging "khavaas", i.e. Rafsanjani and the like, and carrying out the strongest punishment against those who cause "fetneh" (rebellion):


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areyo barzan

Make a difference and be counted

by areyo barzan on

To all vatan parast Iranians and all of those who belive in universal human rights

Please sign this petition and ask for international arrest warent for Sed-Ali Ghaatel and all the murderers of IRI


pass the link to your friends




Velayat-e Mardom!

by Taqizadeh on



"You're either with us or against us!" Are they repeating Bush?

by obama on

As Bush said:"Dictatorsip is bad, unless I am the dictator." America & Israel cannot use the people's uprising to their own advantage. They should stay out of this since they are no role model for democracy and don't care about Iran!

The show was meant as a warning to those in the regime who have turned against the regime! Telling them, you'd better correct yourself before it is too late,or else! Trying to say that oppositions are agents of zionists!

Intersting that they extended the show since they saw the fat and ugly guy is doing good by his threats! he'll get a promotion soon. These are the thieves and killers of this regime!

They play the same old game that was played by Bush using different characters and stage! This is obviously a fascist regime that should not be allowed to last for too many months!

mostafa ghanbari

Freak and inhuman!

by mostafa ghanbari on


Imam's doctrine!!

Doctrine of  disparagement and contemptuousness!


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

ghanoon my foot

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

what is this guy talking about?!

noon/naan is more like his specialty. stop eating so much. what a chubby arrogant fool. if they turn on a fan the wrong way his silly comb over will be exposed. 


Charandiaat ham haddi dareh!

by Milan on

یکی‌ نیست این سیفون رو بکشه و سه تاشون رو بفرسته وره دست امام زمامشون.


What are their names?

by shahabshahab on

Please someone, provide these people's names. It is so obvious that these are the same Vatanforooshahye danshjoo, who beat up other students. They received their hefty share from their Velayat Faghih and will say or do anything, anoything to preserve themselves.

Somebody, please provide their names: Gozar-e- Poost be dabbaghkhaneh khahad oftad.



Mehdi Hashemi

by vosough on

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

a regime full of baghdad bobs

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

get the hell out already! none of these stupid measures will change the outcome. stop wasting precious time.



Imam's doctorine

by jasonrobardas on

   Imam's doctorine is keep the " velayate faghih" in place , according to the man who is running his mouth . These propagandists of the islamic faschism ,  talk to people like they are talking to a bunch of retarded imbeciles . As if all Iranians are gullible infants and can be fooled with such  BS .


Time Matters

by divaneh on

Watching this video and the university lecturer with probably fake qualification, I learned two very important facts about the TIME in Iran.


As witnessed by this part of the interview.

- How much time have we got?

- 2 minutes and 30 seconds

- Well it's a very short time. Look ...

And then 7 minutes later the so called lecturer still is going on and nobody know what he is about. That is almost 300% elasticity.


As witnessed towards the end.

- I would like to know your prediction about the whole thing.

- Well our people did very well day before yesterday.

This is the University lecturer who the students have to put up with.



These People are delusional

by mehdi2009 on

My Dear Fellow Iranians,

The same old CRAP, and they can't believe that it has hit the fan really hard this time around. The sad part is that they still believe their own delusional and make belief fantasies.

They are supposed to be some sort of think tank strategists. Well, if these Thugs are the best that can be mustered by the Propaganda Arm of the Murderus Regime, then they should (But they will not) realize that they are in a bigger Hole than previuosly they thought.

The only thing that one of them said which made any sense at all was that: "people are awake and know what is going on". Well, Genius of course the people are awake, and that is exactly why  they want you scum bags to GET LOST.

Salutation to the ALL TRUE Son and Daughters of Iran.



This show is funnier than Seinfelds and his show was about nada

by Benyamin on

These guys whoever they are remind me of bunch of sales men that trying to sell something. But they over sell it so much they acturally kill the sale altogether. If I were someone in the regime I would shut them up not give them too much air time. But we all heard how much respect they have for people sitting at home a timed show was running over time because Velayat e Faghih surpasses people of Iran I don`t know about you guys but it seems to me some people with PHD in Iran eat crap of Khemeneie for breakfast and are satisfied about it. If you think I am joking let these type of people(the ones in the show) run the country for another 100 years you will see this will happen, after all in Iran`s neighbourhood some actually do eat "holy crap" from cows and are very happy about it.

We revolted for freedom and what we got was Islamic republic and after they Illegaly ran the country under fake constitution that people didn`t even vote for. Did you know the "Majles e shoray e Eslami" was actually the "majles e shoray e melli" till they actually changed it from Melli to eslami in 1987? If these people are so sincere about respecting people`s opinions how did they run the most important political structure in Iran under false pretences?

Now, Velayat e Faghih is a Light? we "have to" adjust our lives to it or our wives are "haram" to us?!!! I presume the Velaya e Faghih wants to have a shot on 45 million Iran women. What a perv! 


I am all with JJ on this one.

by Bavafa on


Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

LOL! My apologies for using imprecise terminology.


آری خان


فکر کنم که تازه وارد باشید در فرنگستان. این آقایون محترم توی دستشویی مستراح ننشسته اند، به این مسمسک میگن جاگوزی.

Ari Siletz

Why are they sitting inside a bathroom sink?

by Ari Siletz on

Is that a table or the drain plug?  The words are confident, but the set designer seems to know that the regime is circling down the drain.

Jahanshah Javid

People Power

by Jahanshah Javid on

They think by eliminating wavering elements within the regime, jailing opposition figures and executing protesters everything will be beautiful.

But the problem is much deeper. These mad dogs have lost the trust and support of the people. The people protesting today are not driven by Mousavi or Karroubi or any other opposition leader. The people have taken matters into their own hands. And there's nothing that can be done to stop their slow but sure uprising against this evil, rotten theocracy.


We will answer you!

by Arthimis on

With total regime change...

You can answer us back while you are on a fair trail ...


Easy to answer him

by Abarmard on

But where is the opportunity?