Plane crashes, train derails

Another plane crash; train derails too

(UPI & BBC) -- A plane carrying pilgrims in Iran has caught fire while landing at Mashhad, in the north-east of the country. State media said almost 170 people were on board and that at least 46 were injured. There were no reports of fatalities. The plane, a Russian-built Tupolev 154 owned by Taban Air, suffered serious damage as it landed, reportedly losing its undercarriage and a wing. The rear end of the plane broke up after the passengers were evacuated. Meanwhile a train derailed in northeastern Iran Saturday, killing at least eight people, local media reported. Iranian news sources said four cars of a five-car passenger train traveling between Tehran and the eastern city of Mashhad came off the tracks about 420 miles from the capital, the Los Angeles Times reported. The reports indicated several of those injured were in grave condition.

ITN report on plane crash:

Train derailment:



4th IranAir incident in 10 days - focus on IRI not people

by MM on

4th IranAir incident in 10 days.  That is a shameful number.  Afraid that people will not fly because the plane will be a Topolov, IranAir has been ordered not even give out info on the type of plane that will be in service.

This is why sanctions need to be focused on IRI, Sepaah and her foreign agents.  And, not towards IranAir where ordinary Iranians are hurt.



بیست و سه درصد قربانیان حوادث هوایی جهان در ایران هستند




by Khar on

Watch this IRI and Iranian TV propaganda, misinformation video below (I also posted this here in this blog erlier). Emphasizing, blaming fog and the pilot error for today's Russian flying coffin crash. They even interview the Iranian pilot of this plane (minute 2:54) He says there was a “sick and dying passenger” on the plane. Any sane pilot won’t endanger 170 plus lives for one person and try to land the plane in a “fogy weather”, pure BS and laughable cover up attempt!


Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

in order for us to take your "expertise" seriously, can you please tell us exactly when and where you were a "sargord"?  was it pre or post revolution?  Was it IRGC or another branch of Iran's military?  Or perhaps it was some other country's military?  Can you just tell us?  Otherwise, we won't be able to really accept the "sragord" part of your name...or even the pirouz part for that matter. 

Louie Louie

Inam hamash migeh "look at the photo"

by Louie Louie on

Zendegi bedoone in gorouhban ghandali tokhaliyeh.

The photo below needs analyzing too:



Low standards

by Fair on

So in this case, the Tupolev was not the problem at all. Just poor pilot judgement and overall chain of command, where the pilot can just go against ATC and say he will land. Indeed, its strong build structure probably helped the chances of survival. The low standards today are just pathetic. Iran Air was the fastest growing and one of the safest airlines in the world by 1978.

The pilot should not be attempting landing in such low visibility. Furthermore, the alternate airport would have been Eshghabad in Turkmenistan, 102 nautical miles away (10 minutes). Once again, low standards of an aviation industry in which the lives of the passengers are expendable. These passengers were very lucky. This is the third crash in less than a year in which the entire plane is destroyed/written off.

Now let us see what they do in terms of corrective action. If the previous two crashes are any guide, nothing.




Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

you're funny.


Sarkar Barandeh

by divaneh on

Yes you are right, (Maybe the shrine shouldn't be dismissed) as you suggested, especially if the pilgrims travel in an airplane. If they travel in a train, then it's a different case.

If you ask me, people will soon start seeing this as another marvellous act by the shrine, forgetting that why should there be a crash in the first place when we have such powerful shrine.

Sargord Pirouz

initial investigation: pilot error

by Sargord Pirouz on

Look at the photos.

The pilot attempted to make an emergency landing (due to a seriously ill passenger) in extremely low visibility. His landing shot the aircraft off the runway onto unsurfaced ground, sheering off the landing gear. The vertical and horizontal stabalizers were broken off the aircraft and the plane burst into flames. 

Yet there were no fatalities! (Maybe the shrine shouldn't be diss'd, as some of these commenters suggest.)

The ruggedness of the Tu-154 design cannot be denied, and the responding emergency crews should be commended. 

The aircraft being owned and operated by a Russian based carrier, it's unclear whether it was piloted by a Russian crew or Iranian. 


Test case for the healing shrine

by divaneh on

I think they should take all the injured from both accidents to the shrine of Imam Reza to be healed. Unless the shrine gives them their health back, they should not give it even a Rial.

It is also interesting to read that "the plane suffered serious damage" which has helped me realize that serious damage means fell into pieces.



Removed sanctions would not have helped

by Fair on

Keep in mind this was a Russian built plane, for which there were absolutely no problems obtaining spares. Tu-154's fly all over the world with no worse safety problems than Boeings, they are just not as nice and quiet and comfortable and efficient. This is a used plane, registry number RA-85787, and was leased from Kolavia (a Russian airline). It doesn't get cheaper than that. When the plane was landing, its tail section hit the ground first and the plane broke up. I am not sure yet whether it was because a fire in the engines/hydraulic failure or pilot error.

If Boeing and Airbus were even allowed to sell whatever they wanted to Iran, the airlines like Taban etc would not buy them because they would be too expensive. This is also the case in African countries, which is the level that IRR has reduced Iran to.

The real problem is Iran's broken mismanaged economy and government. The government enforces low prices for flying so that people who cannot afford to fly could fly, and the government has had no problem allowing very low safety, crew, and maintenance standards in order to accomodate this. Notice that they have a much better record with old western planes, for which it is hard to get spares, vs. Russian planes for which spare parts are no problem. This is simply because of higher standards in Iran Air and Iran Asseman (formerly Pars Air) Also notice we never heard any cause of crash for the Caspian air crash or Aria air crash last year in which many people were killed and injured.

This is just a matter of low standards and unqualified management. period. A man like Khademi would never have such crappy record develop under his watch for example.




IRI and Iranian TV propaganda and misinformation

by Khar on

Emphasizing, blaming fog and the pilot error for today's Russian flying coffin crash.

The Phantom Of The Opera


by The Phantom Of The Opera on

The Pahlavis, all mullahs, and all public figures associated with the Green Movement  must disclose the source and the amount of their wealth/income.



by MRX1 on

This accidents has nothing to do with counrties not supplying parts to Iran. Two things causes these sort of things:

1) Old infrastructure - Trains, planes, automobile, roads you name it  has to peridocially go through maintenance, upkeep,and occasinoanly removal of equipments alltogether.

2) A trained management and workers that actualy care about quality of their work and safety of others.

Now be honest with yourself: You see any sign of the two factors above in IRR? you got your answer.................


مرگ بر زندگی


کشور شهید پرور ایران یک بار دیگر به جهانیان ثابت کرد که ما از مرگ هراسی نداریم و تا زمانی که از فلاکت و بدبختی ما دیگران صاحب قدرت و ثروت میشوند ما همچنان جان فدا میکنیم تا روزی که همگی زیر خاک رفته باشیم و یا علیل و ذلیل شده باشیم.


This can't go on anymore

by bottled-banana on

Whether people are for or against sanctions against the Islamic Republic, IMHO, the Western countries should not continue to prevent Iran from buying modern civilian passenger aircrafts, e.g. Boeing, Airbus etc instead of having to make do with an ancient fleet and poorly-engineered Russian efforts.

We are talking about ordinary people's lives here, not necessarily supporting the regime. People have a right to travel and a right to travel in safety. The West should really consider dropping its ban on sale of modern, safe and well-engineered aircraft to Iran. How many more innocent people have to die before this is done?

On a separate note (and this is nothing to do with the sanctions), the number of people killed on Iran's roads is truly shocking. And because roads deaths, at any one incident, are far fewer than aircraft crashes, they don't make the same headlines and we don't hear as much about them. But overall road deaths vastly outnumber aviation deaths.

The responsibility for this falls squarely on the shoulders of the government in Iran and its abject failure to improve driving standards and traffic conditions in the country.


Old news JJ, there was a plain crash in Mashhad just coupple...

by پیام on

... of hours ago. I guess i won't be using any Iranian companies to fly anymore. Train isn't safe either. And don't even mention road travel ( or roadkill). So it is back to the good old shotor. Where is hazrate shotor when you need him?

Jahanshah Javid

Flying coffins

by Jahanshah Javid on

One disaster after another... Never mind the train. How many plane need to crash before somebody says let's stop all flights and check these god damn flying coffins?