Mohsen Kadivar

Interviewed by Hamid Dabashi


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Scratching Each Other Back

by darius on

I do not mind these two gentlemen to be interviewed or say whatever they want, but this is not an interview, I got this impresson  that Mr.Dabashi and Mr.Kadivar are good friends and Mr.Dabashi  is attempting to  put a better face  on "Rohaniat" of Mr.Kadivar.



hamsade ghadimi

بسم‌الله رحمان رحیم

hamsade ghadimi


Maryam Hojjat

I agree with Saeb!

by Maryam Hojjat on

Mr. Kadivar no matter what he says is another blood sucker Bacheh akhoond & I would not trust any akhoond anymore.  Actually, we Iranians must try to remove all akhoonds which are not Iranians from our society in a free IRAN.  They Have proven they are enemy of IRAN & IRANIANS in more than 30 years. If it is legally possible any of these bastards who are not born in Iran must be deported to their orginal land.





by onlyinamrica on


Darius Kadivar

Nobody Expects the Spanish ( er .. IRI ) Inquisition ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on

Monty Python: Spanish inquisition:


Not even under the cloak of an IRI apologist like Dabashi and Co ... LOL

SATIRE: Hamid Dabashi & George Galloway "Get me Out of Here, I'm a Celebrity"



maar gazideh az reesmoon siah o sepid mitars-e

by Fatollah on



kadivar sounds fair and well intentioned but,

by jasonrobardas on

      so did Khomeiny in the beginning of the formation of IRI .  What we need is ((((Iranian Republic )))))

      Let us not fall into another hole (Chaleh) again .


Velayat-e Mardom!

by Taqizadeh on



To:(I have a crush on Alex Trebek)

by Benyamin on

I don`t think I should be compelled to clear the air in which I have to clarify my Religion or background only because of my name!

This is axactly why we need democracy not attached to "any" religion. If there is a politicized Judaism anywhere I am agaist it.

But your mentality is wrong and you need to correct it( I say that with all respect) why should anyone need to clear as what their religion is or what god they pray for? why should that even matter? This is why we need a strong democracy in Iran so the minorities wont be harrassed by the majority!

PS: Is is it fair to judge you by your name too? would you say that is a fair game? I refrain from calling you names or what comes to mind about your name at this point but I reserve the right to respond if you continue your none sense about mine.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Politicized Judaism is stupid too.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I hope we can agree on this too, Benyamin. Although I doubt it.


Politicized religion!!!

by Benyamin on

Although I agree with "Saeb" that we need an ideaology that would replace Plitical Islam , I disagree respectfully that Kadivar is another blood thirsty Akhund!

As we all know Montazeri was a simple Akhund but what he did or didn`t was far greater than any religion or belief. he stood up for those that he didn`t even agree with their mentality, and perhaps if MKI(mojahedeen e khalgh Iran) could have, they would have killied him too. I do believe what we need is "freedom" period. Nothing attached to it because freedom and Democracy gaurantees Islamic freedom and values but democratic Islam or Islamic freedom of any sort and in any condition and no matter by whom it gets implimented it wont necessarily gaurantee simple freedom.

LET`S BE UNITED BUT FOCUSED, LET`S REFRAIN FROM NAME CALLING AND AIM AT THE COMMON ENEMY. This time we know what Velayet e Faghih is all about, as we know all about Monorky. we need to develope democratic instittutions and practice democracy in our school from early childhood. we need to nurish and nurture democracy and that will take time. But we need to win first.


آسمان سبز


     سگ زرد برادر شغال است.این همان گندی است که استاد این با با ببار آورده است ( ولایت فقیه ) فقط و فقط دروغ و ریا .هیچ تفاوتی بین خامنه ای و کروبی و موسوی و خاتمی و احمدی نژاد نیست. همه برای سرکوبند. همین آخوندک کدیور در صورت یافتن قدرت هزاران نفر بیگناه را بنام ولایت و دین قصابی میکند. ای مردم هوشیار باشید ، ما به یک رنسانس احتیاج داریم، نه به یک حکومت دینی دیگر.