"Moharebs" on trial

Iran tries five people over December unrest

(Reuters) – Five people detained during violent anti-government demonstrations in Iran last month went on trial on Monday on charges that may be punishable by the death penalty, official media reported. It was the first trial held over unrest on Ashura, the day of ritual Shi'ite mourning that fell on December 27, and it was a further sign of the authorities' determination to put an end to protests that rocked Iran after last year's disputed election. The holding of a swift trial of some of those arrested last month may in part be intended as a warning to the pro-reform opposition not to stage any similar rallies on February 11, when Iran marks the 31st anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution >>>



Just Measuring Judge's Neck Size!

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Their court will come soon.

Crime: 30 years of barbarism.

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