Mermaid Mojgan

Underwater model


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Fouzul Bashi

Mojgan jan, Persian Gulf is beautiful!

by Fouzul Bashi on

Don't listen to those who have not visited Iran ;)  Kish in the Persian Gulf if beautiful, the water is lovely, warm and clear with lots of beautiful corral reef and fishies like yourself so you'll be entirely at home there!  There are lots of tourists from Scandinavian countries and Russia in particular who go for diving.  My partner and a number of other ladies went in with wet suits and once in the sea, there are no revolutionary guards or basijis behind the rocks or under the boat!  



by pedro on

You are very beautiful and talented, Thank you for refrence to your place of birth and Nu Rooz.

BTW. please stay away from the Caspian sea and Persian Gulph. In the north I do not trust the IRI and Russia, in the south I worry due to IRI and the Arabs. be safe please.

Thanks GS.


Kheili Jeegari

by divaneh on

If I was a shark I knew whose jeegar to eat.



by Ferfereh on

do you need a lifeguard ? plz say yes


Where is my Speedo

by Faramarz on

من همين الان يك شيرجه عميق ميزنم و يك كمى زير آبى ميرم

You are getting the concept wrong

by on

The title of the article is misleading.  I went to the youTube channel and these clips are made to promote a filming studio that specializes in underwater filming. So my guess is that they are making these clips to pormote the studio so that films that need underwater footage use their studio for those sequences. 





She is a worker

by mannya2001 on

I'm sorry but not everyone who shows up in an outfit is a model.  The company placed an ad, some women responded.  They told them put these suits on and voila they got a job.

As far as luck: I would ask Mojgan to reconsider.  This is a DEAD-END Job that probably doesn't pay well. 

I will not encourage you because in a few years from now, you would think "What the heck was I thinking.."

In this job, you wouldn't become the Angel model next year, if anything things usually go downhill.

I know a very attractive Iranian model girl, she was into modeling and was very smart.  Nothing came out of it.   I always thought she could have been a great lawyer and super hot too. 


Here goes one of our options out of the window...

by میرزاقشمشم on

We can no longer dump the mullahs into the ocean any more...

Darius Kadivar

And I'm Hans Christian Anderson ...;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Really Nice Mojgan.

In tribute to you:



How Sweet!

by Monda on

Beautiful And Creative! You Go Girl! 


she has a sister to

by PERS66 on


i wish i was Aqua Man ;)

by PERS66 on

Wow, this sizdah be dar I’m going to wish to become “Aqua man” so I can go play ghayam moshak with her in sea ;) this reminds me of the story of the two boys in our Farsi elementary school books, one lived on land and one under the sea…any one remember the story?

Jahanshah Javid

Certainly different

by Jahanshah Javid on

Very beautiful and sweet. Good luck to you.