Mehdi Daneshmand

Tells Muslims not to socialize/deal with Bahais


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The fat bastard

by jasonrobardas on

  is preaching hatred .


This guy's last name is "Daneshmand"?!!!!

by Onlyiran on

Is that supposed to be a joke?


Not very factual Faryar

by divaneh on

You need to read a little more carefully and also provide evidence for your own statements. For example you maintain that there was no equality between the sexes in old Iran without providing any evidence. However here are some points for you to consider.

1. In the old Iran women enjoyed almost equal rights to men and that includes the spiritual equality. Some sightings below. All are from Avesta edited by Jalil Doostkhah

"We worship the land. The land that has housed us. We worship women. The women who are yours (Ahoura Mazda) and have the greatest spirituality"

Yasneh, Haat 38  (Vol 1 , page 204)

"We worship Women and their children"

Khorde Avesta, Oviservaserimgah, 10  (Vol 2, Page 623)

In old Iran we had goddesses such as Parend who was the protector of land's wealth.

Just before Islam we had women rulers Pourandokht and Azarmidokht who were from the Sassanid dynasty.

I hope the above allow you to see that women were only made unequal after Iranians were forced to become Muslims. That's religion for you.

2- Why do you relate human advances in science such as Mathematics to religion? Where in Quran or Bible you have find the trigonometric functions or Algebraic equations. Human would develop these sciences even faster without the religious fairy tales who only opposed developments where such advances challenged its beliefs.

3- Keep the no education fiction to yourself. You admit that he was taught reading, writing, Arabic, calligraphy and other subjects of elementary education in his time. I did not say any different. He has not exactly proposed the theory of relativity. His writings in Persian and Arabic relates to his education. Now, I have deep respect for Bahaullah for he seems to have tried to enlighten his fellow countrymen and put an end to the rein of clergies. He has tried to get them to throw away the dogmatic beliefs and use their own wisdom. That noble cause however has failed and you are a proof of its failure.

In future please follow your own advice and use facts to justify logical conclusions.


منعدم گشتن عقل

Mahvash Shahegh

هر زمان که من ترّهاتی ازین قبیل می شنوم، به یاد قطعۀ بسیار عمیق و فصیح سعدی - شاعر بزرگ خودمان می افتم که در بارۀ کوته اندیشی و یک سویه اندیشی دین کاران چنین می گوید:

 یکی جهود و مسلمان نزاع می کردند

 چنان که خنده گرفت از حدیث ایشانم

به طیره گفت مسلمان :" گر این قبالۀ  من

درست نیست، خدایا جهود میرانم."

جهود گفت : " به تورات می خورم سوگند

وگر خلاف کنم همچو تو مسلمانم "

 و این هم نتیجه گیری متفکّرانه و اندیشمندانۀ سعدی:

گر از بسیط زمین عقل منعدم گردد

 به خود گمان نبرد هیچکس که نادانم

Ali P.

"Magar iinkeh mesleh maa beshee"

by Ali P. on

he says at the end.

God, please kill me, if I ever even think about becoming like this creature..


This guy is an idiot

by Nur-i-Azal on


Note that Haifan Baha'is are exactly same with their internal ideological enemies. In other words they are the mirror image of this imbecilic dumbass mullah. They also shun other Baha'is who have gone their own way against the UHJ's authority and the stupidies of their dogma. So far Maziar58's comment is the only spot on comment here.

But note:

HOSTAGE TO KHOMEINI by Robert Dreyfuss (New Benjamin Franklin House:
New York, 1980) pp.117-118 (Pdf pages 73-74)




...Today the Bahai
cult is hated in Iran, and is considered correctly to be an arm of the
British Crown. During the destabilization of the Shah in 1978, it was
widely reported that in several instances the
cult secretly funded the Khomeini Shi’ite movement. In part, the money
would have flowed through the cult’s links to the same international
‘human rights’ organizations, such as Amnesty International, that
originally sponsored the anti-Shah movement in Iran. These movements
also derive from the “one world” currents associated with the Bahais
since the early 1900s. (If any Iranians have been misled on the
question of the Bahais by the supposed antipathy of Khomeini’s clique
to the Bahais, it should be noted that the
Bahai cultists often deliberately encouraged anti-Bahai activities as camouflage)...

Also see pp. 115-116 (Pdf page 72)


I'll do business with them just to piss you off.

by پیام on

What a bunch of crap. Does anyone actually follow this nut case's guidance?


Life is full of ironies.

by Princess on

Some blind people are called Noorali, some bald people are called Zolfali. Here we have an example of an utterly ignorant preacher with the name Daneshmand. Where is Alanis Morissette?


Dear Faryar

by Arthimis on

Thanks for your educational references and comments about Bahaai's faith. I truly find your faith/Religion (Bahaai) as a fantastic one and wish you and all the Iranian bahaais all the best.

With all due respect though, there are not anything new about Bahaai's beautiful philosophy and practices that were not already existed and practiced in True Teachings of The Persian Culture previously!

Another words, perhaps one can safely say that Bahaai's true identity was a deeply desired continuation of True Persian School of Thoughts and Practices that initially Westerners from The Ancient Greece to present have been trying to learn and practice properly as well, UNLIKE US IRANIANS AS A WHOLE ... !!!

That is why we Iranians /Persians must first re-capture our true Identity and try to Think, Express and Practice True Persian to Free Ourselves!!! 

Awarness, Consciousness, Love and Peace

Immortal Guard


by Immortal Guard on

As an Iranian

  • I have faced discrimination from Indians who dislike Persians because of Nader Shah
  • I have faced discrimination from Jews because of the current government in Iran (Actually they have said disrespectful words in my face)
  • I have faced discrimination and harassment from Serbs because I am a Muslim
  • I have faced discrimination from Arabs who don't like to hire Persians
  • I have faced discrimination from blacks because of my social status
  • I have faced discrmination because of my name
  • I have faced contempt by Bahais who blame all Iranians if their parents were laid off (paaksaazi) after revolution.
  • etc.

But because the Western countries have a huge loudspeaker they call the media they like to think of themselves as the good guys and the dumb people believe it. So there is nothing wrong with discriminating verbally against Bahais in Iran. But I don't agree with politically motivated witch trials and show trials.


Please be more informed and fair in your judgment.

by faryarm on

1. In the past which religion or society recognized the spiritual equality of men and women; and actually made the education of girls more important?

Please be specific Divaneh, kindly list the "notions" practiced in western societies..

surely women's rights was not one of them...

further you seem to forget or dismiss, the influence of a certain religion whose influence made advances in mathematics , chemistry and general scientific knowledge which i turn became  a major force for bringing Europe out of the dark ages after the fall of the Roman Empire; Hint: The Moors, Alahambra , Spain...

Dear Divaneh,  your absolute certainty and outright dismissal of Religion as a moral and spiritual force behind civilisations is as fanatical as the most irrational religious zealot.

I will go on...

you say  "Keep the no education fiction to yourself please. Bahaullah was born and raised in an upper echelon family who like any other high status family would educate its children"

Yes, Baha'u'llah was from a noble family; but how much do you know about the kind of education given to children of nobility in early 1800s


what was the custom or the norm in 19th Centry Iran? what kind of subjects they studied or what kind of school they went to?

Do you think the children of nobilty went to some Prep school in northern Tehran studying Greek, Latin and French, including History, Maths ,Geography? or Its Qajar Persian Equivalent? 

NO my friend, "As a member of the noble class Baha'u'llah received an elementary education, consisting of reading, writing, calligraphy (a very highly regarded art form), the study of the Qur'an and the works of some famous Persian poets. In 19th century Qajar Iran, only The Shia Clerics received extensive education"

Again, Baha'u'llah  from Prison in Exile In the letter to the King, who knew of Baha'u'llah and His family  He writes:

"The learning current amongst men I studied not; their schools I entered not. Ask of the city wherein I dwelt, that thou mayest be well assured that I am not of them who speak falsely." 

You said: " Please come to the real world."

and I remind you respectfully that  The Real world, is the world of facts , sound reasoning and ability to gracefully concede when the facts are presented and have proven you to be hasty in your judgement.


faryar :) 




He is preaching Pure Mohammadian Islam, HATE!

by Khar on



to "hojjatol khar Daneshmand"

by Benyamin on

I believe you need to check in to a mental institution.

To all muslims choose one; either Islam is evil or this man is evil you need  to choose between the two.

"Religions of all kinds are man made and nothing else. God never spoke to human by any words or language or infamous Gabriele! God only spoke to human in the language of science, math and physics" just think about it how easy it is for a guy with such low IQ to twist "god`s words" so easy and so believable before an entire nation, where as this man or anyone with the highest IQ could never change the fact about gravity or the relations between the atom and protones and electrons. God doesn`t speak any language god communicates only through facts.

we are all human and no matter what we believe in or not does not make us less or more human.



You are wrong Faryarm

by divaneh on

Many of these principles that you have listed did make sense 1400 or 2000 years ago and some such as equality between men and women were in fact practised. Even though that equality was perhaps similar to the equality that we see today.

Furthermore, 150 years ago all these notion existed if not practised in the Western societies. It's obvious that humans in the West did not need the almighty to dictate them through his angels and prophets system.

If anything, human development has been hampered by the religion as witnessed by dark ages of each of these religions. In case of Islam it still continues.

Keep the no education fiction to yourself please. Bahaullah was born and raised in an upper echelon family who like any other high status family would educate its children. Please come to the real world.


Dear Arthimis

by faryarm on

A more accurate description would be what Bahais believe to be Progressive Revelation.

By that, it is meant that spiritual knowledge and wisdom has been revealed to mankind according to the capacity of the people and the needs and conditions of society. In other words each religion is a new chapter in the book of wisdom and spiritual knowledge.

There are many New Principles in the Bahai Faoth that would not have meant anything or be comprehensible 1400 , or 2000 years ago


Race unity, when people cold not travel far

Univesral Education, when only the elite could read and write

Independent investigation,

Equality of Men and women

Adoption of World Language

and many others that you  could look up at and see that The Bahai faith is not a copy or a man made creation, since Baha'u'llah had neither religious education nor the kind of academic discipline and education, the kind you would expect someone to have to create what you beautifully described as   "beautiful Persian school of Thoughts and Practices".

In fact Baha'u'llah in his letter to the Nasiridin Shah writes:

"O King! I was but a man like others, asleep upon My couch, when lo, the breezes of the All-Glorious were wafted over Me, and taught Me the knowledge of all that hath been. This thing is not from Me, but from One Who is Almighty and All-Knowing. And He bade Me lift up My voice between earth and heaven, and for this there befell Me what hath caused the tears of every man of understanding to flow. The learning current amongst men I studied not; their schools I entered not. Ask of the city wherein I dwelt, that thou mayest be well assured that I am not of them who speak falsely. This is but a leaf which the winds of the will of thy Lord, the Almighty, the All-Praised, have stirred." //


Luckily it was not long ago, only 150 years or so ago, and one can access and examine these writings with a click of a mouse.





Daneshmand, 1999..Shun Bahais...They Are Good People!

by faryarm on

Daneshmand in 1999


So Dont Deal with Bahais...they are good people !


I take Bahaai over Satanic Republic any day!

by Arthimis on


Thanks for your true information on Bahaai religion and its great philosophy... I heard the same from my good Bahaai friend before.

Tyrannical Muslims without any consciousness, have been practicing the out most injustice to mankind from the first day their damned religion started. In our own Persian/Iranian case, after our unfortunate defeat to Arab/Mulims 1400 years ago, we have tried our hardest to break free with the help of our Grand Persian souls, philosophy, culture, literature and civilization which are more in line with Bahaai's religion practices...

It is not surprising to me that Bahaai religion in fact had copied all the beautiful Persian school of Thoughts and Practices to create a new religion back in 1844...

Anyway, we all know that Akhoonds and Satanic Republic are one of the most ignorant and vicious sub-humen ever existed...

Free Iran and Iranians from Satanic Republic and Akhoonds forever...

Iran before any religion.



He is very right about enmity with Bahais

by divaneh on

- In the Baha’i faith Preaching is not allowed and preachers and clergies are banned. Therefore no Akhond, no Mola, no Sied, or anything else.

- Going on the pulpit (Manbar) is also banned.

- Copy master (Marjae Taghlid) and copying is altogether banned and individual wisdom is encouraged.

- Killing and cruelty in this Iranian religion are not allowed, full stop.

- They believe that 12th Imam has been and gone. No more Mahdi business.

Any wonder that Akhonds have been the Baha’is biggest enemies and that there will be enmity forever.



by sam jade on



maziar 58

way to deal with competitore

by maziar 58 on

dookani ke dar moghabele dookani deggar baz shavad will brings the profit down.       Maziar