Majid Tavakkoli

Student activist handed heavy prison term, interview with mother

Radio Zamaneh: Amir Kabir Newsletter reports that post-election detainee, Majid Tavakkoli, has been sentenced to eight and a half years in prison, as well as five years ban from political activity and ban from exiting the country. Tavakkoli, who is a member of Amir Kabir University Islamic Student Association, was arrested on December 7, National Student Day, after giving a speech at the University. The Revolutionary Court has charged him with “assembly and collusion against the regime, propaganda against the regime, insulting the Leadership and the President.” Tavakkoli was arrested twice prior to this. The first time he spent 19 months in prison and the second time he was questioned for over three months in solitary confinement.

Interview with Majid's mother before news about the prison sentence:


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Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

I wondered about the toheen beh raiis jomhour charge too. As far as I knew toheen be rahbar was  on the books as an offense (and I am careful never to do that), but insulting the president must be a new "law." What is the sentence for a lawyer defending someone

who has insulted the president?

Shifteh Ansari

وکیل مجید توکلی : حکم صادر شده از اساس باطل و غیرقانونی است

Shifteh Ansari

محمدعلی دادخواه وکیل مدافع مجید توکلی که هفته گذشته پس از اتمام آخرین جلسه دفاعیات توکلی، هنگام خروج او از دادگاه انقلاب موفق به گرفتن امضای پذیرفتن وکالت شده است ، در گفتگو با خبرنگار جرس گفت: "هنوز نتوانسته‌ام موکل خود را ملاقات کنم و فقط می‌دانم که ظرف یکی دو روز گذشته به بند عمومی 207 یا 208 در زندان اوین منتقل شده و شاید ظرف چند روز آینده بتوانم با موکلم ملاقات حضوری داشته باشم."دادخواه با تاکید بر اینکه هنوز حکم صادره ، رسما به او ابلاغ نشده افزود:" برابر مصوبه شورای عالی انقلاب فرهنگی ، رسیدگی به تخلفات دانشجویان باید در کمیته انضباطی دانشگاه ها انجام شود و دادگاه انقلاب حق و اجازه صدور حکم را ندارد."وی با اشاره به اینکه 6 ماه حکم حبس به اتهام توهین به رئیس جمهوری به توکلی ابلاغ شده،تاکید کرد:"در صلاحیت دادگاه انقلاب نیست که به دلیل توهین به رئیس جمهور حکم صادر کند".//



by AsteroidX on

The best Iranians, our intellectuals, academics, journalists, Lawyers, Rights Activists and gifted youg - in prison or being intimidated. Or dead.



Lets hope that he will not

by Bavafa on

Lets hope that he will not be there more than 8.5 months

Not that 8.5 months is not long enough for this hero but his cell will soon be occupied by the criminal IRI.




by yolanda on

I am saddened to hear the harsh sentence over a speech.......I thought the hijab campaign would make a difference 'cause it made headline internationally......Wow! IRI is showing its true color......I still hope the sentence can be commuted or he can just walk out of the jail......It is definitely a sad day! My heart goes out to Majid and his relatives....


No Shame

by R2-D2 on

Let's all hope that this Nightmare that we call the Islamic Republic, would come to a blessed End ... Hopefully, Sooner Than Later!!!




(۲۲ بهمن)


ای خدا، آخه تا کی‌؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ این خامنه‌ای
و دارو دستهٔ شیطانی او را اگر صد دفعه هم دار بزنند، بازم کمه... این
اسلامی‌های بی‌ وجدان رو بعد از پیروزی مردم بر ظلم (۲۲
بهمن)، یکی‌ یکی‌ به جوخه اعدام میسپاریم.  مرگ بر این حکومت اسلامی/
شیطانی و تمامی عضا و طرفدرانش ... این بچه مردم رو هر چه زودتر آزاد
کنید. پیروز باد ایران و ایرانی‌ راستین.

Ari Siletz

Don't worry Majid

by Ari Siletz on

You'll be free way before you finsh the eight and a half year sentence. Carve a "welcome" note on your cell wall for the real criminals who'll be occupying it soon.


Delle aadam kabob mishe

by Princess on

May god give this Iranian mother patience and strength. Her only crime is to have raised a hero.

I hope she gets to embrace her son in freedom soon.


Jahanshah Javid

For making a speech?

by Jahanshah Javid on

Eight and a half years for criticizing the government? For making this speech?

Zolm o beedaad taa cheh had?

Thanks to Islamic justice. Thanks to the fair-minded leaders of the Islamic Republic. God bless Khamenei and Velayate Faghih. May all those dare to say a word of criticism burn in hell. Allah o Akbar.