Let's Repeat History

Green Revolution 22 Bahman 2010



Oh, there's no confusion

by Cost-of-Progress on

I know that this Islamic thing for Iran has NOT worked. You people had your chance and blew it.

The only choice now is secular democracy.

You may separate yourself from the so called hardliners. To me, and a lot of others whom you discount, you're all the same: Islamists, and you are the problem.

And the independence you talk about will never be achieved by antagonizing anybody who disagrees with your Islamic ideology.

Oh, isn't it great to be able to communicate your thoughts in a free speech setting? Does your reform allow for such freedom?





gitdoun ver.2.0

Iran will NOT remain Islamic Republic

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

any iranian muslim who spends a few hours in the masjid studying islamic eschatology knows iran will not remain islamic republic. i remember this akhund at the masjid would hold discourses on this subject and begin crying begging everyone to pray that the I.R.I. not fall apart and not be Divided into autonomous districts.  and this was waaaay back in 1999. and to some who argue " ohh this is a conditional hadith and doesn't have to happen"    ---- it's happening ladies and gentlemen. and will continue to progress till it's fulfillment.    (if your atheist please disregard this post. thanxx)


no Cost-of-Progress

by IRI on

It's not so. As you claim to be all knowing and against me, in Iran the government of president Ahmadinejad and ultra conservatives are also accusing us as being pro West.

See, we are the reformist and you probably confused as what you are. We are fighting to gain civil rights for Iranians with the people of Iran. Reformists are those who inside are pushed aside and outside by some are considered a part of the conservative camp. This is how complicated Iran has become. You have no idea.
Today all the leaders and followers are reform movement are clear and are not concerned. We hope that the current administration takes into account the people's demands, which again are not to overthrow but to reform.
My best recommendation from the beginning to the leader and Majles has been to oust President Ahamdinejad. Many conservatives see this as a sign of weakness.
I certainly do not want the Islamic Republic to vanish since I know that we have an independent system that can be much better. Overthrow will bring destruction and chaos, uncertainty and the aggressive Western powers back to Iran and we probably will never again get a chance to be politically Independent. Like Egypt. The best option for the nezam and people is the least costly way out.


Simple Facts

by Cost-of-Progress on

The fact that the Islamic Regime (IR, the word Republic is a misnomer and should not be used in reference to the current government in Iran) lobby and internet monitors have stepped up their presence here (and I am sure elsewhere on the Net) is a clear indication that the islamic regime is concerned and worried.

You can discount the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of Iranians in diaspora who do not agree with the prescription that the islamic regime has filled for Iran. You can say that "oh this is done by Iranians in LA, or by Zionists over there or by Donald Duck over here. Fact remains that the IR is brutal, anti nationalist and downright hostile to anyone and anything that is not in total agreement with its doctrine. There is no denying this.

No regime can last indefinitely given the conditions which it has  created itself in the last 30 years.

TRUE that most of the Iranian polulation is religious and YOU HAVE CAPITALIZED ON THAT FOR 30 YEARS - but even those who may support you on the surface still need jobs and a future that is not polluted by sick ideology.

Those who are on the streets of Iranian cities protesting today are the children of those who supported your rise to power 30 years ago - Ironic, isn't it?

You people have had it. 

(there, another calm post by me)





Iran will remain the Islamic Republic

by IRI on

These videos are made by LA people that are living in a dream world. You can dream or join the realities that are taking place in Iran. The vast majority of Iranians are not in one spot in Northers Tehran but entire country. They want civil rights with respect to their value system. Many here will be mad to hear the truth and only are happy if their friends speak of revolution. What revolution? What leadership? What system? What ideology? What economy? What will military?
Unless you are not looking at the US for help, you will be leaning to Iranian people and support reforms as they do.
Islamic Republic,
Not a word less
Not a word more.


Not to repeat same thing: Iran free of religion

by Guilan on

If we go to the same direction, for me it is the end before starting. who could say what is the after specially for women? What are the Sabz's projects for future? Listen women what they want? They are half of your forces. Could we say, if men is free momen will be free?! Any type of the Islam and Islamists is dangerous for demoracy. Where is the way to go out? Iran Free of religious. 


بت شکن

حسین بی‌ حسین

بت شکن

بازم که شد اسلامی. اگه قرار بود اسلامیش کنیم که همینم که داریم اسلامیه.


shouldnt solely rely on the internet to get messages across


The people who need convincing dont have the internet let alone the speed to watch youtube videos. They are the ones that make the protests work.Lets not forget that.




Hats off

by bachenavvab on

to this generation, the pride of Iran.  



by reza007 on

شعر زیبای دوباره میسازمت وطن داره مثتاق پیدا می کنه 


My team will be there

by seannewyork on

see you 22 bahman. we all have our marching orders. my team has been looking foward to this day for a whiile.

from tajrish down.

i hear grandmas are coming out that day.



by Arthimis on


عدالت، عدالت، مرگ بر هر ولایت


مشکل ایران "این" ولایت نیست. تا زمانی که رهبران و پیروان دین اسلام بر قانون و جامعه ما نظارت دارند، حق و عدالت در ایران وجود نخواهد داشت.


Nice music

by bluepiano2 on

I like the theme music to this video clip.